I Heart Caitlin Crews

A lot of you may know Megan Crane is a very close friend of mine but you may not know Megan also writes as Caitlin Crews and I just love her, and her books, and one of the best parts of moving to Orange County is that now I get to see more of her!  A couple weeks ago I convinced Megan she would enjoy a road trip to my hometown, and she was the most delightful date for the Tulare Library Foundation Auction fundraiser in Tulare, California, and then allowed me to give her the grand tour of my town, Visalia, which included a trip down Main Street, a drive past Dance-Arts, the library, and Taylor’s Hotdog stand (a very important place in my childhood…I could get a chili dog and small strawberry soda for .35 in the mid 70’s.)

Then, this past weekend when I had the chance to fill in as a speaker for the Orange County Chapter of RWA, I suggested that Megan join me for the workshop, Bestselling Fiction:  It’s All About the Emotion, and we hammered out a new workshop while we were both on the road traveling, and then after a nearly all night drive from SF to LA, (husband drove, thank you, Ty), Megan swung by out hotel in Burbank where we’d crashed, scooped me up, drove me to the Embassy Suites in Brea for the event, and then down to San Clemente to bring me home after.

Megan and I at the OCC RWA Birthday Bash meeting

For those of you new to my blog, and not familiar with Megan, we met in the Fall of 2005 (I think it was ’05…) at the launch party for Grand Central Publishing’s new 5 Spot line.  We were both to be part of the line and we were invited to dinner afterwards with our editor–we shared the same editor.  I was a little intimidated by her.  Megan is East Coast, highly educated, articulate, witty, and smart.  Did I mention smart?  She is, so much so that I felt like a light-weight next to her, and very West Coast.  I might as well have been a human avocado.  Fortunately, Megan must like avocados because we became friends, and many years later, we’re again writing for the same editor, this time at the Harlequin London office, as my editor has just gone on maternity leave and I’ll be now writing for her Harlequin editor.

I love that Megan and I both met writing women’s fiction/chick lit, and I love that we both now write sizzling, passionate Harlequin Presents, although at Harlequin she is known as Caitlin Crews, and she’s already such a star.  Hitting the USA Today repeatedly with her Presents, she’s a genius with her heroes and heroines and her love scenes are scorching hot.

Because I heart Megan/Caitlin so much, I’m doing a three day contest with prizes for three of you.  The prize includes Harlequins by both Caitlin and me, a $10 Starbucks gift card, chocolates, goodies, treats galore.  I think you should enter this contest because you’ll love all the fun stuff!

How to enter?  Just talk to me.  Tell me what’s going on, and if you feel like it, tell me about a friend you adore.   The contest runs from now until Friday night midnight PST and I’ll announce the 3 winners in a comment at the bottom of this blog post.  Please, please come back and check to see if you won.  You’ll have 1 week to claim your prize before I give it away to someone else as a mystery gift!

And for those of you looking for a great, sexy, smart read, Caitlin’s got a brand new Harlequin Presents out now, Heiress Behind the Headlines.  Order it, download it, or pick up a copy now.  I love Larissa Whitney and tycoon Jack Sutton’s story!

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