Christmas in June!

It’s almost June 25th…and you know what that means.  Christmas in June!


Well, okay, not really Christmas, but it’s half year mark to Christmas and I’ve begun thinking about the holidays as I’m plotting my holiday story while finishing my current Harlequin Presents, which should be wrapped up by Monday (or Tuesday).

Last year was so busy with renovations on the house and deadlines for The Good Wife that I didn’t really enjoy the holidays, so I’m going to enjoy this year’s Christmas to the fullest.


I’m starting now, as a matter of fact.  We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, and a happy new year….!

How was that?  Feeling festive?  In the mood now?  No???


Alright.  No more carols, and no decorating.  No holiday baking, either.  But I will give a present.  In fact, I will give three.  One grand prize and two runner up prizes that are all wonderful, and should warm your heart and create a happy little glow.

These little holiday goodies are my way of saying…you are amazing.   I value you.  I wouldn’t have my career, or the joy I feel in my work, if I didn’t have readers that made the stories come alive.  You bring my work to life.  Without a reader to love a story, the story is just words.  Words, and words, and words.  But you, you make it real, and special.

Speaking of stories…don’t forget that I’ll have a brand new Christmas story for you this December! We are working on the cover art now and all the deadlines to make sure the book will be finished in time, and I find it very exciting (as well as a little distracting) having a holiday romance in the works!

To help celebrate Christmas in June, I’m giving away three prizes, with the grand prize winner receiving a $25 Amazon gift card, a glass Christmas ornament, an assortment of Christmas feel-good romances, and lots of JP reader goodies tucked into a JP reader tote bag.  The two runner up prizes also include a beautiful glass Christmas ornament, Christmas romances, a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card, and lots of JP reader goodies tucked into a red and white JP reader tote bag.

Enter today to win of the Christmas packages by commenting below.  The comment here on my JaneBlog counts as an official entry, and then on June 25th, December’s 25th’s half birthday, I’ll announce the three winners, in a comment at the bottom.  Please check back and see if your name is one of the winners.  I still have boxes of unclaimed prizes sitting in my office.  (How can you not want a box of wonderful treats…for free???)

Love to you.  I appreciate you.  And happy almost Christmas in June!


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