Let’s Make It Beautiful & Keep It Real

I announced this week that 2012 was about personal change, and 2013 is going to be about professional change.

So in 2013 I’m shaking it up professionally.

I’m not going to write what I’ve been writing for all the publishers I’ve been writing for.  My choice.  I let my agent go and have yet to sign a contract with a new one.  My choice.  I’m anticipating changing what I write, and how I write, and possibly how I’m published.  It might even mean I don’t write for awhile if that’s what it takes to figure out what I still want to accomplish in my career, and which stories are the stories I need to tell.

After forty plus books, I know what I do well, and I know what I enjoy, and I know what a story needs.  But the marketing now…the promoting…its internet gone wild!  Myspace gone.  Facebook gone public.  Tweet, tweet, twitter.  Interest in pinterest?  Goodreads.  Bad Reads.  Instagram, baby.  Let’s not even get into blogging…

So in 2013 I’m going to make it beautiful and keep it real by writing stories for women not just in the 30’s and 40’s, but women in their 50’s and beyond, because women of all ages are fascinating and beautiful.  I want to write about 60, 70, 80, 90 year old women, and how we age, and what happens to our families and our friendships as we change.

It means I want to write about first love at 16, and young women starting careers, and the excitement of being a bride, and the work of marriage.  I want to write about babies, and infertility, and children leaving the nest.  I want to write about women who feel broken but are actually strong.

I want to write about love–hot, sexy guys that make a girl feel gorgeous and young–and maternal love, and family love.  Platonic love.  Spiritual love.  And very very carnal love.

I want to write about community, and faith, trust, betrayal, heartbreak.  I want to write about birth, death, divorce.  I want to write about success and failure.  I want to write about hope and pain.  I want to write about falling down and dragging yourself back up.

And  I want it to be good.   Because I’m writing for you.

I’ve got some more holiday prize boxes that need a home before the holidays come.  Want a chance to win one?  Talk to me below.   It can be about anything.  Big, small, deep, trivial.  I’m all ears.  And I read every single comment—not just once, but sometimes again and again–because you make it beautiful.  And you keep it real.

Giveaway ends Thursday night, and I’ll announce the winners Friday morning.  Good luck and happy December!

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