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Celebrating Christmas with CJ Carmichael

I met CJ Carmichael in Victoria B.C. over 17 years ago and its been an incredible friendship.  Not only do we try to meet once a year for a writing retreat with Barbara Dunlop, our fellow Singletree pal, but we also now do a Montana adventure every Spring/Summer to CJ’s charming cottage at Flathead Lake. This past June it was just CJ and me for a week and we did a little bit of everything:  wrote, shopped, brainstormed cover ideas for this year’s Montana Born books, attended a rodeo in Poulson, and spent a day in what must be God’s country–Glacier National Park. I’m sharing a few pics from our visit to Glacier National Park below.  When we left her … Continue reading Celebrating Christmas with CJ Carmichael

September Q&A with Jane

I’ve been doing lots of interviews this summer in conjunction with the release if It’s You, and my attendance at various writers conferences and book festivals and thought I’d share some of the questions (and answers!) from the interviews. You might already know this stuff but a few of you might be new readers and find it interesting! You’ve just had your 50th book published in June. What has changed in the 15 years since you sold your first book? Besides the massive transformation of the publishing industry?  I’ve changed.  I’m a very different woman now than when I sold that first book back in 2000.  I’m stronger, more confident, and more resilient, too.  I’m also less interested in being … Continue reading September Q&A with Jane

A Week at the Lake with Wendy Wax

I’m off this morning to spend a few days with my good friend CJ Carmichael at her Flathead Lake, Montana cabin.  This is where Montana Born Books was founded back in May 2013 as we brainstormed our four rodeo novellas which launched the line, and the first books by Tule Publishing.  That week with CJ, Megan Crane and Lilian Darcy changed my life and every time I go to Montana I recharge and find new stories and I can’t wait to brainstorm new stories with CJ this week. From Montana I head to Atlanta for two book events.  I’ll be staying with my friend, novelist Wendy Wax while I’m in Georgia and doing a book event with her at Cat … Continue reading A Week at the Lake with Wendy Wax

Treat yourself to a Hot Aussie Hero!

I’ve always loved Australia and visited there a few times with my family.  I love the vivid colors, the stunning scenery, the wonderful, big-hearted people and just that punch of strong emotion this country always evokes in me.  It always takes my breath away. So it thrilled me to bits when Tule Publishing’s Holiday Books decided to introduce readers to four fun and sexy Hot Aussie Heroes from Australia!  Each story is packed with a ton of emotion and a delicious, hunky hero and there’s plenty of gorgeous Australian scenery too, and I’ve invited the four authors of this great new series to join me here and tell you a bit about the stories. Welcome authors! Margareta Osborn – The Cowboy … Continue reading Treat yourself to a Hot Aussie Hero!

Books, Treats & Holiday Sweets!

I’m thrilled to share that Montana Born now has two anthologies out in print, Love Me, Cowboy, filled with four fun, sexy and sweet stories by Megan Crane, Lilian Darcy, CJ Carmichael and me, and Montana Born’s gorgeous Christmas collection, A Copper Mountain Christmas, featuring warm, magical and festive romances by Katherine Garbera, Melissa McClone and JP (me again!). We’ve been selling the stories as ebooks but if you’re one of my readers that prefers print, you can now order both anthologies on Amazon, and here’s a link so you can order your copy for A Copper Mountain Christmas easily. I’ve been busy this week trying to finish up on my revisions for my next Harlequin Presents.  I’d hoped to have the … Continue reading Books, Treats & Holiday Sweets!

My new story Take Me, Cowboy is out now!

I have been traveling a lot. A lot, a lot, a lot.  I’ve been on the road for the past 4 out of 5 weekends, and the one weekend I was home, I had a house guest and threw a girls night out book party. I’m a little of tired of traveling, and am very ready to stay put and  focus on my family, and Halloween, and doing fun things with my littlest guy who loves this time of year.  Because of him, I really love this time of year, too.  🙂 But there is something cool happening, and it’s this:   I have a new story out…TODAY! Take Me, Cowboy wasn’t supposed to be officially on sale until tomorrow, … Continue reading My new story Take Me, Cowboy is out now!

Lilian Darcy: Anatomy of a Multi-Author Series

Hi everybody.  I’ve asked Lilian Darcy to share this incredible article she wrote for an Australian romance newsletter about Tule and Montana Born.  Lilian is one of Tule’s founding authors, and one of the most gifted writers I know.  You all know her already (or should!!) so here’s Lilian and the first half of her article on “Anatomy of a Multi-Author Series” —- Anatomy of a Multi-Author Series by Lilian Darcy When I told ARRA’s Debbie Phillips about the launch of a new mini‐series from a new imprint, Montana Born Books, by new boutique publisher Tule Publishing Group, she pricked up her ears. Could I possibly write an article charting the milestones in the process of bringing all this newness … Continue reading Lilian Darcy: Anatomy of a Multi-Author Series

Meet Me in Fresno Saturday!

The traveling has begun!  Seattle and Spokane last weekend, and Central California this weekend. Ty Gurney, Mac and I are packing overnight bags as we’re heading to the San Joaquin Valley, with a 2 pm book signing Saturday afternoon at the Barnes & Noble, then a quick drive to my hometown, Visalia, for my 30th class high school reunion Saturday night at the airport Holiday Inn. I love going home and I’m so looking forward to seeing readers, family and friends in Fresno, and then all  friends from high school Saturday night. The book signing at Barnes & Noble will be very mellow–I’ll pretty much be hanging out at a card table–so drop by if you can.  No pressure.  No … Continue reading Meet Me in Fresno Saturday!

Back in Hawaii

I’m back in Hawaii and so enjoying the time with my boys.  It’s been six weeks since I saw my guy Ty and three weeks since I held Mac.  It’s so good to be back with them both, and now Jake arrives from California tomorrow with a couple of friends.   All I need is son Ty to be here too so I’d have my whole family with me, and it would be perfect!  Unfortunately, I have to wait another 2 weeks to see that boy.  It’s a tough summer this year with everyone spread out in so many different directions. Conference in Atlanta was fantastic – hectic but so much fun.  It was great to see my editors and … Continue reading Back in Hawaii

Featured Author: Amy Sue Nathan

I’m back from Montana and already packing for Oahu to attend this weekend’s Book & Music Festival in Honolulu, before heading on to Minneapolis for my reader dinner on Monday, and then a book club dinner on Tuesday with the Horshoe Trail Book Club.   I can’t believe I’m already repacking but when I fly, I read, so I’m packing a big stack of books to take with me. One of the books I’m taking with me is Amy Sue Nathan‘s debut novel, The Glass Wives, which releases today!  Your pub day is so exciting and I’m thrilled to have Amy Sue with us on her big day.  I hope everyone will give her a warm welcome to the JaneBlog! … Continue reading Featured Author: Amy Sue Nathan