Mom & Mac

Every day or so I use my cell phone to snap a pic of Mac to send to his daddy in Hawaii.  I do it because Surfer Ty misses his boy and well, I like Ty to see exactly what my life is like.  The photo below is the pic I sent yesterday.  Mac is crying. 

And Jane is smiling…

Although with what Surfer Ty calls “crazy lady” eyes.

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts, encouragement and prayers.  Things have definitely improved since last Thursday–Mac is keeping more milk down and is less gassy–but he still screams for big chunks of the day and is only quiet if he’s held.  Some days are almost good days.  Some days are terrible days.  So I’ve had friends here holding him when I can beg someone to come over.  And when I can’t, I wear him in a Baby Bjorn carrier on my chest, letting him nap on me, in his pack, sometimes in my bed so that we can both get a little shut-eye.  I’m hoping next week to start getting some writing done again but not sure how that will go when all I want is sleep.  Loads of it.  But it’s an adventure and I wanted another baby so I could keep having adventures.  Sometimes I wish I wasn’t such an adventure loving gal.

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  1. Hi Jane,

    How cute he is!! Even when he is crying!! I am so glad that things are getting better. I will continue with the prayers!! Enjoy your day.

  2. He is still sweet! And my sister would sleep the same way with my niece. I just wish I lived closer to get some practice!

  3. Hi Jane,

    I am glad he doing much better. You guys look adorable. Please call me when you need someone to hold little Mac so you can go sleep or write or just talk with your boys and friends.

    Alex was throwing up for a while when he was 2 months old and he couldn’t keep food down at all and my little milk factory wasn’t working as fast as he was getting rid of it so he had to go on a bottle. Of course I went to the doctor, he was not concerned the kid was not keeping food in his stomach for more than 20 min and losing weight, he just wanted to administer him the 7 vaccines in 3 shots. I was exhausted and that infuriated me.I just wanted to give the doctor those 3 shots to show how it feels.

    Hang in there, you are doing great and please call me when you need someone to hold Mac, I’m usually at home after 5:30.

  4. Jane, I loved Ty’s comment about the “crazy lady eyes”! Hang in there. It sounds like things are a little better and that you are coping the best you can. Still sending prayers and positive thoughts your way! 🙂

  5. Jane you look great! Mac is cute even when crying. I’m glad things are getting better for you.

  6. Hi Jane! I feel your pain. My first daughter Ruby screamed and cried for about 5 months straight. I look back on those days not with fondness, but with relief that it’s over. Hang in there! If you come to Hawaii I will totally give you a screaming baby break. (You know, for nostalgia’s sake!)

  7. I’m planning to be home most of the weekend if you want a respite from holding the little bugaboo. Happy to offer snuggles to Mac if you’d like. Shoot me an email – you know I’m always connected to it. 🙂

  8. My first son was like this as a baby, Jane. It was a lot of work, but he grew into a very intuitive child, and as an adult (he just turned 21) he’s very caring, imaginative, intelligent, and HE TALKS! Imagine, a man who likes to discuss emotional issues.

    Good luck with your new baby.

  9. Hi Jane! Your picture is adorable!!! What a great set of lungs your little guy must have. It will get better 🙂

  10. Jane,

    Hang in there. I’m glad that he is starting to feel better. Here’s hoping you both get some rest soon. Looks like he’s practicing to keep up with his big brothers in the noise department.

  11. Love your crazy lady eyes, Jane. Sending you warm fuzzy kiwi hugs on this difficult stage and hope and encouragement for tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next…

  12. YOu both look wonderful.Little Mac looks healthy and I can tell he has a great pair of lungs on him. Maybe his tummy problems will pass in a few more weeks.

  13. Wow,it was only a few months ago… our little guy had to go on Soy formula. Less gas and spits, but really stinky poops. He’s 7 mos old now and is learning the temper cry! The I’m not napping! No matter how tired I am! No! You can’t make me!

    Of course he’s not talking but he’s my grandson – I know a few things. And I got him to nap, on the swing on the back porch, between my legs, so I almost dozed too.

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Jane,
    At first glance I thought he was yawning, oh well. Still, he is darling and you look great. So glad he is doing better so you won’t go “crazy” to match your demented eyes!

  15. I’m sure you’ve heard a million suggestions, but try cutting dairy out of your diet. If you’re nursing that is. Worked wonders on my screamers.

    Darling, darling picture.

  16. I love this picture, its so real!!
    Hope he stops crying soon, I’m sure you’ve by now tried all the stuff, vibrating bouncers, mylicon drops etc so I will just say good luck woman, hang in there!

  17. Love that pic! It’s Great! And your poor tired eyes. I am glad to hear there are some good moments. You are going to have to tell Mac about adventure loving Mommie story.
    I just heard about a Doula,they help day or night, are very experienced with Newborn Babies to 18 months.
    May be google to see if you have Certified Doula in your area. To be safe do a back ground check for any in – home help, most already have been fingerprinted.

    Take care, wishing you many great moments and memories with sweet baby Mac.


  18. Hi Jane: OHHHHH! He is absolutely precious even while crying. So now I know what crazy lady eyes look like. I can’t help but chuckling during this most intense time with Baby Boy Mac because I can’t get your crazy lady eyes out of my head. Darn!! Nothing is easy these days are they? Take care of yourself and those three beautiful children! Still praying for peace in your life and a calm future for Baby Boy Mac.

  19. You are beautiful and baby Mac is gorgeous. I can tell he’s a loud crier! Hang in there! Things will get easier every day!

  20. I’m glad things are getting better! They will. Sometimes when they are born before they say they are ready they take a little longer to get used to being alive. My son did.
    Huge hugs!!!!

  21. He’s so precious Jane. I’m glad you are getting into a rhythm, even if it’s still a noisy one. If I lived closer, I’d be banging down the door to get in a little baby holding time. 🙂

    Enjoy this adventure!

  22. I’m glad everything is getting better. I love the “crazy lady” eyes comment. I remember singing to my kids when they were babies. It is the one time that you can sing to someone without worrying about what you sound like.

  23. Oh, Jane, I’m laughing and crying at the same time! I do so know how you feel! First of all, you and Mac look WONDERFUL! I remember 29 years ago rocking my dd#1 all day and NIGHT and reading one Harlequin Presents after another–and often while Sarah screamed her head off…one of the titles I remember reading was FRUSTRATION by Charlotee Lamb, lol…When Dd gave birth last September and _her_ daughter was the same way, I said ‘welcome to the club!’ lol

    I received the fabulous contest goodies yesterday, thanks so much! Dh’s eyes popped out of his head when I modeled the sarong…so thanks!

    Hugs, Debora *new address*

  24. OMG-that photo spells MOTHERHOOD! I know Mac’s crying is not funny but this picture made me laugh…because I have lived those months of crying. And girlfriend, you look a heck of a lot better than I ever did. Thank goodness, you are smiling! You are doing everything right. I just wish I could come over and hold Mac for you. xoxo

  25. Keep all of your photos…some day you will look back and just laugh. Mac is adorable, a challenge, yes, but still every ounce of adorable. And when all is said and done, you will love him even more for every joy he will bring you.

    Hang in there my love.

  26. Hey Jane

    Baby #2 was like that for me. She was either going to cry, crying, or just finished crying. Our photos from that time period show projectile vomiting spots on hubby and my shirts. Oh, good times. Sometimes I wondered why I bothered nursing her. The minute she stopped and sat up – splat, out it came. It’s a miracle she gained weight at all.

    Try a baby sling. I made one from a pattern online and it worked wonders. The newborns love to be tucked in close to mommy’s heat and smell. I put all 3 babies in it. Later with the last baby it really helped me still manage the other two since it left both arms free. As babies got bigger, I’d switch positions with the pouch and they loved it. When they got bigger and wanted in the pouch, they’d drag it over for me to wear. Very sweet.

    Have fun – this sort of adventure is the best kind ever.

  27. That’s so funny! I wouldn’t have thought that (your eyes look like crazy eyes) but after reading that and looking again it was pretty funny- I can see it… and with Mac’s mouth wide open in a screaming cry… it’s such a funny picture…not that it’s funny that he is not happy… but it’s so real! I love it! eileen

  28. He’s so precious! Congrats on having such a beautiful, healthy boy!

    I’m reading The Frog Prince right now and I have Easy On The Eyes for mid-June.

    Enjoy your youngest! I know it’s hard.. but, you’re doing a great job!


  29. What a cutie pie! He looks so yummy and squeezable. And Jane, you look Wonderful!! and you’re eyes don’t look one bit crazy. LOL. You both look great.

  30. If you hadn’t said he was crying I would have thought that was a huge yawn. Cute picture of y’all though. 🙂

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