Coming Soon! Miracle on Chance Avenue

I’m counting down the days until Miracle on Chance Avenue releases and sharing a little bit of the visual inspiration behind this story to get you ready!

Check out more my Miracle on Chance Avenue board on Pinterest for more of my photo inspirations for this story and do stop by my website for a peek at the excerpt. I can’t wait to hear what you think of Rory and Sadie’s story!



  1. What a great excerpt. I understand that pull that Rory feels when he looks in the stand for his mystery woman. I know I have experienced something like that. Not a mystery person, but I can find my husband or children in a crowd with that mystery power. I also think you are a pretty good expect on anything about the PBR. Your inspiration board is something. I think you covered all your bases for inspiration. I look forward to reading your latest Christmas story.

  2. I got to Chris Hemsworth’s picture and couldn’t go on. Just stopped. For a long time. Ahhhhhhhhhh. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In his case, I am speechless (other than ooh la la)!

  3. I love your vision board. I started reading the book already and really like Rory and Sadie. I think these will be the kind of characters I will have a hard time saying goodbye to once I’m finished reading the book. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas season.

  4. Love your vision board! I have been looking forward to reading this story. Your books will always be autobuy, I know that I will love this one too.

  5. Pictures are gorg….looks like a made for Hallmark movie to me, that would be totally awesome. I get it with the music on auto play while it!

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