A Good Year

I’ve been making photo albums for my family of the past year and I’m short hundreds of photos from losing my camera twice (twice!?!) in the past year, but of the pictures I do have, I am reminded of what an incredible year it has been.

The first six months of 2010 were really difficult as I continued to battle baby blues and baby weight and the sense that I’d still lost me. Over the summer I slowly began to feel better but I was struggling with writing my Harlequin and wondering when the writing itself would become easier. Then late August arrived and I kicked off all my She’s Gone Country promo, and that’s when it all fell into place.

You, my readers, were so amazing. You made me realize that no matter what happens in the publishing world, no matter what happens next in my career, I’ve done what I set out to do–write books I enjoyed, connect with women who loved books as much as I do, and create a circle of friends who are loving and generous and supportive of other women. And you are all that and more.

Below is another photo from one of my reader dinners, this time at Nava in Buckhead, Georgia. We were a small but mighty group and it was so much fun. I’d only just flown in and Atlanta traffic was crazy and I was late getting to the restaurant and yet once I was there…heaven.  Thank you to my readers and friends for making time to join me for dinner!

Reader Dinner at Nava in Buckhead
Reader Dinner at Nava in Buckhead

And to keep the festive feeling going, I’m going to share an opportunity to enter a really fun contest over at Chick Lit is Not Dead. Liz and Lisa of Chick Lit is Not Dead have been so very supportive of me and my books and they’re hosting a fantastic contest right now. To get all the details and enter, visit Liz & Lisa’s Favorite Things Holiday Giveaway! at Chick Lit is Not Dead.

I’m also doing a fun two day contest. I’ve got a soft fleecy robe, a couple wonderful Christmas reads, a Seattle tea pot and more for one of my readers. How to win? Just fill me in on things! Tell me what’s going on, or how your shopping is going, or even what’s stressing you out. (Personal note– I had a rough morning. I was soooooo stressed earlier this morning. My brain was having a complete melt-down and my heart was just racing. But an hour later after talking to my pal Megan Crane I started to chill out, realizing that problems do sort themselves out and me freaking out doesn’t help. In fact, freaking out just made everything worse! 🙁 )

So how are you? Things good? Need to light a wonderful scented candle, sit with a cup of tea, and just chill? Tell me what’s going on and you’re entered. I’ll draw the winner’s name Monday morning so good luck and have a great–stress free–weekend!!

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