Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!  I hope you’re having a wonderful day.  I’m enjoying a very lazy Sunday with my husband and sons before the five of us walk down to the pier for a special dinner together.


Tule Publishing is also celebrating moms with a special collection of 13 sweet and sexy stories by award winning and best selling authors including my novella that won the Rita award this past summer, Take Me, Cowboy. Even better? This digital boxed set is just .99 through tonight, so if you haven’t downloaded it yet, do it today before the price goes up!



I’m home for another couple weeks and then I’m kicking off seven weeks of book events for my new women’s fiction release, It’s You.   Several of my events are sit down afternoon teas for a perfectly relaxed (and civilized!) book chat.  Please see if you can join me for any of the events listed below:

May 30th – San Jose, CA  1:30 pm
Afternoon Tea at Lisa Tea Treasure

June 7th –Seattle, WA 2 pm
Afternoon Tea at Salish Lodge

June 14th – Laguna Beach, CA 4 pm
Wine, Cheese & Book Chat at Laguna Beach Books

June 28th – Nashville, TN
Afternoon Tea – More details to come!

June 29th – Marietta, GA  6:30 pm
Author event with Wendy Wax at Book Exchange

July 26th – Maplewood, NJ  2:00 pm
Book Chat & Social at [words] bookstore

And lastly, what is Mother’s Day without a treat for one of you?  I have a special Mother’s Day giveaway and all you have to do to enter is tell me in the comments how you’re spending your day.  That’s it!  The winner will be drawn on Tuesday so do say hello now for a chance to win some Mother’s Day love!


I hope your weekend will be wonderful.  Wishing you all the  best today, and every day.


  1. I will be spending Mother’s Day with my children & hubby. Part of the morning will be church then finish planting my veggie garden. Going to the local park for a cookout lunch, kayaking, and a hike. Enjoy your weekend Jane and Happy Mother’s Day

  2. I will be spending the day with my Mother… hanging out… do a little shopping… have lunch together.
    Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mothers out there! 😀

  3. Quiet afternoon with son and precious nieces. Happy Mother’s Day Jane! Fun give away as always!!!!

  4. Happy Mother’s Day Jane! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with all your boys. My mom and I went on a home/garden tour today. We do ths most every year and really enjoy it. Looking forward to seeing you at Laguna Beach Books!

  5. I will be spending the day doing the usually things like a little cleaning some reading and cooking the evening meal, although the boys took me out last weekend for my mother’s day meal.

    Have a great mother’s day Jane and enjoy spending time with your boys.

  6. My oldest daughter is coming here and is fixing a meal. I have no idea what. My parents will be here as well to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mother.

  7. Happy Mother’s Day!

    We went to the Manor Tavern (slightly upscale, Fox hunt/equestrian/race horse decor) for dinner, and now I’m home relaxing. Next few days will be crazy.

  8. Happy Mother’s Day everyone. This is such a great deal. I have to stsrt reading e-books. I’m thrilled Jane that you will be in Maplewood, NJ on July 26th. Words is only 10 minutes from my home. 🙂 See you then.
    Carol L

  9. Happy Mother’s Day Jane! It’s so fun when you post things in San Clemente because I live just a few blocks from you ! My kids are home from college and we are going on a dolphin cruise through the Ocean Institute in the Dana Point Harbor. Hoping for nice weather for all of us – it’s been a little gray here!

  10. I enjoyed seeing your pictures and hearing about your mother’s day plans. I hope you have a wonderful mother’s day with your family. We’re in the middle of a storm system, so most likely my plans for tomorrow will be cancelled. We planned to take my mom out to eat, but it’s a little drive to get there and she said if it’s raining, she won’t want to leave anyways. It could be heavy rain and hail and maybe even tornadoes (but we’ll have to wait and see). Unfortunately this system runs all the way through next weekend. So, not much planned for anything any time soon. I guess I can get caught up on some reading.

  11. Happy Mother’s Day Jane! I will be spending a relaxing day with as many of my kids and grandkids as I can. I love that they are all close by and that I get to see them often.

  12. Happy Mother’s Day! Wish your book tour took you to the Dallas area!

    Son and hubby made me a lovely breakfast, and later in the day, taking my Mom out for dinner.

  13. Happy Mother’s Day. I am spending my day, doing absolutely nothing. We celebrated my mom’s birthday yesterday with a potluck and family get together, so we made it a birthday/Mother’s day celebration.

  14. A Happy Mother’s Day to you!! I am spending it just hanging at home with my two boys. My son gave me a beautiful card and a Starbucks g.c. What can be better than that!?! 🙂

  15. Happy Mother’s Day,
    Today I received flowers from my sister, a small stuffed bear and a flower from my mom, and my three children will work together and cook for my mom and I. It was also nice to sleep in today. 🙂

  16. We went to Fort Michillamackinac and to lunch. I try to ask for outings vs. Gifts becauae the memmories last longer than flowers 🙂

  17. Sadly for me today was a working day for me- I live in Israel and it’s not Mother’s day here and Sunday is a work day.
    Happy Mother’s Day Jane- have fun with your family today 🙂

  18. Happy Mother’s Day. I spent they day with my daughter and her boyfriend. They had a cookout for the moms and grandmoms. It was a wonderful day.

  19. Happy Mother’s Day Jane! i will be spending it with my 4 kids for part of it, and my boyfriend for part of it. it has been a great day! so hoping to see you June 28th – Nashville, TN! fingers crossed!!!!

  20. Hubby is still recovering from surgery and I’m on a mostly liquid diet for a few days so we are sitting here talking about wanting to go out to dinner,and waiting for some more of the kids and Grandkids to drop by. Why is it when your restricted on eats you just want food more? I could do some serious damage to some chicken wings guess it’s time for more jello.

  21. Spent the day with my 2 daughters, 1 son, 1terrific son-in-law, & 3 grandsons. My son & I had breakfast together while my husband & the rest of them slept off too much fun from last night. Crazy world I am lucky to live in. Lots of love!

  22. Happy Mother’s Day! I spent mine walking the Huntington Beach pier with my hubby and kids. I can’t wait for your new book and to see you in June.

  23. I spent the day with my mom. We went to bingo with a bunch of her girlfriends and their daughters. We had fun even though we were not big winners. =) Glad that you are having a great day Jane!

  24. It has been a rough week. My Father passed away suddenly a week ago and we have dealt with that and funeral. I made sure that my flight kept me with my Mom and sisters today.

  25. Happy Mothers Day. I slept all day, my weekend to work night shift. Off for the next tens days though. Heading to RT on Tuesday.

  26. I wish I can spend time with my mom but God has another plan for her in heaven maybe with another mom in there 🙂

  27. I got to spend my mother’s day home alone so I could take my final for my online class (I got an A), then I got to go to Walmart and purchase my first lawnmower. I came home, put it together and worked on tackling the yard. Nope, it is not done, but it is looking better. Later I went and picked up my kiddos because their Dad broke his right ankle Saturday evening. I’m tired.

  28. Little (?) Mac is getting so big..what a delightful boy Jane. Both my boys and their wives came by with cards and flowers and had a nice relaxing day with lots of laughs. Nice to see your group got to spend time together, near the water (my favorite place to be always).

  29. Mother’s Day was just another day for me though I’m not complaining- I got to spend it with my kids! I also got some funny and cute homemade cards. (One of them said I make mom jeans look hot! hahaha!)

  30. Hope you had a great Mother’s Day, Jane! It was a lazy day for me too…just what I needed! 🙂

  31. Had lunch at the XXX in Issaquah, Then a Car show and cooked dinner for the family in the evening. A great day.

  32. My hubby had to work on Sunday, but he went out and got Subway for the boys and I before he left. LOL Also, my younger son made me a cake for Mother’s Day. Cake is better than flowers in my book. 😉

  33. Spent my day with my kids. We made brunch at my house. We also had my mom visiting us from Las Vegas so she could drive with us to watch my niece graduate. My niece came back up here and joined us. I recieved a started fairy garden which I hope to plant tomorrow, cut flowers, and a wind chime. It was wonderful!!

  34. I had a lovely day with my husband and had calls and texts from the kids. Blessed life and oh so grateful!

  35. I work at a florist so I was making sure lots of
    Moms had beautiful flowers. This was my
    First Mother’s Day without my Mom, so I’m
    Glad that I kept busy all day. I celebrated
    With my husband & son the day before with

  36. Hi all. So many lovely comments and so many awesome readers checking in….you are all amazing! I have 2 winners, the listed prize winner and a bonus prize winner who will be getting a really awesome fun mystery box that always has great stuff inside. And the two winners are:

    Mother’s Day prize – #31 Terri W

    and the Mystery Prize – #23 Jessica M

    will the winners please email me their address so I can get the prizes out in the next mail? Congrats and so very happy for both of you!

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