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Surfer Ty and I are in Morocco and the UK for the next week but while I’m away, I’ve invited some of my Tule author friends to stop by my blog and share some cowgirl fun with you all as Tule returns to the Copper Mountain Rodeo!

Alissa Callen - smallI’ve been super excited about Alissa Callen‘s new release, Cherish Me, Cowboy.  It definitely made an impact on the Tule staff when they read it for the first time and fell in love with the characters and I have no doubt you’ll love it too!  Alissa has a strong voice and such fabulous flair for beautifully written, fast paced stories.  So here’s Alissa to tell us more about Cherish Me, Cowboy!  Please help her feel welcome!!


Thanks, Jane!  Rodeos were a part of my childhood and now thanks to Montana Born Books, are again part of my life.

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I grew up on a farm in Australia and we’d often attend local small town rodeos. It was at such a rodeo where, I was around twelve, I saw a runaway horse kick over a baby’s pram. It just so happens it was my brother’s pram. But thankfully he was asleep in the car. I’d forgotten such a memory until I was writing Cherish, Me Cowboy. But in my Copper Mountain Rodeo story it isn’t so much the horse kicking over the pram that is significant but the unforeseen events that such a kick triggers.




I still live on a farm and last summer I took my children to the small town rodeo not far from where we live. Miss Mini Farmer loved the barrel racing, the cowgirl-bling and the rodeo clown whose humorous lines belied a quick-thinking mind. Little Farmer liked the popcorn, silver belt buckles and the ground-pawing bulls. I only hope as he gets older he sticks to riding motor bikes that weigh less than 2000 pounds.


Thanks to Montana Born Books you don’t have to sit ringside on a bleacher to enjoy the sounds, color and action of a rodeo. Each book of the 76th Copper Mountain Rodeo series brings the Marietta fairground to rich and vivid life. Happy reading and rodeoing!  🙂

Here’s a quick excerpt from Cherish Me, Cowboy :

“Now that’s what I’m talking about,” Trinity said, her words ending in a drawn-out sigh.

Payton didn’t have to look up from scanning the rodeo program to know her friend salivated over a man. Trinity had only come to the 76th Copper Mountain Rodeo for one thing – cowboys. Luckily Payton had come for the events. She read the list once again. She’d run late helping a cow calve and if Trinity and Mandy didn’t stop dawdling to look at the masculine scenery they’d never make it to the main arena to catch the tie-down roping.

“I hear you,” Mandy replied from Payton’s left, a dreamy note in her voice. “Come on Pay, take a look. You can’t be all work and no play. The view will make your day.”

Payton sighed. She’d have no peace until she threw a token glance toward the cowboy. She looked up from the program. “You guys, the only thing that will make –” Her jaw dropped.

The cowboy, dressed in jeans, chaps and a blue western shirt, who tied a black horse to the side of a trailer was the last person she’d expected to see.

Mandy giggled. “Trinity, mark this day. Payton’s mouth is hanging open and she isn’t checking out a nice piece of horseflesh.”


Thank you, Alissa!  Readers, if you haven’t already downloaded your copy of Alissa’s book, do it today and once you’ve read it, let us know what you think!  Meanwhile, I’ve got a fun mystery prize pack for you!  For a chance to win, leave a comment and tell me about your experience if you’ve ever been to a rodeo or if  you haven’t, and you had the chance, would you want to attend one?  You’ll automatically be entered to win some fabulous books, reader goodies, gift cards and more!

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