Mom & Mac

Every day or so I use my cell phone to snap a pic of Mac to send to his daddy in Hawaii.  I do it because Surfer Ty misses his boy and well, I like Ty to see exactly what my life is like.  The photo below is the pic I sent yesterday.  Mac is crying. 

And Jane is smiling…

Although with what Surfer Ty calls “crazy lady” eyes.

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts, encouragement and prayers.  Things have definitely improved since last Thursday–Mac is keeping more milk down and is less gassy–but he still screams for big chunks of the day and is only quiet if he’s held.  Some days are almost good days.  Some days are terrible days.  So I’ve had friends here holding him when I can beg someone to come over.  And when I can’t, I wear him in a Baby Bjorn carrier on my chest, letting him nap on me, in his pack, sometimes in my bed so that we can both get a little shut-eye.  I’m hoping next week to start getting some writing done again but not sure how that will go when all I want is sleep.  Loads of it.  But it’s an adventure and I wanted another baby so I could keep having adventures.  Sometimes I wish I wasn’t such an adventure loving gal.

In the meantime, don’t forget that Brenda Novak’s 2009 Online Auction for Diabetes Research is still open for bidding. It will end in just days–on Sunday May 31st–so be sure to bid now before the auction closes. Again, here are the prizes that I’m donating this year:

Autographed Advanced Reader’s Copy of Easy on the Eyes

The Frog Prince Package

6 Night Getaway to Seattle and Victoria, BC for two

A Year of Books and Treats from Jane Porter

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