Be Mine, Cowboy!

Today over at Harlequin’s page on Facebook, they’re unveiling the gorgeous cover for Tanya Michaels and my Valentine anthology, My Cowboy Valentine, which goes on sale February 5th.  I love both of our novellas and am so happy to be part of this very romantic anthology.   Tanya is an amazing writer and loved by readers and writers alike and I know you’ll enjoy her story, Hill Country Cupid, as I really did.

My novella is called Be Mine, Cowboy and its a reunion romance (which is one of my favorite kinds!).

Years ago, Rachel James gave Cade King an ultimatum, and he walked. Heartbroken, Rachel moved on. Life is tough as a single mom, but Rachel is doing just fine.

Now Cade’s back after burning up the rodeo circuit, and things are different. He’s sober, but with one burning regret. He has some work to do to show Rachel he’s changed-but he’s up to the challenge.

Writing Cade and Rachel’s story made me remember how much I love writing about small towns, ranchers, cowboys, and community.   This story also allowed me to revisit one of my favorite parts of the country–Parker County and Palo Pinto County in Texas.  I used Weatherford and Mineral Wells as part of the setting in She’s Gone Country, and I’m back there again in Cowboy, Be Mine.  But this is nothing new.  I used Palo Pinto County and Parker County as the setting of  All-Around Cowboy, the story I wrote in 1997 that won the GH in 1998 for best long contemporary series novel.

Why am I so drawn to this part of Texas?   For one, it’s rodeo cowboy country.  For another, it feels right to me…familiar.   With a Texan grandfather who owned three cattle ranches, I love ranch land, and oak trees, and this part of Texas just feels like home.   But then, I feel this way about Texas in general.

Because I loved writing Be Mine, Cowboy so much, I’ve decided to write more cowboy heroes in the future with more ranch stories, more small town settings that have a lot of heart as well as community. I’ve also decided to give away a three copies in a special cowboy contest. How to enter? In the comments section below, tell me about your Christmas, or the favorite gift you received, or one sweet moment that just felt like Christmas this year, and you’re entered. The contest will run through Dec 30th and I’ll announce the winners on New Year’s Eve.

But wait! As part of the prize, you’ll also receive a copy of She’s Gone Country, and Colton: Rodeo Cowboy by my good friend, CJ Carmichael. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know CJ’s a very dear friend of mine and we go back a long way, back to 1997, before either of us were published, and we met at a writer’s conference in Victoria, BC (where we also met Barb Dunlop, today an award winning, bestselling author for Desire). I’m a huge fan of CJ’s cowboys and her August release, Colton: Rodeo Cowboy is a fantastic story. And because I do believe sometimes that more is more, I will also tuck a Starbucks drink card, some chocolate, and JP reader goodies into the box of books so talk to me and you might one of my three winners!

I’m going to be turning my attention back to the Brennans now, but I can’t wait to hear from you. Fill me in when you can!


  1. Hi Jane,
    Our Christmas was low-key. I crocheted 95% of the gifts I gave and told my kids what I’d really like from them was for my daughter to write an original story for me and my son to make a drawing just for me. And it turned out to be the best Christmas ever; really exemplified the true meaning of Christmas to me and my daughter even said it was the best Christmas ever.

  2. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were silent…with everyone in bed sick. we celebrated on the day after Christmas. It just reminded me that the people are more important than the schedule.

  3. I love reading about cowboys. They’re so handsome, rugged and strong 🙂

    My favorite gift for Christmas was having my 3 boys home from college and staying under one roof. I thoroughly enjoyed having all 4 of my kids here for Christmas. There is no better gift than that!

  4. Like karla, we were sick and “cancelled Christmas” for Dec 25 (and our Christmas Eve plans of church and two house parties). Am hoping to be much better by New Year’s Eve, as I have a big wooden toboggan waiting to go down our snow-covered hills (as last year it rained, thereby taking away what little snow we had).
    Happy New Year, Jane!

  5. We had a great Christmas. The kids all received a ton of toys and games plus my 9 year old grandson and 7 year old granddaughter got Nook colors. They both love to read. My favorite gift was a lighthouse lamp that my sister got me, I love lighthouse things. And we were all actually well for the holiday, YAH!!! I hope you have a safe and happy New Year.

    1. I’m glad you were all well for Christmas, Linda. What a treat for a change! And what a thoughtful gift with the lighthouse lamp! My daughter’s boyfriend decided to give one gift to the family rather than individual gifts, so we got a 32″ flatscreen tv for Christmas!

  6. A quiet but lovely Christmas with sons, grandchildren, delectable feasts and storytelling that kept us all spellbound. Cowboys are my favorite individuals. Happy New Year.

  7. Yay! I’m happy you’ll be writing more cowboy stories. As for Christmas, it was the first Christmas for my stepson’s son who was born this past Feb. So, it made it an extra special Christmas to spend the time with him, take photos of him by his first Christmas tree, and watch him crawl around all over the boxes and presents that we opened.

  8. We had a wonderful Christmas, but I wish my family wasn’t all sick with a cold! We made the best of it and enjoyed each other’s company despite of all the tissues and hand sanitizer that was draped across the tables!

  9. I hope your Christmas was good. Mine was fairly quiet. the way I like it to be. We just spent time with family. I love to read the cowboy stories. You need to include Mesquite in one of your books. We have one of the biggest rodeos here and it’s 5 minutes from my house.
    We still have a few ranches close by too. But, unfortunately, more building goes on in town and it gets more cluttered and unlike the quiet country it used to be when I moved here 11 years ago.

  10. Who doesn’ like a cowboy in those tight Wrangler jeans. Isn’t that what you are picturing when you read these books?

  11. I also love cowboys. Something about a man in jean and cowboy boots that makes my mouth water.
    My favorite gift? I got a Kitchen Aid mixer. As an avid baker I have been wanting one for so long and finally received one. I always made excuses that it was to expensive to buy myself, something always came up. But this Christmas my husband bought it for me. I’m so happy, already made banana bread.

  12. O.K…I have never read any of your books…and we were related once!..I want to win your trilogy so I can start!..xox Michele

  13. My Christmas was pretty low-key this year. Spent it with a friend and we went and saw Les Miserables on Christmas Day. Great movie! My favorite gift was the gift cards because it let me order up some books and movies I’ve been wanting.

    Can’t wait to read your new release. Cowboys are probably at the top of my list of favorite heroes! 🙂

  14. I love cowboy themed romance books!!!

    We couldn’t visit the in-laws because i just had major surgery but it was still a great Christmas. My favorite gift was a pair of brown square toed Justin cowboy boots with pink and turquoise designs.

  15. Gotta love cowboys, for sure! Had a great Christmas – husband gave me a writing reference book,’A Year of Writing Dangerously – 365 Day of Inspiration and Encouragement’. It was timely as I have been in a bit of a writing slump, and realized I had to stop writing, go back and regroup,and then start fresh. Sometimes you have to go back to go forward. We all need encouragement.

    Hope you had a great Christmas, Jane! Looking forward to the new year with your blog!
    Lisa McManus Lange

  16. I love a good cowboy romance! Especially one with “Valentine” in the title 🙂 Can’t wait to read it. Looking forward to seeing your upcoming work throughout the new year!

  17. we were sick for christmas.. but better now and waiting for some snow to play in, but it missed us.. soo I will go for the next best thing if I can ~Read!..
    Hope your Christmas was a good one.. and happy reading!!

  18. Jane,

    I am so proud to know such a talented accomplished writer! I love following you and reading your posts! Much success to you in 2013!

  19. I love me a cowboy… in fact, I married one! 🙂 I went “to the dark side” and asked for and received a Kindle Fire for Christmas. I love it. I don’t think it will replace my love of actually holding a paper book – but I like that I can instantly download and read something – well, that and I can Facebook on it too! 🙂 Hope you are having a great time writing in Hawaii!

  20. Hi Jane,

    Merry Christmas,

    I had a great couple of days with the Family and I just love how my little ones this year could open their own presents and really smile and laugh when they got something that they liked.
    If they got something they did not like it simply got put aside and not looked at.
    Have fun in Hawaii and I look forward to reading all your books in February.

  21. Hi,

    My sister is going back to school in Canada on Saturday, but I really appreciated her putting up a tree and cooking while she was home.

  22. I love a good Cowboy story. Cowboys are just so strong and manly. 😉

    My favorite moment this Christmas was when my son and his girlfriend became engaged!

  23. Hi Jane,
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was very busy as usual and nothing would be better than to wind down reading a good cowboy romance with a cup of chai. I am looking forward to more exciting stories from you in 2013! Thanks for the opportunity to win these great prizes and Happy New Year!

  24. Just gotta love those Cowboys and their jeans, boots, and hats, not to mention the great abs that usually go with them!!!!! Just Sayn’ Looking forward to this read!!!!

  25. Our Christmas we were snowed in….so I spent time making candy and reading…….My husband walked around like a caged Tiger, couldn’t figure out which room he should be in….so he decided to watch the back of his eyelids while watching t.v……But when the candy was done he was wide awake stalking me like he was going to eat every piece that I had made…funny though he didn’t cause I kept reminding him that he was not eating sugar…..all I got from him then was a GGRRRRRRR! Told you he was like a caged Tiger!!!!

  26. My boyfriend hates to be away from home, but to cheer me up for the holidays, he took me on a 2 night romantic getaway at a resort. There was a blizzard the night we got there, and he even went out and played in the snow with me. I missed being with my family, but he made it a really nice holiday.

    1. Aww, Randal is such a sweetheart. I am glad that you had a good time, I know that you were missing your family in FL. I missed not getting to talk to you and all those Christmas’s from the past where we would open up the presents on the phone together, when Colin was a little one. I of course miss your mom’s peanut butter fudge! Hugs!

  27. I had to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It didn’t seem like Christmas at all. No one had Christmas spirit! Maybe next year.

  28. Christmas was low-key…enjoyed watching the boys enjoy their gifts. We had snow sicne in snowed on Christmas Eve, and then again, on the day after Christmas.

    Family is a great gift.

  29. Happy New Year! I can’t lie my christmas wasn’t the best,my plans all backfired so only had christmas Eve dinner with my kids. It was nice but it was rushed, for my son had to attend a party that one of friends were having-I spent christmas day at a really good his family, he’s a cowboy any and so I love reading about cowboys..his name is Trey and his family owns a ranch with cattle and horses that he trains and also takes care of abuse one…he gave me a pig to raise so when it gets big enough his dad and brother will slaughter for us to have meat…I was so surprized for i was telling him a story on how I made enough money for 2yrs. of my college education and I was in the 4-H club. That was the best present that I got even though I liked my kids! trey is just a special friend and I love talking with him and we just laugh-he lives 50 miles from my house but its worth the drive(I clean his house)and we met for his mom has blueberry bushes and pecans and they needed help picking this past summer-he plays in a praise and worship band that played at the park in my town and I didn’t know it. Anyways, his whole family was involved in rodeo’s which I only would watch my crazy cowboy friends Illinois..i’m gonna learn how to ride a horse, I’m good at mucking stalls and that..I love C.J’s books…can’t wait to read them-hoping I get picked! Have a wonderful weekend!

  30. I have been reading Harlequin since I was 12 and about to turn 59 in Jan. I read a lot of other books, too, but those are my favorites as I can read them quickly and always a good ending. Looking forward to your new book and all the others. Reading is about the only thing I can do well, esp. now with my health problems.

  31. I hope you had a very happy holiday with your family, Jane. We had a nice large family get together on Christmas eve (day)and then a quieter Christmas day at home with my sweetie. He and I opened presents, listened to Christmas Carols, and ate way too many sweets that we brought home from the family event the day before. We also went to the Children’s Christmas mass at church.

  32. I could never resist a cowboy and my first crush was one! Even though I grew up in the city, I had tons of family and friends in the country and got to spend a lot of time there in So Indiana.

    I am excited to read your cowboy story. I haven’t read any of CJ’s books, yet, so that would be an unexpected bonus if I won.

    My favorite part of Christmas was geting to skype with my Nephew and Nieces that live in Washington now, it just didn’t feel quite like Christmas with no little ones around.

    Happy New Year Jane and family! May 2013 bring lots of success and Blessings!

  33. Well, it was the day after Christmas(yesterday the 26th) but all six of my grandchildren came yesterday and I got to see them all open their gifts and I received a bunch of hugs which made it the best Christmas ever!

  34. My boys ages 10, 16 and 20 went in and bought me a wireless printer. I can email something to my printer while away from home and it will print here at home for me. I can print from my phone or computer too no hook up with wifi. Pretty neat especially if my college kid or truck driver husband need to send me something to print. They can just email it to my printer. We bought the younger two Kindle Fire’s this year too so they are really enjoying the games on them right now but also can read on them which i am excited about. Probably more than they are lol

    Hope everyone had a good Christmas with family and laughter.

    Lisa B

  35. I am a big fan of cowboys … and I love reading about them too! I lived in Texas for over 30 years and I miss that rodeo atmosphere.
    We also had sick kids for Christmas, my mom is still in bed sick…she missed Christmas completely!

  36. Merry Christmas Jane. My favorite part of Christmas was spending time with my children. They are older and one lives away from home. It’s rare that we are together. We watched a movie while eating dinner. Precious moments.

  37. Hi Jane : love the cover! Christmas was nice & relaxing: really enjoyed it. Hope you are having a fab time in Hawaii (in between writing times) . Can’t wait for your next book!

  38. Our Christmas was short & sweet with my hubby’s family. Due to an oncoming blizzard… we drove 3 hours, spent only the one night, had dinner, gifts and shared company… Then we headed for this hills!! We now have 12.75 inches of heavy wet snow…that came in one day… yikes! luckily, it is now just above freezing and so there’s some melt-off.

  39. I have only one of your books but fell in love with it and can’t wait to read more… we share a common but awesome thing called cowboys lol… Thank you for your amazing books

  40. Love this, =) Happy Holidays!
    My christmas was stressful, i worked both christmas eve and day, 7am-3pm and at eve we went to my mother, a one hour drive, and on xmas day to my L´s family, also a one hour drive *sigh* So i couldn´t really enjoy the spirit, or relax until boxing day.
    The things you do for tradition?
    =) Hope you had a more relaxed holiday.

    best wishes, Linda

  41. Cowboys do I say it delicately…hot!! I am from an area that has farms and horses so when I read a cowboy story, I just picture the area I live in. I feel right at home!!

  42. My favorite gift this year was spending it with my grandkids who are 6 a 5. This was our first Christmas together. My son is in the Navy and they have stationed overseas! It was priceless!

  43. Our Christmas was quiet and restful this year. We saw all of our extended family, but over the course of the month rather than all in one day. Our daughter is away in Kuwait (where she is serving in the Army), so that was hard. On the other hand, her long-time boyfriend came back from Japan (where he was serving in the Marines). He came to the house and asked for permission to marry our daughter. He plans to propose when she returns in March. Hands down that was the most special moment of our Christmas season. Thanks for the contest! Happy New Year!

  44. Love, love, love cowboys too! Wrangler jeans just seem to fit them just right. ;). Growing up my best friends dad was a rodeo cowboy – looking forward to more of your great books, Jane!!

  45. Favorite gift I got was from my husband. He bought me a camera. I have always used his. It is slow. So we had one that I could just keep clicking away this year and I ended up taking 174 pictures in one day.
    Also I enjoyed taking my grandchildren shopping and letting them have the pleasure of giving. Please enter me to win.

  46. Hi Jane!

    My Christmas was excellent. Spent Christmas Eve baking cookies and wrapping last minute presents, then took off to my boyfriend’s parents place. Had a delicious dinner and drinks while watching It’s a Wonderful Life. Christmas morning was so delightful as we all opened our gifts and laughed together over cinnamon buns. We had a great lunch and even better supper, but the highlight of the festivities was just being together with everyone and sharing the time together.

    I got many books this holiday, but I would be so delighted with another! Yours are my favorites.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 🙂

  47. Hi Jane,
    We celebrated with a three year old and a one year old and it was so much fun seeing Christmas through their eyes. This week I’m editing for a friend and giving myself permission to spend the rest of the time reading! And yes, cowboys are my favorite! I just picked up two cowboy books while at the grocery store today. Funny how that happens – how the book section becomes part of my route between the fruit and veggies and the frozen foods even though the book aisle is on the other side of the store! It’s quite a loop, but never out of my way, lol.

    Anyway, have a fantastic new year celebration and good luck with the Brennans! Can’t wait to read it!

  48. We are STILL doing Christmas!! Just drove to SK. to be with our family for the next week, love the holidays! Would love to read your new book…..She’s Gone Country is still one of my favourites!!!

  49. My mom loves all your books so I bought her The Good Woman for Christmas. She loved She’s gone country so she will be reading The Cowboy Valentine as soon as she can get her 89 year old hands on it.

  50. Here’s romance for ya! My hubby’s gift to me was one of those gizmos that can break the glass in the car @ cut loose a seat belt, if I ever get upside down in the creek and can’t get out! (or “Crick”, as they call it here in MT) Ha,ha! Maybe I better let him read some of your Romance Novels.
    Happy New Year!

  51. Love me some cowboys! Christmas was very busy. Spent Christmas Eve with my sister’s and that was the best gift of all. Spent Christmas day and my hubby’s mother’s house. I received some really nice gifts, watch, new dishes and some things to cook with.

  52. What’s not to love about a cowboy? I live on the east coast but spent time in the midwest with family. Went to my first, and only, rodeo in Kansas. I was also sick with a flu type illness for the holiday. But, I did receive lots of $$ to spend on amazon. Can’t wait to start spending!!

  53. Well, I have to say I wasn’t quite sure how Christmas was going to happen… I live in the ski country just north of Montreal and on Friday, Dec. 21 we got 28 inches of heavy, wet snow and my power went out at 4:30 a.m. and stayed out for 63 hours. Fortunately we have a woodstove in the basement so we were warm, but I have a well and with no electricity we have no running water as well as no light, internet, tv, etc. It’s amazing how dependent we are on modern conveniences.

    Anyway, we got our power back at 8:00 p.m. on the 23rd, but there was NO Christmas baking done and the house wasn’t clean. We did host my in-laws on the 24th and visited my family on the 25th. While it was stressful without power and water, it was also a quiet, peaceful three days, knitting, playing cards, candlelight. I got JK Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy as my Christmas read…

  54. First I have to start with everything of your’s that I’ve been able to read I love.

    Second, I do have a thing for cowboys and how they are, at least in my head.

    Third you asked for Christmas briefs… our was great so far. We got snowed in with my folks and my sister which was good since everyone gets along, the only problem is my husband and I still haven’t been able to do our celebration. Though admittedly the wait is some fun though… 🙂 Hope your holidays were great!

  55. That is a great cover and reunion stories are a favorite of mine too. Our Christmas was pretty nice since we had a nice family dinner on Christmas Eve and then went on to see my family on Christmas day. I hope your Christmas was a great one.

  56. Happy New Year, Jane. I also love cowboy themed stories. One of the first ones I really loved we’re the Calder series books by Janet Dailey. And I loved, She’s Gone Country! I am so happy to hear that you plan to write more of these types of stories.
    Christmas was a bit different this year since my 83 year old father was in the hospital recovering from triple by-pass surgery. The family didn’t make any plans until the last minute because our thoughts were about dad and also mom and how she was adjusting to being alone while dad is recovering. We all just wanted to be together at sometime during the day.

  57. Ahhh, cowboys. My favorite kind of hero.

    Our holidays were extra joyous with a brand new great granddaughter experiencing her first Christmas and our college grandson who was able to make it home this year. Having all the family together…doesn’t get any better than that!

  58. This year was the first time my daughter got to spend Christmas Eve in her own bed, and therefore Santa came on Christmas Eve instead of the day before! Then on Christmas day we drove down to see my family. We had a wonderful holiday 🙂 And my favorite gift (besides all of the books i got) was a beautiful black patent leather Kate Spade wristlet from my husband.

  59. I haven’t read a book of yours yet that I didn’t enjoy. I wish you would write a little bit faster!!!

    The best gift I received was the one I gave myself….a new diamond ring!!!!!

  60. Hi Jane.
    First, best wishes with your writing.
    I had a great Christmas, spent with family, although my son and dil were unable to come from NC. I was with my brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews and mom. We had a few friends join us which makes it even better. I enjoyed new Christmas ornaments that I purchased and some given as gifts.
    Thank you.

  61. I love read your cowboys story and she’s gone country is one of my favorite 😀

    we were just stay at home on christmas, grilled some chickens and had a great time for sure..

  62. All of the stories look incredible!!

    Christmas was wonderful, but then it always is. I still feel like I’m in holiday mode. Great to just relax & catch up with family. We tend to make it as easy for everyone as possible. No one wants to be stuck in the kitchen or doing chores.

  63. This year’s Xmas was definitely different. Firstly I fractured my wrist a few wks back & hv been 1 handed since then. No baking this year. But on the bright side my sister & her family were home on Xmas night all the way from NZ. All in all even with the fracture, it was 1 of the best Xmas’ we’ve had.

    Best wishes for the coming year!

  64. Hi Jane… My Christmas was wonderful this year, I had my entire family, 3 children and their families, 11 in all, over for a big homestyle breakfast, eggs, bacon, sausage, muffins, coffee cake, juice, homefries, english muffins, raisin toast, the works… it has been a couple of years since we celebrated like this, my mom passed last year after being sick all year, and we just didn’t have the celebration mode we should have had, well this year, we did, we got together as a family and ate, chatted and was so happy… thanks for the opportunity to win a great set of prizes… I just love the Cowboy romances.. thanks for them !!! Rosemary

  65. Tomorrow is Saturday and since it’s the only time I can get my kids together, it’ll be our Christmas. Love your cowboy stories and really enjoyed She’s Gone Country, so looking forward to reading more from Texas. Happy New Year to all!

  66. This Christmas was low key for us – baking cookies on Christmas Day and enjoying a leisurely day together w/a wonderful dinner. We reflected on the younger years of our children’s joys of opening presents they loved and our traditions, one being my husband taking them to a movie right before Christmas Eve so I could get last minute presents wrapped and organized!

  67. Happy New Year. Best wishes for your new direction in 2013. Your books are always special. We had a great holiday with kids and family. Always something to look forward to and enjoy.

  68. Christmas this year was pretty low key. No traveling which was nice. The downside was I caught a bad cold so now I’m taking it easy for a couple days.
    Hope your Christmas was nice. Cheers!

  69. Jane,

    Every year on Christmas Eve, I read “Twas the Night Before Christmas to my kids”. I just love that book…with the rhyming and everything. Getting up early and watching the kids open their gifts is my favorite part. I know that these moments are short lived and will eventually be gone. So I relish their faces when they see what we spent so much time, money, and energy on getting for them. I also love seeing the rest of my family. Especially my grandparents. They are 89 and 85 so I know those moments are limited as well.

    Hope you’re enjoying Hawaii!! See you soon!


  70. Hi Jane! Well although it did not feel like Christmas this year in our area (Texas, the temperature was in the 70s!), I really enjoyed seeing the kids open all of their gifts and they loved being able to jump on their trampoline :). I got a kindle fire hd and I am so addicted to reading on it already. I am reading your book The Good Woman right now and I have to say this is one of the best books you have written. I am in love with the story and it’s wonderful that you wrote something that can be so realistic. Have a wonderful New Years.

  71. I love cowboy themed books. I love the cover to this one. Look forward to reading it. I got a new e reader for christmas so Im gonna be loading it up with new books

  72. There is just something wonderful about a cowboy story. To me it’s just “American”. A cowboy has more sex appeal & charisma than any other man. The absolute quintessential alpha male. Cowboys & Sheikhs absolute dynamite.
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

  73. Hi Jane!
    Christmas this year was by far the best I have ever had. My husband came home from NY, and the girls and I hadn’t seen him for four months. We spent time with our families on Christmas Eve and Christmas and had an amazing time. I wish I still had my grandparents here to celebrate with. My fondest memories were at their homes celebrating the holidays.

    Love, love, love cowboy themed books!! Looks like an amazing giveaway! Happy New Year to you and your family, Jane!!

  74. The best Christmas ever here at our house with our family and newest member…new grandson. I just finished reading the Lori Wilde Cowboy for Christmas book. Love reading about those cowboys! Glad your book has a Texas setting. I so enjoyed She’s Gone Country. You are writing fun to read and enjoy books, thank you!

  75. This Christmas was a completely different one than we have had in the past. My mother-in-law was sick in the hospital, and with just us my children my sister-in-law and her girlfriend we were left to set the tone for Christmas for everyone. Christmas morning we packed everything up and take everything and the children to the hospital and open gifts in front of my mother-in-law. It was perfect, smiles on everyone’s faces and the tears in her eyes. Then we rushed home to cook dinner for 36 people, the potatoes were undercooked, the prime rib was overcooked, the desert was completely messed up and we all drank too much wine. It turned out to you on the best Christmases ever! I’m sure the wine helped contribute to it but it was looking around and seeing that we all came together as a family that made the moment.

  76. I was a little sad just before Christmas, thinking my family took me for granted. I truly expected to get nothing, but my husband spoiled and surprised me with a kindle! My daughter also got me some bath stuff. That made me feel good and a bit like a jerk to think they wouldn’t think of me.

  77. very few of us together on the 24th this year but it was nice and relaxing.
    the weather was great with no snow storms or ice so made it more relaxing for travel

    the 25th we went to my work place and had Christmas dinner with all the fixings

    Love cowboys so hope I win

  78. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH, do I love story’s with cowboys. And I could read them on my new Kindle Fire which my husband gave me for christmas

  79. My Christmas was wonderful; full of lots of family get togethers, food, and fun.

    The most special moments were reserved for just my husband and I. We got to watch our two sweet boy’s faces light up Christmas morning. We had the fire roaring, hot cups of coffee, and lots of hugs and kisses all around.

    Thanks for the contest. I LOVE (it’s worth repeating…LOVE) cowboy/western romances. I hope I win.

  80. This Christmas was the first in 8 years that my husband and his brothers have all been together. My kids and all their cousins had such a wonderful day. It was so wonderful to watch my husband and his 3 brothers together I could almost see them as they must have been as 3 young boys getting around the farm together.

  81. This Christmas was my first Christmas alone. However, I was showered with Christmas cards and phone calls, including a call from a third grade classmate that I had not talked to in years! My cousin surprised me. On Christmas Eve, I received a package full of presents to open and waited until Christmas Day to open them. He got me all my favorite CDs which will really make for a more joyful work commute up the mountain in the new year! The local bakery nearby made me a delicious single serving Christmas meal which lasted me about 4 days! So delicious! So, this Christmas was different.

  82. This Christmas was more low keyed. My mother was not well so everyone had to chip in and try and make her Christmas dinner. Christmas Eve was fun but tense since she wasn’t feeling well. I am hoping for things to turn around soon.
    Happy NEW Year! 🙂

  83. How about a funny story? My church had the same service for Sunday and Christmas Eve so my family decided to surprise my mother at her curch by going to Midnight Mass. When we got to the church, one of the gates was locked and all of the lights were out. I called my mother and asked if they were having a service at that time and she told me they already had their “midnight” service at 9 pm. I made a little more small talk and then told her I’d see her in the morning. After we were driving away she called back and asked, “Were you just at the church when you called?”. I told her I was but I didn’t want her to feel bad for not telling me about the time change since we were trying to surprise her. We may have missed Mass, but we certainly got to bed earier. Oh, well…

  84. Hi Jane,

    I got some great presents this year but I’d have to say my “favorite” is probably the Snuggie my sister got me. We’re huge hockey fans and with the World Junior tournament in Russia this year, it means many early mornings to watch so she bought me one with that in mind so I would be comfortable. Just exactly the type of thoughtfulness that makes me love my sister all the more!! ^_^

  85. My favorite Christmas moment this year was when I gave my mom the afghan that I FINALLY finished crocheting (the day before!). She picked out the colors and pattern over five years ago.

  86. I’m kind of glad Christmas is over. It’s been a rough year. I think I spent the least I’ve ever spent on Christmas, but thankfully I am finally working again.

  87. I, too, was sick over Christmas, but am back on my feet finally. It has been a rough year,lost 3 family members within 6 months. But hopefully 2013 will prove to be better. Love your Cowboy stories Jane. Keep ’em coming.

  88. The best part of my Christmas this year was having my daughter home for a week. She graduated early and moved to Oklahoma to go to school and be nearer her boyfriend. She is 12 hours away from home. It was so good to have her home for the week and feed her some family favorites I know she won’t get to have for awhile.

  89. We went to my stepmother’s brothers home for dinner. She makes great Italian food & lots of it! Good luck with the new book! Can’t wait to read it!

  90. My Christmas was very low key. I went to my Dad’s house and then went to see Les Miserables in the theatre (which I loved)

  91. Woke up to snow here in Seabeck WA!!! It snowed all day, gorgeous! The hubby and I suited up and rode our quads all day!! The kids are grown and gone so we spent a quality time together playing in the snow!!

    I LOVE COWBOYS!!!!!!

  92. Jane, Looking forward to reading this story. I can’t wait to see how your couple overcomes their issues. Hope the writing is going well for you.

  93. Ooh, looking forward to your stories, Jane! As for Christmas, it was a lovely time with our family–we didn’t get the kids a ton of stuff, but it was really fun to see how much they enjoyed what they did receive, and that was SUCH a treat, to see them laughing and giggling! We are truly blessed!

  94. Christmas was great. Spent time with immediate and extended family. All of the “kids” now have kids of their own. It was fun to see the excitement in my kids’ faces when they opened their gifts. Happy New Year!!

  95. We moved for Christmas. Not across town or a different state but a whole new country. My husband is in the army and they decided we needed to see Germany. We moved from Monterey, slept on my parents couch and got up at 2 am on the 26th to make a series of flights. We just got here yesterday and jet lag is killing me but we are happy to just be together.
    Would love to win so I can have some new books to read…. Happy New Year!

  96. hi jane,
    thanks for the chance to read about cowboys! i spent my christmas w/ family & friends.
    happy new year to you and yours.

  97. It’s been great to spend quality time with our families. Also being off of work for a week is also nice to get off the hamster wheel and just enjoy some us time to lounge and do whatever.. Looking forward to your novella for Valentine’s day!
    Safe and Happy New Year and all the best in 2013 to you and your family!

  98. I had a quiet Christmas alone but a small gathering of family on Christmas eve which was lovely. To me it’s not the gifts, though my favorites are the books I was given. My love of cowboys comes from my Grandpa, who was a cowboy fanatic and my love of reading also came from him.

    Happy New Year !!

  99. Our xmas was ok, at least no fighting as can happen..i would love to win the books..Cowboy books are the sure have a great heart to share as much as you do…thanks kimy

  100. Oh, Jane…”Save a horse/ride a cowboy”! Always thought being on a “Dude Ranch” for vacation would be fun. IF you ever tire of writing about our dear cowboys, let me introduce you to Lorenzo our telephone maintenance man!!! When Lorenzo (his name is as charmingly handsome as he is) left, I told my husband that I thought I was starting to live one of Jane’s Harlequin books! Short cut salt n pepper hair, about 40, intelligent,killer smile…oh, my… get my smelling salts now! Whew! Anyway,getting to Christmas…Christmas was great and we enjoyed some “First Christmas” Grand Babies. My husband and I celebrated our birthdays (Dec.27&28) with movies (Django), jazz concert (Pancho Sanchez), and visits from Family. Looking forward to your next book. Aloha, still.

  101. Christmas was spent at my dad’s house. I love spending time with my family. Favorite gift this year was a peacoat my husband gave me.

  102. Merry Christmas everyone! I enjoyed the holiday so much this year–we had family gatherings one after the other and then a rarity, a white Texas Christmas! My husband and I agreed not to spend much money on each other, and I was blown away by how romantic and luxurious his gifts to me were on a tiny budget. He pampered me with fancy soaps, fancy teas, a beautiful little bottle of pink champagne, and a new lap desk since I write on my laptop and refuse to use a decent desk like a grown up. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a Jane Porter American Romance–is this your first? I’m a Presents reader primarily but I have a stack of AR too. I’m a Texas girl through and through and just love those cowboys.

  103. We had a lovely Christmas…just hubby, I, and our 3 kids. We stayed in our PJs all day and played and ate lots of goodies from our stockings. It was bliss! 🙂

  104. Gathering with family, eat together and got present always a great moment

    Love cowboy story and love the cover book

  105. Last year was our first Christmas away as a family and my parents didn’t want to do that again so they took all 19 of us on a cruise- it was the best gift ever! Loved being able to hangout with my nieces and nephews who will not stop growing!

  106. Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!!

    I’ve been at my desk since 8 am and will be here late into the night but wanted to wish everyone a wonderful evening, and announce the winners of the cowboy prize boxes.

    The three prize winners are:

    14. Stephanie G
    24. Debbie T
    95. Mary Ann D

    AND, 7 of you have won a copy of my story, Be Mine, Cowboy, as I’ve just managed to get my hands on a few more advanced author copies.

    Little Mac helped me draw names and these are 7 names who who a copy of the book plus soe JP reader goodies:

    1. Cheryl S
    13. Michele d.
    48. Paula F
    67. Susan F
    80. Ginger R
    98. Cristyle
    103 Emily W

    So will all 10 of you send me a private email with your mail address, and indicate int he email if you’re a regular winner or bonus winner just to help my crazy tired head stay a little sane? 🙂

    Happy New Year’s Eve and may everyone be sane tonight!



    1. We really appreciate all the hard work you are putting into this next book. Besides, what is a few typos amoungst friends!

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