No Fools this April Fool’s Day

I’m just finishing my last minute packing before Mac and I dash out the door to catch our 4 pm flight to Hawaii.  It’s going to be wonderful to see Ty.  It’s been a month since we were all last together and that’s a lot of time for Ty to miss out on his baby boy’s life but Spring Break meant that Ty has needed to stay there and my kids and school has meant I’ve needed to stay here but twelve hours from now we’ll all be together again for the next 3 weeks.

As I finished cleaning off my desk and checking items off my to-do list I came across a blog post from my friend and fellow author Kristin Harmel.  I met Kristin, Liza Palmer and Megan Crane all through Grand Central Publishing.  We all wrote for the 5 Spot line and became great friends. 

The thing about Kristin’s blog post that caught my eyes is that it was about her—and well, me.  As I read the blog I remembered exactly where and when it took place–the lobby bar of the swanky hotel I was staying at while attending the St. Petersburg Book Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Kristin and I were on a panel together and Kristin’s a native of the area and we were able to attend the welcome reception together and then spend the next day together as well.

I remember thinking at the time–this is a bit presumptious of me.  Who am I to suggest, much less tell, another writer how to write?  

I remember her expression.  I remember my own sinking heart.  The why, oh why, did I open up this can of worms?  You see, I’m so damn honest and I do love the craft of writing.  If I can help make a book stronger, I want to.  If someone can help make my books stronger, I want that advice, too.  It’s not that writing is a team sport, but we can always grow and improve.  

Today as I read Kristin’s blog, , I loved her message–we can always find ways to grow.  There is always something we can improve upon.  I know I want to improve on my terrible habit of procrastination, especially when it comes to writing.  Starting a new book, or facing the day’s pages, can create tremendous anxiety within me  and so I’ll often do anything and everything but actually write.  I’ll answer fifty email, write a speech, write a blog, put together a nine city book tour…but write?  Dig down inside me and face the scary face of failure?  To dig down inside and not come up with anything remotely good or interesting to say?  Ah, frightening! 

I loved Kristin’s blog so much (and no, not just because it included stuff about me, but because it made me think about how I’m tired of continuing the same bad habits and really want to change) that I’m going to do a special double-blog contest prize.  Here’s how it works–read Kristin’s blog, and then  comment here on my blog that yes, you did read it, and answer the question she posts at the end of her blog and you’re entered in the Kristin Harmel/Jane Porter book giveaway.  I’ll be picking 1 name for every 10 blog entries.  So if 100 people posted, I’d pick ten winners.  And what’s the great prize?  A copy of Kristin’s awesome Italian for Beginners, a signed copy of one of my Easy On The Eyes, a Starbucks card, some chocolate and lots of JP reader goodies.  Contest will run through Monday night.  I’ll count up the comments and announce the winners Tuesday morning.  Ready to win?  Go read Kristin’s blog and comment below, and you’re entered!

And now I better finish packing because my wonderful Surfer Ty is waiting!

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