For A Good Cause

I’m now out of my house and into hotel with the 3 boys and our bulldog trying to get this Harelquin in.

Nearly every year I donate one or two items to Brenda Novak’s auction to raise money for diabetes research.  I love Brenda’s auction as there are so many fun items and I always try to bid on a half dozen things, hoping I’ll end up with at least one of them.

I’ve got some items up this year, too.  Check them out if you have a second, or just feel like doing some online browsing.  There are terrific items for readers, writers, travel lovers….you name it.

A Meal Or Drinks at RWA 2012 in Anaheim with Bestselling Author Jane Porter (and a 25 page Critique!)

SKYPE Book Event with Bestselling Author Jane Porter! (12 Copies of her latest release included!)

It’s a great auction and I’m sure you’ll find something fun and interesting!

I’ve got a long day of writing ahead of me so I’m going back into my cave.  I keep getting distracted though as readers from overseas are writing to tell me how much they loved and enjoyed my new Harlequin release, Not Fit For a King? It’s available for sale here in USA this week and I hope my US fans will pick up a copy too.  I’d love to know what you think if you read it!!  It’s getting fantastic reviews so I’m hopeful everyone who reads it will enjoy the book!




  1. Hi Jane!
    Good luck with the writing and the stay at the hotel. I know exciting things are on your way with your move to Southern CA. I will check out the items for the auction. Dinner with you sounds great! 🙂 Oh, and yes, I’ve read “Not Fit for a King” and really enjoyed it. I like twin type swap stories….like The Parent Trap.

    1. P.S. I have the UK version of the book. I love both covers though! Congrats on your US release day today.

  2. I am going to look for the new book this week. I have a Kindle but I still love the print books.
    I have bid over the years on Brenda’s auction but alas I am always out bid. My youngest daughter has Type 1 diabetes (14 years)and I am so glad that Brenda found a way to use her celebrity to help raise money to combat this disease.
    Good luck with the book you are finishing.

  3. It sounds like you are having some nice “distractions”! 🙂 Brenda is doing a good thing. Good luck with the writing!

  4. It does sound like a fun auction and for a great cause, makes it that much better. I can’t wait to pick up your book this weekend. I hope the boys aren’t going crazy in the hotel.

  5. Hope the writing is going well. I have to go look for your new book now. Three boys and a bulldog in a hotel sounds like a scene for one of your contemporary books or a children’s book. 😉
    Keeping you in my prayers.

  6. Wow, there is some great things/events up for auction. I will have to take some time later and place a few bids.

    Hope that you had a great writing day!

  7. hope the hotel stay is going as well as it can. i remember 20 years ago this week moving and having to stay in a hotel for a month while we looked for a place. i only had 2 children at the time, and thankfully was able to let Grandma and Grandpa take them for a week’s stay. i will check out the auction. i really like helping out with charitable causes when i can. take care Jane…

  8. Hi Jane. I have the UK version of this book. It is on my to read list. The auctions look great. I wish I had the money to bid on them as well. Great news is Im almost done with my associates degree in teaching which is wonderful, but then on to getting my bachelors and maybe one day my masters. Have a great week Jane. 🙂

  9. Ok this is going to be a fun day out looking for latest title. Quick stop at Barnes & Noble , wait who am I kidding, I will be in there for at least an hour or longer. Then quick trip through local Starbucks.

  10. I love looking around Brenda’s auction. Great items and a great cause. Celine Dion sure is popular!

  11. We are going to miss you here in Washington, Jane. 🙁 But I am happy that your whole family will be together and you are starting a new adventure. It’s like one of your should be.

  12. Congrats to the bidders who got your items, I was going to go back and bid tonight, and I got mixed up the cut off time…. =(

    Loved “Not Fit For a King” and “His Majesty’s Mistake.”

    Can’t wait for the fall and ” The Good Woman”

    Have a great week!

  13. I can’t wait to go and look for your book at the bookstore but can’t this weekend for my daughter graducates on friday and having a pary on sunday so I’ll be too busy getting ready for the party, cooking and decorating…anyways, congrats!

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