Prizes Galore! Celebrating Marietta’s 12 Days of Christmas!

Christmas at Copper Mountain, my second story for Tule Publishing’s Montana Born Books, is free right now!  It will also be free tomorrow and then it’s back to its regular price of $2.99 so download today if you can.

I have so many people to thank on this Montana Born Books adventure….my author friends:  CJ Carmichael, Megan Crane and Lilian Darcy who helped create Marietta and the wonderful founding families of Marietta; authors Katherine Garbera and Melissa McClone who created the Copper Mountain Christmas Collection with me; the incredible team of Lani and Alastair at Storywonk for our covers, our branding, our MontanaBornBooks website, and the beautiful print anthologies that will be for sale soon.

I also have to thank you, my readers.  Today so many of you downloaded Christmas at Copper Mountain that it hit the Top 100 Free Books list at #31, and became the #1 Holiday Free Book, which is such a thrill.  One of my family members asked why ‘free’ was so exciting and it’s because ‘free’ gets me out in front of readers who have probably never heard of me, or read me, and maybe with my story free and with prominent visibility they will ‘discover’ me.

Yes, I’ve written 43+ books but publishing is always so competitive and the market is so jam-packed with great new releases and talented writers that every little bit of exposure and support can truly help make a difference.

Readers, I love you.  I’m grateful for you, and so I’m trying to give you another peek behind the creation of Marietta with a few more fun photos from my last research day in Montana back in May when Megan Crane and CJ Carmichael headed out, and Lilian Darcy and I got to spend an incredible day sightseeing with my wonderful friend, Kari Andersen, my original Montana girl who is a big part of my Montana inspiration.  Kari made Montana come alive for me, and has filled my head with stories and characters and I wouldn’t love Montana so much if it weren’t for her.



Lilian and I spent our last night in Bozeman at the Voss Mansion (recommended to us by Kari!) which has become a charming B&B in Bozeman’s historic district.  Lilian and I each had our own rooms, decorated with Victorian era wallpapers and lace and linens, but shared a yummy breakfast in the morning before going to the airport.  The sight-seeing with Kari and the night at the Voss Mansionwas the perfect way to end our Montana ‘expedition’.



And as a thank you to you all for being part of my Montana Born Books journey, I wanted to share some festive holiday giveaways happening right now, today.

Most of these are one day giveaways so enter, enter, enter before you forget.

1)  The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway at

There will be an awesome different giveaway every day for the next 12 days, as Montana Born features a different Montana Born author every day until December 14th.  I am the first author in Marietta’s 12 Days of Christmas, and so head over and leave a comment on the blog for a chance to win my prize box:

But remember, the giveaways continue for 12 straight days…new prizes every day…go back every day to enter the new one!

2)  The 12 Days of Christmas in Marietta on Facebook!  

Go comment on the post over at for a chance to win the adorable tea pot and treats for today’s 1st Day of Christmas there.  Each day there will be a giveaway, too, but on Facebook, each day the contest grows….Day 1, 1 prize and 1 winner.

Day 2, 2 prizes, 2 winners.

Day 3, 3 prizes and 3 winners.

See how that works?  Nice, huh?  🙂

And lastly, there’s a prize here happening just for commenting below.  Tell me something good. It could be something you read, something you made, something you felt, something you saw.  Just share something good and you’re entered to win something GREAT!  (How does 3  gift cards, books and treats sound???)

The GREAT! Contest runs through Thursday night, midnight PST, winner announced Friday morning.  So talk, talk, talk and maybe you’ll win!  🙂



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