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Good morning, everyone!  I’ve been writing this week–tackling the copy edits for The Good Wife as well as writing some new scenes to add in here and there–as well as working on a partial for the new adult novel project which I’m simply calling Delilah…or maybe it should be Temptation.  🙂

I am also at work on my December novel which will be my first book in the Montana Born series that I’m participating in along with my brilliant writer friends, CJ Carmichael, Lilian Darcy, and Megan Crane.  CJ, Lilian and Megan will all have novellas out this Fall, and then my book will follow in late November.  We’re the first books with new small press, Tule Publishing Group, and while we’re focusing on ebook first, and print second, I can assure my readers that there will be a gorgeous print edition of Away in Montana, my 2013 holiday release.

My question for you is:  what do you like in a cover?  I’m working with the cover artist in just a few weeks for the cover of Away in Montana, my December book, and I’m curious—which of the three covers below do you like best?

The first is a more traditional women’s fiction type cover.

The second is a winter scene, featuring a rustic Montana cabin.

And the third is a couple.  (They are not the couple that would be on my book.  Its just an example for discussion sake.)

Do you tend to gravitate to one type of cover?  Do you have a preference when it comes to cover art?  Which of these would you find most compelling for a Jane Porter novel in December?

I’ve got eleven very fun prize boxes to give away that include signed copies of She’s Gone Country, a link for a free download of my Valentine’s cowboy novella, Cowboy, Be Mine, more great cowboy romances from several of my author friends, a $5 Starbucks drink card, plus lots of JP reader goodies.   Everyone that answers the cover question(s) will be entered into the drawing, with the contest running through Sunday, and the 11 winners announced on Monday morning.  The contest is an incentive, because its important I hear from you about how covers influence you, and what you find most appealing.

So once again:  What do you like when you’re buying a book?  What kind of cover speaks to you?  A sexy cover?  A pretty cover?  You tell me and you’re entered to win!

Now I’m back to work on the copy-edits.  It’s been very fun focusing on The Good Wife this week as I’d forgotten what a great story it is and I’m loving doing these edits and tweaks that will make the story even better!  Can’t wait for September to come to hear what you think.  I am so happy writing again.  It makes my heart sing!

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