Feels Like the Holidays!

It’s snowing here! Both my older sons went to school elated about the snow flurries. The oldest, my high school sophomore, predicted early dismissal since his high school is up a steep hill and school officials don’t want a bunch of teenagers navigating a slippery hill in snow and ice. My 6th grader wore his new ski jacket and snow boots to school and said he felt like lived in Minnesota.

It was snowing off and on last night as we drove home from Salem. Once we reached the house we had an early Thanksgiving dinner and it was fun and festive as Mac ate his first real turkey. (However, he wasn’t big on my yams though…spit those out everywhere….) And now I write facing the window with snow falling just outside my window. So beautiful as the big evergreens are dusted powdery white on every limb!

Jane and son Ty having fun in the snow
Jane and son Ty having fun in the snow

To help celebrate Thanksgiving week and the upcoming holidays, my friend, beauty editor and blogger, Hillary Quinn, and I have a cool girlie contest to kick off the holidays! It begins today and runs for the next 6 days to Sunday, Nov 28th. There will be a total of 2 winners–one drawn from Hillary’s blog and one from mine–and the prize is a gift tote with 4 signed Jane Porter novels, a Starbucks gift card and some wonderful beauty products that I’d kill for!!

Want a chance to win? There are two steps to entering.  First, visit www.hillarythebargainhunter.com and find Hillary Quinn’s motto for shopping. Then, click on this link to enter your answer and hopefully win! Winners will be drawn and announced by December 3. Hillary will choose a winner from her entries and I’ll choose an entry from my blog so check it out and hopefully you’ll win. And to double your chances of winning… leave a comment on Hillary’s blog, too!!

But wait–that’s not all!! I’m doing an extra contest on my own for those of you who are feeling lucky. Tell me in the comment section below what your favorite Thanksgiving dish is and you’ll have the chance to win my special Cozy For The Holidays prize. This is a super cozy, super comfy prize of a fleecey robe, hot chocolate, bath soaps, and some books. It’s a warm cuddle package just for you! My blog contest ends Tuesday night and I’ll announce the winner Wednesday morning.

And before I forget, I just want to say I’ve heard from 12 of you now that you’re sending money for World Vision, including my amazing Canadian reader friend Natalie who is also going to sponsor a little girl in China.  Natalie–you rock. And that little girl in China will have her life forever changed by your sponsorship.  The three kids we sponsor in Africa have better health now, better medical care, more clothes, more food, which means more opportunities to succeed. If any of you want to donate–remember for $10 I’ll send a signed book to you or a friend plus JP goodies–see my last blog for full details. I’m grateful for anything you can do!!

Now its time to bundle Mac up and take him outside to play in the snow! It’s going to be a great day!

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