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It’s Monday again. Not sure how it came around again so fast. Feels like it should be Thursday. But no, Thursday I flew to Tucson to join Shannon Yun’s bookclub which turned out to be a really fun mix of readers and RWA members. Loved the dinner and the company and conversation. Was a wonderful treat–and break–from several weeks of very hard, very long writing days.

Jenn Griffin, Shannon Yun, Crystal Marshall, Jane Porter
Jenn Griffin, Shannon Yun, Crystal Marshall, Jane Porter

But its the start of a new week, another week of intensive writing, and I’m determined to get this book heading towards its conclusion. I’ve really struggled with it–every little word feels as if its been chipped from granite, or plucked from my brain with the smallest pair of tweezers imaginable. The words aren’t tumbling or spilling out but coming so slowly I question my sanity as well as my talent. I’m putting in the hours and effort, so why is it so dang hard???

I don’t know, and frankly right now, I can’t think too much about it or I’ll lose whatever momentum I have going and that would be a disaster. So I’m back to my manuscript to continue battling on but would really enjoy hearing things from outside my writing cocoon.

What is happening in your world? Reading anything good? I’ve got 5—yes five!!–Valentine treats to give away and the prize package includes a $10 Starbucks drink card, a signed copy of one of my Harlequin titles, yummy Valentine sweets and JP reader goodies. For a chance to win one of these pretty and pink prizes, post a comment below and I’ll draw and then announce the five winners Wednesday. Good luck and happy Monday to all!

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