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Crazy writing going on right now.  I am bouncing back and forth between chapters 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 as I often write out of order, and then weave scenes together.  Sometimes its useful and sometimes I just confuse the heck out of myself.  Monday I was horribly confused.  Yesterday, after writing until 8:30 pm, I went to bed, feeling a bit more clear.  Today will be about smoothing scenes that are good, adding in connecting scenes, and deleting scenes that don’t move the story forward (which is harder than it sounds because I foolishly get attached to the words I’ve written!).

But I can’t ignore the rest of the world just because I’m lost in my head and book.  The Good Daughter will be out really soon–in just 3 weeks–as is my very sweet, romantic cowboy reunion story, Be Mine, Cowboy, a Harlequin American Romance that is being released the same day as The Good Daughter, on February 5th.  Just a couple weeks after that, my intense, passionate Harlequin Presents, The Fallen Greek Bride, will be out so its exciting right now as I look ahead.

However, I wouldn’t be anywhere without my readers.  My readers are the reason I have three books out next month.  My readers are the reason I’m writing and publishing even when this industry is changing so fast it makes my head spin.

But the ups and downs of being a traditionally published author (meaning published by one of the big NY houses) have been significant, and the uncomfortable, disorienting roller coaster ride has made me question everything, including my desire to write.  But as you know from my blog a month ago, I’ve realized I still want to write…I just need to do it differently in the near future.  I don’t want to give up where I’ve been….I just want new opportunities, too, and a little more control.

So, I will be trying new publishing options this year.  I’ll be writing some shorter stories, like novellas, and I’ll also be writing more single title romance that is heavy on story, but not necessarily overly explicit.  I enjoy erotica and hot love scenes, but I don’t need to write them.  I need to write about women and their lives and their hearts and their dreams.  So that’s what I’ll be doing, and I’ll be self-publishing some, and others might go to an indie publishers, others to my current publishers, and others will be ebooks only.

Which makes me wonder, how many of you read on a Kindle, or a Kobo, or the Nook  (or even your iPad)?  If I had a story out in ebook format only, how many of you wouldn’t be able to read it?

If you can tell me in the comment section below, you’ll be entered to win prize package that includes a $30 gift certificate  (your choice from either B&N, Amazon, or Kobo) AND an advanced reading copy of The Good Daughter AND a copy of Cowboy Be Mine (yes, two sneak peeks at my books early!!) plus lots of fun JP reader goodies.  So this is a serious prize as I truly value your opinion.   The contest runs through Saturday night, January 12th, and I’ll announce the winner Sunday morning, Jan 13th.

So do be sure to let me know if you read on a device, what that device is, and if you don’t…

And before I get back to my book, I’d love to invite my die-hard readers who enjoy being active in the JP blog and reader community, to  join my new yahoo group Jane Porter Fans & Friends.  Be forewarned, it’s a combination of street team–meaning, I’m going to ask you to help me out, and promote me– and chit chat as a group, so we can build community.  I used to have a yahoo group from 2004-2007 and loved it, but closed it for a bulletin board that I didn’t enjoy half so much.  So after much soul searching, I’m starting up a new yahoo group, but its really about coming together with like-minded women, and giving me help so I don’t get lost as I strike out in new directions.  My JP yahoo group is going to be my foundation and my sounding board…I’ll want your advice, I’ll want your expertise, but most of all, I’ll want your friendship, because its no fun being alone.  I love being an author because I have you.

If you’re interested in the group, the link to join is:

Street teams aren’t for everyone, so please don’t feel obligated.  I will continue to have my blog, my contests here, my FB pages, and events, so you will never not have access to me!



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