Home In Hawaii

Mac has become very busy. Extremely busy. He loves to walk and run, explore and pull things apart. He loves to push things closed, too, including all doors, and sometimes his fingers are in between. I’ve been trying to keep Mac out of trouble by letting him help me whenever he can. There are some ‘jobs’ he can do. Like pick up stuff off the floor. Wipe counters with a cloth. Push the dust mop around. And uh, load the dishwasher, and that’s what Mac is doing below. Putting silverware in the caddy… along with his little black croc shoe.


Tomorrow it’ll be two weeks since we arrived and time is passing quickly. I’ve been so happy here–happier than I’ve been in years. Last summer the house was under construction. Mac was 2 months old and a screaming acid reflux mess. My hormones were wacked. I felt wacked. I’ve only recently begun to feel much, much better.

I’ll be honest–I couldn’t ‘fix’ me without getting help from my doctor. We did a physical and checked my thyroid and ran a bunch of tests. I saw a counselor and talked talked talked to the therapist and things still weren’t right because the problems weren’t all in my head. They were in my body so I worked out harder. I tried harder. And then finally went back to my family practice doctor and said, help. I still don’t feel like me, and it’s been a long long time and I miss me, and together we figured out a plan and it worked. I’m Jane again. I feel so much better and I’m writing. I’m on chapter two of the Harlequin I started last week and am really enjoying writing again. Writing is fun, and challenging, but mostly fun. I like that I get to sit down and type away and come up with a story. I like that I get paid to make up stories. I like the career I’ve worked so hard for.

Why share all this? It’s not because I’m always comfortable revealing personal things, but because I learned something important this year. I learned that it’s important to listen to ourselves, and know ourselves, and even more importantly,  to act when something doesn’t feel right. It could be a physical thing, or a mental thing. It could be an ache or pain, an energy or an emotion. It could be the mental refrain going through our heads. Either way, if we don’t feel good, we have to figure out why and we have to work on feeling better and not just accept second best. “Getting by” isn’t a solution. Getting by is just that… you’re merely getting by and it’ll get us by for a short period of time, but it shouldn’t be a way of life.

And so life is good. Not because it’s perfect. But because it feels like I’ve finally come back home.

Speaking of being back home, my assistant Lee Hyat reminded me I’ve got two galleys of She’s Gone Country to give away to two of my readers. To enter for a chance to win one of the galleys, comment below- it could be anything, you just need to post–and also be willing to share a review somewhere online after you’ve read the book. You could review at Amazon or B&N.com or at a favorite blog. It doesn’t have to be an amazing review, or a long or literary review, just an honest review because reviews do help create excitement and I could really use you on my team as we gear up for my book’s August release.

So if you’re willing to post a review, do comment  and then on Friday morning I’ll pick two names and send the winners a galley of She’s Gone Country, a Starbucks drink card, and a bunch of other fun goodies.

And thank you, everyone, for all your support.  You’ve been incredibly kind and good to me during a difficult year and a half!


  1. MAC ATTACK!!! Cute, cute, cute!!! Jane, it’s so good to hear the happiness and health in your words. I hope the sun, and your sons, all continue to shine for you : ) Thanks again for your honesty about yourself. You touch others in so many ways, and you just might inspire someone to go get help for themselves. You make a difference!

    I would love to win a galley of “She’s Gone Country”! I do post reviews on Amazon.com, Good Reads, B&N.com, Library Thing, and other sites. Also, all of my good friends are bookworms like me : ) I wish you much happiness and success.

  2. Jane, this post made me tear up b/c I can totally relate to those feelings. I also feel I am getting by and not feeling the best I can be mentally or physically. Trying to be a great mom and a great caretaker is not easy year after year. I love my four kids but my oldest is off to college soon and I think that’s breaking my heart a little! Thanks so much for sharing with us. You reach a lot of people with your honesty. I wish I could squeeze those delicious cheeks of Mac’s–what a cutie! Enjoy Hawaii this summer–wishing you all the best!

  3. Jane, I also, teared up with this post…”getting by” seems to be my motto. My daughter just turned 14 and she doesn’t like me very much right now – it’s been very hard but I know it will pass (right?). Anyway, glad to hear you’re feeling like Jane again- you deserve it! Enjoy this beautiful summer.

  4. Jane, your posts are always so inspiring, beautiful and truthful. You are fortunate to have this lovely houase to spend with family in Hawaii and adorable Mac. Enjoy it all since time flies. Reading is the one pleasure that I always have time for. Thanks for the photo which is adorable.

  5. Have a great 4th of July! I’ll be spending it in Chicago once again. 🙂

    Cute pic of your son with the dishwasher. Sounds like something my 2 year old would do. 🙂

  6. He is so cute!

    I know what you are talking about. I’ve been there. I also have gotten help from my doctor to try to get rid of this feeling that weighs me down, makes me feel like somewhere under the fog is my happiness and I can just almost reach it! I am making changes in my personal life, some big changes and it feels good.

    It’s so important to share things like that, because you never know who you may help. I am also in recovery for bulimia. I started getting help in my senior year of college and did not try to hide it. I told my friends, I talked about it. Friends and friends of friends came to me to ask questions and some had eating disorders or knew someone with an eating disorder, who needed help. It’s important to share, you never know who you are going to help.

  7. I’d LOVE to read She’s Gone Country, and of course will post a review. Your son is absolutely adorable.

  8. It’s hard to believe that Mac is old enough to be up and running around, much less loading the dishwasher! They grow up so fast. Cute picture. 🙂

  9. Jane,
    Thank you for sharing such a personal story. I know you have touched so many by sharing. Sometimes people think it’s a weakness to have to seek help, but I feel it’s a strength. It’s the end result and the quality of life that should be considered. Good for you.
    I can’t wait to read, She’s Gone Country!!!

  10. Jane,
    I love reading your Janeblog. So many times your blog has come at the right time. Just reading about your life, your trials and tribulations, help me reflect on my own life. Sometimes it’s nice to know you’re not alone in your own daily journey especially the struggles.

    As far as She’s Gone Country? I can’t wait to read it. Of course I’ll be posting my review on my FB page as well as twitter. I can’t wait to read it and share it with my office mates.

    Thanks again for sharing your personal stories with us. I am happy to hear you are starting to feel like you again too!

  11. Oh, Jane, I totally understand about not feeling like yourself and trying everything and just knowing that you need to be you again. I was there earlier this year and did the same thing. Went to the doctor and we’re making it work. I remember when I actually laughed at something shortly after that and it had been so long since I had felt joy, which made it more joyful, if that makes sense. I think it’s hard for others to understand when you are in a place where your joy is gone, but you know you are blessed with so much. I know I felt guilty about it. I’m glad you found your joy again! 😀

    And you know I want She’s Gone Country. I would be happy to review it on my blog.

    Take care!

  12. Hi Jane, it was so good to read your blog and re-visit a time in my life when I felt as if I was in the ocean, but very deep underneath the water, and everyone else was playing and breathing freely up top and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get up there with them. Nine years ago my third son died, 9/11 happened and everyone was worried about SARS…needless to say my world came crashing down (along with so many others of the general public) and I was lost and very anxious. I had two little boys to take care of and a marriage that was falling apart. I thank God that I was able to seek help from professionals and lean on the love and encouragement of my family and friends. Today my sons are wonderfully normal teenagers 🙂 and I am finally feeling like a whole person again with lots to give back to the people around me. I don’t ever want to forget those trying days because they stand testament to the strength and growth we all can claim when times get tough and we find ourselves with tears in our eyes and no choice but to drop to our knees. I am so touched when I hear recovery stories of any kind and I am so happy for you and your beautiful family that healing is in progress (progress NOT perfection, right? 🙂 Your son’s picture made me smile and remember such a wonderous time in my life and the lives of my growing children…here’s to letting our inner child out to play! May blessings abound you and your family this summer. I have always loved reading and your books are some of my favorite escapes…thank you for sharing your stories, your strength and your life with all of us…

  13. It’s good news that you are feeling good again. When I am not feeling my best I know that my diet and stress are affecting me and I do try to deal with them.

  14. oh having babies is not all a bed of roses. I envy those who can have a baby and everything be just like it was before. Seemingly so anyway lol. I had 3 babies and none were easy. i always told myself when i had my last that he’d the be the one that was really good. He was the worst. The first year was absolute hell for me and him. I also went to my Dr but that didn’t end up going well either so i suffered through it. John ( hubby) was over the road truck driver and after about 2 months i made him quit and come home. I had to. Once we hit year 2 it was wonderful. total turn around. I bet lots of women can relate to us. I’m glad to hear it’s going well and to hear your writing! Can’t wait for the results of that.

    Cute pic of Mac too BTW!


  15. Jane it’s good to hear you are feeling like Jane again. I felt for you when you didn’t feel yourself. It’s hard to go through those moments. Enjoy your summer and time in Hawaii. I cannot wait to read She’s gone County. I’ve been enjoying the teasers that are on the website. Thank you for all your stories, the personal ones as well as the fiction ones. Have a great rest of your summer!

  16. Hi Jane,
    Oh I’m so happy for you, that you have found “you” again. Good for you that you took responsibility for figuring it out, and asked for help from the right people. Life is too short to be lived in a half-state. I’m glad you found your joy again!
    Just finished Easy on the Eyes, loved it! Your females are so strong and positive, but still feminine. You, through them, inspire me! Thanks so much! Aloha!

  17. Yea! Glad you are back to feeling like ‘you.’ Would love to be one of the first to read She’s Gone Country…especially as come November I doubt I’ll have much time for reading of any sort with a newborn, 2-year old and 5-year old to keep me busy!

  18. I love your blog…you always manage to hit home with me. I just got back from my 30 day road trip with the kid. It should have been stressful and crazy…and it so wasn’t. So, I’ve concluded that I’ve somehow made our everyday life too tressful. I haven’t been “right” or “me” in a long time. Obviously, I can’t keep my family on the road, living out of suitcases, indefinitely! I need to make some changes…peace and calm, simplify!

    Would love to read and review you book! It would be an honor.


  19. Mac is SOOOO cute! I love his cheeks! Awwwww! 🙂

    I would love to win a galley of She’s Gone Country! I would love to review it on my blog, Amazon and BN.com!

    I’m glad you’re feeling better!

  20. Jane,

    I laughed out loud at the pic of Mac. So adorable. Love the little croc in the dishwasher…just so classic of a toddler. This blog entry totally described everything I have figured out in the last couple of years. I don’t think I ever knew myself and am just figuring out who I am. Love ya and so glad to hear you are enjoying your summer!! Hugs!!

  21. A nurse once said to me, “Honey, listen to your body. You know yourself better than anyone else.” So glad you are doing better now Jane!

    I would love to read your book and would review it, too. You are a great writer. It is good that the writing is fun again.

    Thanks for the picture of Mac. He is so adorable!

  22. Thanks for sharing your very personal experiece. I know what it’s like to not feel like yourself and I’m happy you’re back to being you. I’m still working on getting back to being me, but I am getting closer everyday.

  23. Love the photo! Glad you are back to you, I am still trying to figure out where I belong.

    I would love to have a galley and post reviews on She’s Gone Country – I loved the others!

  24. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for the blog today. It’s just perfect timing. It was so nice to read.
    I’m feeling a lot of things today and trying to get back to me.
    I just whent to a funeral, my friend had a little baby girl and I’m on vacation. A lot of things is happening.

    Thanks for sharing.


  25. Hey Jane,

    I hear you – “getting by” is not any answer, you need to feel like yourself and live your life, not just get through it. We recently finished a crazy drama-filled season of all-star cheer, my daughter’s bat mitzvah and then two absolutely grueling weeks of work craziness where the phone rang nonstop and every time I checked my work email I had 45 new messages – its finally over, the kids finished school and started camp, my work load is mellow and I feel like myself again (and don’t twitch every time my work phone rings!)

    So now that I have free time, I would love love love to read She’s Gone Country and post a review. I am an uber fast reader and will post super fast!

  26. Oh, you hit home again, Jane. I am just getting by… and time is flying by. I can’t help but think there has got to be a better way, but I don’t know what it is.

    Mac is so cute… and looks SO much like his Dad. My baby just had her prom, and that makes me really feel like time racing by. She was beautiful, though, and I was thrilled for her.

    I would totally post a review of She’s Gone Country… I cannot wait to read this book!

    Glad to hear that you are feeling more like you!

  27. Hi! You sound happy with all thats going on in your life, and I’m happy for you. It so neat to watch kids grow, I have a home day-care and I have 2 infants that are about the same age, the 11month old is learning how to walk and its so cute to see Penelope get herself up and try and walk by herself. My other child is very strong-willed, says no all day, and never wants help, Maddie she’s a helper, and says, okay, in her little southern vioce, she makes me laugh all day, eeven when I shouldn’t laugh at her. I’ve been doing alot of reading since I have freetime,so my review is on Robin Carr’s, A Summer in Sonoma. I really liked it alot for I enjoy reading about friendship and how women grow and they teach each other lessons. Its about 4 women who are friends and each one is going thru their own life journey. One is single, trying to find Mr. Right,(Cassie) Julis is married to her high school sweetheart, and have too many kids and bills, they show how love can conquer all. Marty is married to a man who needs a wake-up call on his marriage, and Beth is a doctor that is going thru cancer. I laughed and I cried for these 4 women who stood by each other and how they leaned on each other thru the good and bad times. After reading this book, I wish I had just one good friend to talk to while I’m going thru the struggles that are happening in my life, even though my pastor’s wife Christine is a friend and has been there for me. glad that your having a good summer. Happy 4th to you and your family.

  28. Hi Jane,
    Through your whole process of getting pregnant, giving birth, raising two sons, and keeping up with your fans…I thought, “Where does she get the energy?” You have been an inspiration to me and I know, to many others. I particularly appreciate the effort you make to communicate with your readers. I asked my daughter to attend one of your book signings in Seattle, because she lives there and I live in NY–and she was thrilled to meet you. I write book reviews for Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com and post glowing reviews on Face book. My local library has online audio books and I gave your books 5 out of 5 stars in the review section–the titles, Odd Mom Out (the book that got me hooked on you) and Duty, Desire and the Desert King. Thanks for sharing your life with us. I think the main reason you are so well liked as a writer is that your readers identify with you. The tenacity to keep working at life when it’s not easy until you see a solution is so encouraging.
    I appreciate you as a writer and as a person who doesn’t give up.

    1. Correction:
      My library has Odd Mom Out, Duty, Desire and the Desert King in PDF format and I just finished The Sheikh’s Virgin. 🙂

  29. I’m so dumb, I read your question so wrong, anyways, I can’t wait to read She’s Gone Country and would definitely give you a review, I love reading your books. A friend of mine found one of your books at a flea market, she gave it to me to read. I didn’t tell her I already read it but I reread it for I like your books. Anyways, glad that your feeling like yourself, sometimes we need to talk to someone, and thats what I’m doing myself. Have a wonderful 4th and summer in Hawaii..Mac is a doll!

  30. Oh Jane….started Mrs. Perfect on Monday morning. I read thoughout the day whenever I found time. By 9pm I couldn’t stand it any more so I crawled into bed and finished the book. By that time it was almost 2am and now I’ve been dragging all week. But that’s OK because I loved the story. I also liked the fact that I got to see what was happening with the characters from Odd Mom Out. I may be tired but I’m happy. Thanks Jane.

  31. Hi Jane! Oh my goodness, Mac is absolutely delicious! What a total cutie. I’m so happy that you’re writing again, my friend, and that you’re feeling better.

    I’m doing great here and loving the hot muggy summer weather. I was a little sad today because my wonderful squash plants got attacked by a nasty bug and all 10 of the plants have died. I did get a few squash off of them but I’d hoped to get enough to freeze for winter time. I think I might try replanting and see if we can control the pests this time around.

    Have a wonderful summer in HI. Big big hugs to you and the boys!

  32. What a cutie! I’m surprised to learn there is “normal” after having a child. Mine are all grown and I’m still not back. Ü
    Glad you’re better.

  33. Hey Jane!

    I may not be your typical reader, but I’m a 26 year old who spent all of a summer 2 years ago reading your books with my mom! I loved them! I sent you a Christmas card 2 years ago as well and received a big package of stuff from you. So nice! And what a great surprise to get another one this year! I love that you are so open and friendly to your readers! Keep writing!!

  34. Hey Jane! You know I’m good for a review… can’t wait to read the new one! So glad that you are feeling more like your self. I think the hormonal changes after baby, especially at our age, can really stress our bodies. I know I’ve been through it, too! Enjoy your sun and fun with Mr. Busyman!

  35. I have a new blog, Jane! Pick me pick me! I would love to review it on Romance Novel Sluts! (romancenovelsluts.com)


  36. so glad you listened to your body and went and got the help you needed to feel like yourself again. my dad always says: a woman may not know exactly what is wrong with herself, but she definitely knows that something is wrong!” go dad! i am glad i listened to myself four years ago, when i became very ill. if i wouldn’t have “pushed” and then later “fired” the doctor i had been seeing for 13 years, i would not be alive today. so listen to “yourself” ladies and don’t stop til “you” are heard!!!

  37. Hola Jane!

    Can I just say how cute your son is. He is just too cute.

    Love to read what you have to say. All of it, no matter what mood I am in, I always smile when I am done reading your words.


  38. Jane,
    Cute picture of Mac. Hawaii sounds amazing. Miss it. So glad that you are feeling much better. I’m sure the sun and beach help a lot. Have a good 4th.

  39. So glad you’re feeling better! The Hawaiian sun has got to help…unlike our still-in-hiding Seattle sun. Sigh.

    Mac is adorable and I hope you all have a fabulous summer!

  40. Jane,

    I love that you are so open and honest and willing to admit that sometimes things aren’t as pretty as we want them to be! Thank you for sharing what you went through!! And Mac is so adorable 🙂

    Things here are crazy still and I am starting to wonder if that is becoming my normal 🙂 I also am finally getting back into my workouts a little more. The surgeon is releasing me for more things now…I am now 8 weeks out from hip surgery and if all goes well, I will be running in 4 more weeks!!

    I cannot wait to read your next book!! Would love to review it for you as well!! Your writing is just so amazing, so I am glad you are feeling more like you and enjoying your writing again!!

    Blessings to you!

  41. It took me almost two years after having my daughter, who is now 3 1/2, to feel back to “myself.” Energy level is up and running, the mind feels more clear (not cloudy). So good to hear that you’ve found the right combination to feel like yourself again.

  42. Just pre-orderd the book from Amazon, can’t wait! Will post a review as soon I get it and finish it which might be the same day!

  43. Jen, I love this post! I am so happy that you feel like yourself again. I know exactly what you feel like because I am still trying to work some things out in my life. I just don’t feel like me and I hate feeling that way. I’ve got some medical issues that have been going on for over 15 years and I know I have been misdiagnosed. Now I just have to find the strength in me to go through a number of tests and visits again. When I was 15 I saw a specialist 2 times a week for over 6 months. So, not exactly what I want to be doing, but I need to…to feel better and get some answers so I can be a better mom!
    I would LOVE to be lucky enough to win and leave a review on SGC on both websites! I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. I’m sure I’ll have it done in less than 2 days! 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your vacation in Hawaii!!

  44. Woops…that was supposed to say Jane…must have missed the “a” key…kids were talking to me while I try to write! 😉

  45. I’m so happy you are feeling better. I remember the feeling well after we finally found an RA treatment that worked and I finally felt like I had a chance of having a life again. I have always told my daughters that nobody can look out for you but YOU. I hope you have a wonderful summer with your family and may God bless you each and every day.

  46. Wow Jane! That’s an amazing post that I think a lot of us can relate to. It’s great that you have found the real Jane, again! Mac sounds like he is a busy guy these days. I remember those days, non-stop action and you couldn’t take your eyes off of them for one minute! 🙂
    I would be thrilled to win this contest and do a review on B&N! It’s sounds like an amazing book, but I think all of your work is!

  47. Glad to hear you are feeling great again. You always have such great views on life and I love how honest you are in your posts! I’ve been there and it’s a horrible feeling. It’s not easy finding your way out and getting back to the old you, so good for you! The fingers in doors is a touchy subject with my kids right now, also. My 5 year old almost slammed her little sisters fingers in our car door last night. We have told them repeatedly why we need to be SO carefull with doors and fingers. It just doesn’t seem to set into their little heads…I hope they don’t figure it out the hard way! Mac is at a fun age, but very challenging. It’s hard to get things done when they are so much on the go. Have a wonderful vacation and I can’t wait to read the new book!

  48. I always enjoy reading your posts because you sound so real. So glad you’re feeling more yourself. Motherhood can be a difficult journey so thanks for sharing with us, especially the pics of Mac. Boy, has he grown! And what a cutie, too!

    I’d love to read and review “She’s Gone Country.” Thanks for the chance.

  49. I have always thought the ideal job would be a book reviewer. To be paid to read – wow! I would love to read your new book and write a review.
    So glad you are feeling yourself again and able to write. Your honesty and sharing of your problems makes us all appreciate that people’s lives are not what they look like – a lesson you wrote about so well in “Mrs. Perfect.”
    Love the Mac pic, it brings back sweet memories of my son at that adorable age!

  50. Jane, Glad you are enjoying the summer. Mac is a cutie.
    Thanks for being so honest. It’s nice to know others go through the ups and downs of life. It makes us all more human.
    Ready for a long weekend. Should be nice sunny weather here.
    Just finished reading My Reckless Summer by Anna Campbell. Really great beach book.

  51. Hi Jane,
    You sound more like your old self again.
    I know what you feel like. sometime around 40 (I am 46 now) my hormones went crazy. I felt like I was just existing to take care of everybody and sometimes I felt like I was losing my mind. I am much better now. I also have a friend that couldn’t get it together either and her good doctor that has known her for many years knew that she needed a bit more help. Needless to say she is so much happier now that she has had a little medical help.

    I would love a chance to read She’s Gone Country and write a review. I used to do them a lot years ago.

    I don’t know how you are able to get any writing done. It would be hard for me to tear myself away from playing with Mac.

  52. Mac is getting so big! What a cutie pie! I am glad you are feeling better. Your attitude is awesome! You are one amazing person and you deserve to feel that way! I really enjoy reading your post because you are so down to earth and honest. It’s hard to find people like that anymore. I’d rather hear it like it is, than someone sugar coating everything and making life seem “perfect,” when we all know it isn’t!
    I really need to win this contest so I can start reading this book! I am SO ready for a good read and I love the reviews I am hearing on it! Have a great week, Jane!

  53. Your post really hit home for me. I struggled with postpartum depression, but fought taking medication. Finally accepted that it was what I needed to do, and life is so much better.

    PS: Mac’s a doll!

  54. Jane!

    Wow…. that was a deep post. Haven’t been to your site for awhile and I’ve missed a lot! Glad you’re feeling much better!

    I’d love to read “She’s gone country.” I was planning on it anyway…… but insider scoop and post a review? My cup of tea!

    Take care in Hawaii. Keep smiling and enjoy the sunshine!


  55. So glad to hear you’re feeling better, Jane, and I always appreciate these posts. Everyone recognizes how motherhood “changes everything”, but it is less often mentioned the havoc is wreaks on the systems of your body.

    Great picture of the little guy!

  56. Boy, Mac is a little powerhouse! What a cutie pie! You will have to chase away the girls in the future. I would love to read an advance copy of She’s Gone Country and write a review. It’s been such a long wait. 🙂 Glad you are feeling better Jane. My mom had a terrible time when her thyroid went crazy and she was eventually diagnosed with Graves Disease. It’s amazing how much control the thyroid has over your body. Enjoy your time in Hawaii!

  57. Momma’s big helper- so cute.

    Wonderful news that you are feeling like yourself again. It sure helps in life when things are good and going good. Take care and have fun!!

  58. Mac is absolutely beautiful. Oh how I remember the ‘helper’ stage. Loved every minute of it! They are such a blessing.

    It would be a privilege and pleasure to read your book. And of course, to share the good news would fun. Either way, I am sure it will do just fine, after all it is a Jane Porter book!

    P.S. It is wonderful to hear you have your writing inspiration back. To do the things we love is the greatest reward. Write away Chica!

  59. Thank you so much for being so honest about what is going on in your life! It is awesome help for us that feel that way too. Mac is adorable! I can not wait until She’s Gone Country comes out in August. I have it marked on my calendar. Enjoy the summer and being with you family!

  60. Jane, I love your writing and glad you are back in the writing mood. What you have experienced is so common and most people are ashamed to get help. Glad you seeked it and it has worked out for you. I would love to win a copy of your book and write a review for y9u. I usually write them even if not asked. Have had some of my reviews published. Good luck and hopoe to have you back to Girlfriend Weekend in Jefferwon, Tx.

  61. Hi Jane,

    I so much love your honesty about yourself. Since you are so honest and open about your life, it makes me want to be honest to my own self and to be my vulnerable self to others. Thank you!!

  62. I would be thrilled to receive a copy of She’s Gone Country and review it. I first read about you in the Pi Phi Arrow in the section they hightlight Pi Phi authors and they talked about Frog Prince. That book made me laugh out loud and I have been a fan ever since and am very excited about this new book.
    I liked what you said about Getting by in this blog post. Life is too short to live that way. I am glad that you are back! Aloha.

  63. Just like a little kid to stuff something where it doesn’t belong! At least the croc is waterproof…..but maybe not heat proof! Glad you are feeling better. I hit the big 4-0 the beginning of June and all my friends tell me things go down hill from here. Why? I don’t subscribe to that notion. I won’t claim it and I certainly won’t embrace it! I WILL have to work harder at being healthy though. Wish I was in Hawaii with you guys. Enjoy your time and I can’t wait to see you in August!

  64. Mac is at such a fun & challenging age! I always say that the babies who are like that are the smarter and more curious ones. You are blessed!

    I am happy that you are finally feeling back to yourself! It took me FIVE years before I admitted something was wrong and I couldn’t pretend anymore. I had my son at the doctor’s for his 5 yera check up and fell apart when the Dr. asked me how I was doing. It had been a rollercoaster. Both my parents became ill when my son was an infant. We had tried and tried to get pregnant again. Underlying all that was the depression started by postpartum. She saved my life! I was able to loose weight and do things againg. Every day isn’t easy but you can’t always do it yourself! I started writing again too!
    Now after taking some writing classes this last spring I have come to an impasse and havn;t been able to think about digging back into the rewriting and editing I need to do to get my book ready for the lovely query phase. I hope to get past that soon…

    Have a fabulous 4th with your boys!!!!

  65. Oh, Jane! Mac is a doll, reminds me of one of my sons who loved to take forks out of the dishwasher to dig in my potted plants. My little farmer!
    All six of mine are grown, time goes too fast.
    I want to thank you again for the lovely dinner you treated me and more of your fans to in Atlanta at the RWA conference. You’ll always be an automatic buy, not just because I love your books, but because you are such a special person.
    I can relate to dealing with physical symptoms. If I could publish a rule to go by, always look for a physical cause before blaming it on emotional or mental problems. Goes for little ones as well as adults.
    I’m dealing with the aftermath of two major spinal surgeries last year, planned a week apart, to deal with my badly curved spine.
    I had a few setbacks but am now doing okay. Sure is hard not to have my normal energy or stamina. But I’m taller!! And my back is sooo straight. I’m looking forward to your next book, as always!

  66. I love your open-ness & honesty, Jane!

    Of course, I am willing to do a review. I will do one on Amazon and also on my personal blog if I should be one of the lucky chosen ones!!

    Happy Fourth of July weekend!


  67. Glad you’re feeling better! You had year; baby, being away from your husband, remodel, other boys to take care of….lots of stress hormones aside.

  68. This is funny, I just posted a facebook status about wanting to move to a small town with farm houses, wrap around porches and picnic baskets. I’m suddenly in the mood for being a country girl the way I used to at my aunts house when I was a kid. But at the same time, I want to move to NYC for the Manhattan life too. I’m strange like that.. lol 🙂

  69. Jane –
    Thanks for posting this blog. I understand having a difficult year, especially physically. I’m glad to hear that things ar getting better for you.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your books and I’m looking forward to reading “She’s Gone Country”.

    Keep doing what you do best!


  70. Jane, You are so right-on with this. I think too often we sugar coat the little aches, pains and body nudges that tell us something is off kilter. I have done the same in the past and found out later it was potassium or hormones or low blood sugar! And I thnk it is so true that our emotional health and our physical health go hand in hand. So happy for you that the clouds have parted and the sun is shining for you once more and I look forward to your new writing endeavors!

    Peace and hugs,


  71. Thank goodness the writing Jane has emerged once again. We love that lady. Life is a freaking roller coaster, my friend.

    Looking forward to reading Shey’s story and catching up on her friends. I’m missing Hawaii, but it’s good to know someone is on the islands enjoying the healing nature that it holds dear.

    Peace, love & happiness.

  72. Jane, I am so glad that you are feeling better. We miss you, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Can you BELIEVE your baby boy is running? I still remember cuddling him in my arms (and talking to him about football. Gotta’ get them started early!)

    I can’t wait to read “She’s Gone Country”, and I hope the summer is a joyous one for you and your guys!


  73. Jane….so glad you’re feeling better! And Mac is a cutie! Can’t wait for “She’s Gone Country”!!!!! Have a great weekend!

  74. We are always here for you Jane!! I LOVE that your posts always come around with a “message” when I need the message. I am glad that you are feeling like you again. I kind of caught the sail of your adventures this time last year, and it’s been a great year on my end; lots to learn!

    I think I have made great strides since coming to Hawaii. Like my friend Wendy stated Hawaii is a place of healing. I am not healed yet, but I think I am on the correct path to getting there. Setbacks occur here and there of course. And then sometimes there are breakthroughs. My trip to WA helped me to finally, FINALLY get back in touch with my trust in my intuition (to recognize what the heck that voice sounds like when it speaks)!!

    It has been a road that always leads me astray. Self doubt – constantly – a never ending uphill battle that rears its ugly head at work, in my ability to achieve things, in my trust of friendships, relationships. Me. I have been “getting by” for a very long time now. When there is opportunity to choose a new path, I get caught back up in that riptide, and tossed around over and over. That is why after responding to your last blog (which I thought sounded awesome as I typed it up), I was like who am I to throw her words (even though I know they are great words) back in her face? Hello Pot, what the heck are you saying to Kettle? But I hope you didn’t take it that way. It was the tough love approach that I really, really, really need to take with myself.

    There is an awesome quote from the movie “The Holiday” with Kate Winslet – “You’re supposed to be the leading lady of your own life, for god’s sake!” I have not been acting like the leading lady of anything… I wouldn’t even say I’ve been acting like the “best friend.” I have been acting more like the acquaintance. And I need to get re-acquainted with my inner ‘leading lady’ in life and LIVE!! Thank you Jane for your messages – this one and last Sunday’s ~ :0)

  75. I have come to enjoy this site so much. I think it is because you are so honest. There is a tendency to think a writer is different than the rest of us. A celebrity. But the more I read posts by you I see that is not true.

    I miss my therapy. It helped a lot but right now we are without insurance until Bill gets a job. Hopefully soon.

    I would love to review your book, too.

    Man, Mac is getting BIG! They grow so fast.

  76. I love reading your posts…They are so insightful and real. They make me think, smile,and feel.

    Have a great 4th 🙂

  77. Jane! I just got the newsletter and read your latest entry. I’m so glad you’re back to your wonderful self! Thanks for sharing your triumph, what a long journey it’s been–but it sounds like you’re doing better than ever. Also so glad you’re back on the island! Take care of yourself–and Mac looks so cute! He’s doing what my husband barely does–fill up the dishwasher!

  78. Hi all,

    Mac’s been keeping me busy all morning but he’s just gone off to the zoo with his dad and I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and check in with you. Thanks so much for the wonderful comments! You made it really hard for me to pick just two winners so my assistant Lee and I tried to scrounge up some more galleys and we now have a total of six to give away!

    I got Mac’s babysitter, Haley, here in Hawaii, to pick the winners –

    #11 – Michelle Braden
    #19 – Amber
    #26 – Felise
    #37 – Sarah
    #44 – Melissa
    #50 – Sue M.

    Please send me your mailing addresses asap so I can get these galleys out to you!

    For everyone else who commented, I’m sorry I didn’t have enough to share with everyone but if you’re on my mailing list, in a few weeks you’ll each receive a fun packet of goodies related to She’s Gone Country. If you’re not on my mailing list, please email me with your address so I can make sure you don’t miss out!

    Thanks so much to everyone for checking in to chat with me!!

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