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It’s Monday again. Not sure how it came around again so fast. Feels like it should be Thursday. But no, Thursday I flew to Tucson to join Shannon Yun’s bookclub which turned out to be a really fun mix of readers and RWA members. Loved the dinner and the company and conversation. Was a wonderful treat–and break–from several weeks of very hard, very long writing days.

Jenn Griffin, Shannon Yun, Crystal Marshall, Jane Porter
Jenn Griffin, Shannon Yun, Crystal Marshall, Jane Porter

But its the start of a new week, another week of intensive writing, and I’m determined to get this book heading towards its conclusion. I’ve really struggled with it–every little word feels as if its been chipped from granite, or plucked from my brain with the smallest pair of tweezers imaginable. The words aren’t tumbling or spilling out but coming so slowly I question my sanity as well as my talent. I’m putting in the hours and effort, so why is it so dang hard???

I don’t know, and frankly right now, I can’t think too much about it or I’ll lose whatever momentum I have going and that would be a disaster. So I’m back to my manuscript to continue battling on but would really enjoy hearing things from outside my writing cocoon.

What is happening in your world? Reading anything good? I’ve got 5—yes five!!–Valentine treats to give away and the prize package includes a $10 Starbucks drink card, a signed copy of one of my Harlequin titles, yummy Valentine sweets and JP reader goodies. For a chance to win one of these pretty and pink prizes, post a comment below and I’ll draw and then announce the five winners Wednesday. Good luck and happy Monday to all!


  1. I read “Night Road” by Kristin Hannah, who is from your neck of the woods. 🙂 I also read “Tuesday Tells it Slant” by Holly Christine. I’m now reading “Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives” by Josie Brown.
    Not much else is new other than waiting for the baby to make their appearance in the next couple of weeks! (B’shaah tovah.)

  2. Haven’t read anything in awhile… struggling to keep up with the house, the baby, and the bills. I am so craving a vacation without the stress of money.

  3. I am sorry you are having such a rough time writing, Jane. I can’t believe you are questioning your talent! You are VERY talented and I love everything you write! I’m sure things will get easier soon and you’ll be back on track.

    Right now I am reading “Driving With Dead People” by Monica Holloway. Just started it, seems pretty good so far! Getting quite a bit of reading time in lately, since I’ve been sick. My oldest daughter is playing a couple sports right now, so we are keeping busy with that. Watching a 4-6 year olds learn how to play basketball is really cute! I’m enjoying these precious years! 🙂

  4. Good luck with the writing process! I just finished reading Last Kiss by Luanne Rice, which I really enjoyed. I’ve been reading up a storm lately. So many good books to lose myself in (and also trying to make room on my must-read shelves so I can justify buying more books).

    Other news in my life: I recently reconnected with someone from my past and have been enjoying the limited time I’ve gotten to spend with him. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one. I’ve never connected with anyone the way I do with him.

    Not much else going on at the moment. Really enjoying 2011 thus far though!

  5. I have just finished reading your friend Molly Harper book “And one last thing” and I really liked it. She is very funny and very down to earth. Thank you for recommending it.
    Today, on the dearreader.com Authorbuzz I have seen that Amelia Grey wrote a book about romance reader love stories and that your story is in there as well. Can’t wait to read it.
    Take care and may your writing flow a little easier in the next few days.

  6. Jane-
    Thanks for posting about the dinner! I was thrilled when Shannon invited me along. I was thrilled to be able to meet you.
    Readers, Writers, books, good food and margarita’s- it doesn’t get any better.`

  7. Thank-you for coming to the Tucson book club last week. You enlightened our book club with your knowledge and love of writing! All the best to you and keep on writing… I’m a huge fan!

  8. Hi Jane,

    My world is turned up side down right about now. We where ready to move tomorrow but everything got delayed so now we don´t know when we will get our new house. We hope soon.
    So I´m more packing than reading right now. But it´s nice to go through ones old books and I have a lot.
    Good luck with writing 🙂

  9. I have been cleaning the house today it has been rainy and dreary again.
    I did start reading Stephanie Rowe’s Kiss At Your Own Risk. I have never read any of her books and this one is a paranormal. It is taking me a bit to get my bearings with the setting.
    I know what you mean about having force the work from you.
    I think it has something to do with this awful dreary winter and just plain exhaustion.

    Sending you good vibes to get that story cranking out of you.

  10. Just trying to get through winter. I truly think I’m suffering from SAD (Seasonal affect disorder), I can’t get motivated for anyting. Just read Water for Elephants, not my cup of tea. The first 250 pages were brutal…but kept hearing everyone say “Keep going, it’s soooo good…” I need springm sun, flowers, longer days!

    Happy Valentines Day.

  11. I can’t wait for your next novel. I’m new to your books. She’s Gone Country got me hooked.

    A signed copy of one of your books sounds awesome! I collect books autographed by authors. Funny collection, I know. 🙂 The Starbucks card comes at a very distance second!

    1. Linsey that is a totally NORMAL collection! I have a space in my closet (where the kids can’t reach) of autographed books. I have everyone from Alice Walker to Sherrilyn Kenyon and of course Jane Porter 🙂

  12. Things have been slow here. I just got over a cold and the snow has really made commuting miserable, but at least I’m feeling better and I’ve been enjoying the award shows.

  13. Hmmm, how did my week go? Well Thursday, instead of making mac and cheese, giving baths and putting the kids to bed, Rock Star Author Jane Porter flew all the way to Tucson and took my whole book group out on the town!
    Emails are still zipping back and forth between us about how cool you are Jane. You are honestly one of the most open people I have ever met. You can feel that honesty come through your book characters, one of the reasons that Shey, Tiana, Taylor, Marta and Jackie all resonate with us on different levels.
    I loved that the dinner not only gave some of your loyal fangirls a chance to meet you, but it introduced several book club members to your work. You made a lot of new lifelong fans!
    If any of you get a chance to hear Jane speak, GO! She is dynamic, and you’ll have a great time. She’s the real deal.
    Jane, thank you, thank you, thank you so much. We’ll be talking about that night for years.
    (Don’t put me in the drawing…I already won HUGE!)

    1. I’ve never met Jane, but hope to one day. She really is a true down to earth lady. Her stories always touch a part of me in some part of my life (now or in the past). She seems to touch us all in one way or another. It sounds like your book club had a wonderful time with Jane.

  14. Hi Jane 🙂 Ohhh I would sooo love to win! Right now I am reading tons of textbooks on Native Americans – fascinating but a bit dry, ha! I could use a Harlequin asap 🙂 I have never gotten to read one of yours – I look but don’t see them in our bookstore 🙁 Thanks for the having the sweet contest…

    1. I should clarify – I have read lots of your non-Harlequin books and love them! Just haven’t found your Harlequins yet…that’s why I was sooo excited to enter this contest!! 🙂

  15. Jane, the book you are working on must be absolutely fabulous–otherwise it wouldn’t be so labor-intensive : )

    I just finished reading Maxine Sullivan’s “Australian Millionaires” series! Three terrific tough-tender Alpha Males, each with their own unique sensual and sweet love story. YUMMY!

  16. My world’s pretty sweet 🙂 They were selling flowers on campus and my boyfriend got me a rose…out of a plethora of carnations, the only one. I love feeling loved!


  17. The weather here is still so lousy that the only thing it’s good for is to stay inside. And we’ve got more snow in the forcast, yuck. I’m getting ready to start City Of Bones by Cassandra Clare or The Iron King by Julie Kagawa. I’m not sure which yet. I’ve heard they are both excellent.

  18. Some days I can’t even think straight. It was last week I was writing an email to a friend and I realized I couldn’t spell Wednesday. It’s a word I have never had trouble with, so simple of a word too. But, it’s because I have so much on my mind lately, I just had a mental block. I’m sure your book will come out must as awsome as all the rest. You may be having a little trouble concentrating because of the house sale and move coming up. Plus, trying to run a household and family is a lot of work. You’ll be ok. I have faith your next book will be a winner. They always are. Not a lot going on in my world. My birthday is Friday and I look forward to the weekend with my hubby. His mother is cooking lunch for me Saturday at her house. I’m not very close with my family anymore, so I won’t be seeing them. Hang in there and keep your head up. You’re new story will come to you in no time. Have a wonderful week!

  19. SNOW!SNOW!SNOW!! I am so tired of winter. Six inches of snow today. I’m not the best driver on snow. I would like it if I could stay home.
    Hope you week is productive. All work here

  20. I just finished reading Ree Drummond’s (the pioneer woman) new book Black Heels to Tractor Wheels and enjoyed it. Have not had a lot of time to read since our granddaughter was born. We are on the road at least twice a week to go to her house to care for her while her mom works part-time. Talk about FUN! Sending good thoughts and mighty prayers your way to help with the book! We all look forward to new Jane Porter books!

  21. Hi Jane,
    i just finished your book, ‘Flirting with Forty’, Love it Jane 🙂 I borrowed with from my sister.

    Now, i’m reading The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley.

  22. I just finished “Little Princes” by Conor Grennan, which was great, and “Unforgivable” by Laura Griffin, also a good read. I’m currently listening to “Maisie Dobbs” by Jacqueline Winspear. Good luck finishing your writing, Jane. Can’t wait to read your next book.

  23. I just finished reading a new Swedish crime novel called “Three Seconds” by Rosulund & Hellstrom-very good but am ready to read something fun and light. We have sooo much snow-can’t wait for Spring…Happy Valentine’s, Jane!!

  24. Hi Jane,
    I’m reading “Conversations With the Fat Girl” by Liza Palmer. The book takes place in Pasadena, and I’ve had to drive up to Pasadena twice in less than a week now. So, it’s been kind of cool to be there and see the town, while I’m reading that book! So, far I’m loving it too. Happy early Valentine’s Day to you!

  25. Go Jane Go!!!! You can do this. I’ve been coping with the storms that seem to want to come every week…very disrupting to my teaching schedule…lol! I’ve been doing a lot of reading and spreading the love for my fave authors. I’ve also been trying to get some sleep. I think about you and your writing constantly, and wait eagerly for the next entree you dish up. You got this girl. Love you to pieces. Can’t wait to see and hang out with you again.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  26. I’m reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery. It’s told from the points of view of two different heroines —- a preteen and a concierge who secretly reads Tolstoy —while pretending to be a dull concierge—in an aristrocratic apartment building in Paris. Her life changes when a new tenant arrives who gleans her true nature. It’s a lovely book. Keep writing in your cocoon! Your next butterfly is eagerly awaited!

  27. Jane,

    Do you remember in a prior post (many moons ago) you talked about the peace you felt while sitting looking out over the ocean. Why not again? Go buy a kolache (spell) or two, and with a hot coffee go sit by yourself and regroup. Your brain is overloaded and needs a moment of silence. Go get it! Your ability to write will never be a problem. You are more than likely your own worst critique. Be gentle and go easy on yourself, you deserve it.

  28. I’ve been having one of those days. Discovered this weekend I’ve been driving around without my proof of ins so i had to get a copy of that faxed to me this morning. Had my wallet out this afternoon for something and then left to take my son to the dentist without it. Top it off I’ve had a headache all day. Yeah this weeks got to get better. I am currently re reading Roxanne St Claire last release Edge of Sight.

    I hope your writing for your current book smooths out for you. Must be stressful. Hang in there you’ll get it!

    Lisa B

  29. I’ve been listening to my iPod lately when my eyes are just tired.
    “Stuff You Should Know”, with Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark, has become one my of favorite podcasts to listen to in the evenings. They’re entertaining and I learn about stuff. Something you may want to try sometime.
    I hope you have a great week! It’s just started…..

  30. I would love to win a Valentine’s treat! Not much going on in Minneapolis–just cold & more cold! Can’t wait for spring. In fact, I am sitting by my pot of daffodils, hyacinths and crocuses, thinking spring!

    Happy Valentine’s Day (early)!!

  31. I just started Rescue by Anita Shreve and it is hooking me right in, which is a good thing. I don’t have a lot of time to read anymore since I’m back to work full time. If a book doesn’t hook me right away I don’t finish it – I check all my books out at the library and only have them for a limited amount of time.
    I’m looking forward to spring and some brighter days.

  32. After not reading for a year or so I’m back in the saddle and it feels good 🙂 Right now I’m reading Switched by Amanda Hocking (new author to me) and really enjoying it. Thanks for the contest. I look forward to checking out your work.

    RNACLARK at msn dot com

  33. Started reading “Best Friends Forever” by Jennifer Weiner, but got sidetracked helping run a book fair at my kids’ elementary school. Even though I still think the abundant snow we are getting in Indiana is beautiful, I am dreaming of Hawaii or St Martin!!

  34. I haven’t read a book in several days. I miss it…. I’ve been working, as well as finding my house (buried deep in clutters) when I get time. I found my living room and kitchen today, and I’m holding out hope I’ll find my office desk by tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

  35. I just finished The Frog Prince the night before last. It was the last of the six modern lit novels and I was struck by something… when a writer writes, oftentimes their own personalities come through. I realized that you’re a big believer in giving back. Operation RX (or was it Operation Smile?), Kids Fest… your characters grow forward as the book is coming to an end and come to realizations about themselves but they all have an inherent “goodness” to them. And I feel like a little bit of Jane Porter peeks through them because I think it’s your own personal mantra, giving back, because I saw it interwoven throughout the Marta “series” and the Frog Prince and Flirting with Forty. (which by the way, just saw there’s a dvd of!)

  36. Jane,
    Your writing is good! Absolutely keep going. I’m working my way through your backlist- now reading Odd Mom Out. I would love to read another one of your harlequin presents.

    And I am grinding my teeth- I’m in Tucson but NOT a member of that lucky book club that got to have dinner with you.

  37. I am reading Toni Blakes Sugar Creek right now, just taking a while because I am doing some painting and cleaning in the house.

  38. Hi Jane,
    Only thing going on in my world is baseball and graduation activities for my son.
    Enjoy your week!


  39. I am sorry you are having issues with the writing process. I’m sure it will pass. Keep your head uo girl! 🙂
    Right now I am reading Dean Koontz’s Relentless, it’s a pretty amazing book so far!
    Have a great rest of the week!

  40. My life is filled with school. Four grad classes are kicking my behind! 🙂 I am getting some reading for fun in though, I’m reading The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkanen and loving it so far!

  41. You’ll get past this rough patch Jane, you’re a wonderful writer. I’m just working on the final collection for the fashion design program, one week left, then the final. We all hit a rough patch, i’m kinda there now too. I hope you have great week and you get to the end of this book. :o)

  42. I have been reading, reading, reading. I thank all you writers for keeping me entertained and in another world because life has been rough and I feel the need to escape!
    Just read The Bolter, a biography written by a grand-daugher which was good but I think the fictional White Mischief was a better book about the white upper class in Kenya of the time.
    Keep at it, Jane, your efforts are worth it and we are behind you all the way!

  43. Hattie the Bad by Jane Devlin
    Little Puppy Lost by Linda Jennings
    Mattoo, Let’s Play by Irene Luxbacher…just to name a few of my recent reads. All children’s books, about all I’m reading these days. Oh but it is pleasure reading for sure, to have my girls snuggled against me totally engrossed in the story and pictures.

  44. Oh you poor thing…tweezers and granite!! That must be a frustrating time over there. Never question your talent!! You’ve got so much on your plate Jane. Give yourself some room there…
    If you need a pick-me-up, you might want to stop by the post office. Never know when something fun will come in the mail.

    Just sayin’
    Hugs, Shannon in Tustin

  45. Jane, you are so wonderfully talented, and all will flow soon, you will see. Tomorrow, I have to start a 24 hr clear liquid diet, not looking forward to that! Wednesday, I am having 2 procedures done so that the GI MD can take biopsies from my entire digestive tract, and on Friday, I am having a biopsy done of my right breast, so as they say when it rains it pours. I am taking Wed to Fri, off from work and I have 4 of your books ready to be read while I am resting and relaxing after and I also have Megan Crane’s “Names My Sisters Call Me” loaded onto my NOOK, so I am all set for my read fest this week. I can’t imagine any other way to get my mind wander to fun stuff and other places than with your books! Thanks for giving the world such great novels!

  46. Aw big hugs to you from the land of sunshine Jane! Oops, okay scrap the sunshine part… it’s actually pouring now. Okay – really, really pouring, lol. But hugs to you anyways!! The writing will work its way out and you will have a masterpiece for us like you always do, no worries! You are a talented chicady 😉

    I haven’t been able to pick up a book lately. Still working on the ‘getting back to me’ new year’s plan. Re-arranged my living room this weekend and moved my china cabinet into my spare bedroom. It is amazing how much that opened up my living room!! And surprisingly the cats did not freak out, lol. If anything I think they like the change, because now they can see out all of the windows without the couch blocking them :0)

  47. You’re doing so well, Jane 🙂 – you may not think it as you struggle with your latest novel, but I’m sure it’s going to be a great read once you type The End and send it flying on to our bookshelves! I’m dabbling with reading at the moment, reading a chapter here and there of anything really – love magazines too. I’m also trying to exercise and get rid of weight that just doesn’t want to shift – why’s it so hard???!!! Happy Valentines Day all 🙂

  48. Good luck with the book Jane. I’m sure you will feel a huge sense of accomplishment once it’s done. Monday was really nice around here with temperatures going into the forties. The ice started melting and people were out and about.

  49. Hi Jane!
    Sorry things have not been that great lately. Remember this to shall pass. Easier said than done I know.
    Right now I’m reading Jane Green’s Jemina J. It is the first book of hers that I have read, and so far I’m enjoying it.
    Hope you have a happy and productive week.

    Tammie from TX

  50. Good luck with your writing, Jane. I have been reading How To Bake A Perfect Life which is adorable and memorable.

  51. The weather isn’t very pleasant but we’re still managing! I just started Forbidden Heat by Opal Carew. Keeps me warm! lol

  52. Hi Jane!

    Today I am reading Spin by Catherine McKenzie. It is so good! I have been in a reading funk the last few days and have had a hard time getting motivated to read. But I think I am finally over it 🙂

  53. Hi Jane, My world is a crazy place right now. I am able to fit in reading, thank goodness! I am reading Bulls Island by Dorothea Frank. At least it’s our birthday month Jane. My birthday is the day after yours. Things will definitely be better!

  54. So far my week is not going too well- my boss at work is a pain in the a** and today she really got on my nerves.

    On the good side I did have a lot of time to read in the last few weeks and I read The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton and it was one of the best books I read lately.

  55. Jane,

    I am getting ready for my son’s 7th birthday on the 15th and then mine the week after. We are getting a break from the snow here in NJ for a couple of days now and it’s been nice to see some sun!! Can’t wait for spring! Hope your writing isn’t driving you too insane but I can’t wait to read whatever it is you’re writing!! Take care!


  56. Reading? Before a holiday? We’re wearing pink and baking for PTA, for the school party, for a work fundraiser. Light your candles, or whatever it takes, and good luck with the writing. We look forward to it!

  57. hope your momentum keeps growing! we are all waiting for your next book! glad that you were able to take a break from writing! reading “1000 gifts” by ann voskamp right now. it is “a dare to live fully right where you are.” it is very interesting and really makes you think about what you have in your life that makes it what it is… take care jane!

  58. great blog, Jane! Our week is going well we’re all happy LOL. it’s frighteningly cold outside….a few weeks late if you ask me!

    take care!

  59. Stopped by Barnes & Noble last night and picked up several books, downloaded a few on my iPad and I’m ready to read when I’m working out. Reading helps the time fly by and before I know it, I’ve done 45 minutes on the treadmill. Also, trying to keep warm in the sub zero temperatures of Western New York! Urgh when will it be warm again?

  60. I just can’t believe all you do!! Not reading anything at this time but surely waiting for spring. Good luck selling your home and finding another…you are a California girl.

  61. Hang in there, Jane. You always struggle, but you never fail to produce, so don’t worry. I’ve fallen into the habit of reading too many books at one time and not finishing any – I hate that. I’ve never been a multi-book reader, but I feel the need to make a dent in my overwhelming TBR BOOKCASES!

  62. I’m working on Port Mortuary by Patricia Cornwell. Counting down the hours until a weekend trip to visit my sister. These few days can’t pass quickly enough!

  63. Hi Jane! I have been so busy with school right now. I am doing Nursing clinicals right now, so it will be a long couple of weeks. I have been living on Starbucks and 4 hrs of sleep. When this is all over, I plan on sleeping for 2 days straight. Lol! Well, maybe I’m serious! 😉 Good luck with the book! I’m sure you’ll figure it out, as always!

  64. Oh my gosh! I have to enter this based on your Harlequin! I want~ I want! I want! I wanna read!!! Not reading anything good here….. besides the help wanted ads. I’m getting stir crazy and bored being unemployed so trying to jump back into that. Wish me luck!

  65. hello! right now i am reading freedom by jonathan franzen. i am having trouble getting into it…but i will finish it.

  66. Work and my children are keeping me busy right now, so I haven’t been able to read much. When things slow down I plan on reading A Wolf at the Table. I heard it was a good one.
    Have a great week!

  67. I’m alittle late but had to do a writing assignment that was giving trouble, thinking of dropping the class but then I’d feel that I didn’t try hard enough. Anyways, I started working on sat. with kids that need help in reading and its a challenge for most of them are mexican and I don’t know a word of spainish and some are native american and they speak their tribe lanuage amounge themselves.Another challenge but alot of fun and I get my credit in student teaching,too. I’m learning alot of others.I love to be around kids and a good storybook gives us both smiles.

  68. Jane,
    I’m reading a Carol Snow book from a recommendation from you about checking out this author awhile back. I really like her. Can’t wait to read “your” next book.

  69. Just finished our travel baseball season, half way through basketball, regular season baseball practice starts Sunday, and track starts next Tuesday! Yep, Mom’s Taxi Service is back in action! Reading “To Have and To Hold” by Jane Green. Good luck with your writing!

  70. HI Jane,
    Lots going on at work, enough to keep me reeling all the time. I am trying to stay on top of everything, the mom curse, but not really doing anything well.

    Keep writing, I can’t wait to read the next book(s)!

  71. I just started reading Odd Mom Out…no joke! I want to read it so I can read the next two, like we talked about!

  72. Snow and ice, that’s what is happening here! Ugh.

    On the bright side, it’s good weather for curling up under a cozy blanket and reading a good book.

  73. I’m STILL battling the house chaos from December, when my husband repurposed the spare room and I lost storage, especially book storage. I’ve been sorting and shuffling and resorting. I did take time to read all your books, in order, and loved getting to know the characters all over again. Yesterday was a long day of doctor appointments and I took a Julia Quinn novel with me. Getting lost in a good story helped a lot!
    It’s beautiful and sunny and cold out there today, Jane, I hope you get a chance to soak up some sun and let it rejuvenate you. Good luck on the new book!

  74. Hi all,

    Popping in fast to announce the winners and because its so hard picking names I did it the easy way—I picked every 10 numbers/names, and went from 1 to 70 and here you go:

    1 Melissa A
    10 Allie
    20 Runner10
    30 bluegrassnash
    40 Susie Q
    50 Tammie M
    60 Doreen
    70 Amy P

    So here’s the deal–all 8 of you (I know, it was supposed to be 5 but if you’re going to create a system you better follow it…)–please send me a private email to me:
    jane at janeporter dot com

    with your mail address and I will get your Valentine packet out in the mail Thursday or Friday!

    Thank you everyone for posting and sharing and now I’m back to writing!!


    1. I’ve only heard from 5 or 6 of the eight winners….the rest of you, send me your info pronto or I’m giving away the books and treats to other winners this week!!

  75. Congratulations to all the winners. Enjoy your prizes.

    So glad you were able to get a little breather. Happy writing, Jane!!!

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  76. Hip hip horay! I just read Flirting with Forty! I just had to check out your website Jane. I am new to knowing your story and it looks like I have a lot more great books of yours to read. I am a single mom, age 42 and could really relate to a lot in this story. Jane, I see since you wrote FWF you have another son. I saw the cute pic of him after his spill in the kitchen. Are you a single mom still? You are amazing and I can’t wait to read another book of yours. Anyone have any suggestions of which of Jane’s books I should read next?

  77. Congratulations to the winners!

    Jane, I hope that you are powering your way through the writing and having great success.

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