Treat yourself to a Hot Aussie Hero!

I’ve always loved Australia and visited there a few times with my family.  I love the vivid colors, the stunning scenery, the wonderful, big-hearted people and just that punch of strong emotion this country always evokes in me.  It always takes my breath away.

So it thrilled me to bits when Tule Publishing’s Holiday Books decided to introduce readers to four fun and sexy Hot Aussie Heroes from Australia!  Each story is packed with a ton of emotion and a delicious, hunky hero and there’s plenty of gorgeous Australian scenery too, and I’ve invited the four authors of this great new series to join me here and tell you a bit about the stories.

Welcome authors!

Margareta OsbornThe Cowboy
TheCowboy-SMALLSexy, laid-back yet capable, Aussie cowboy, Jake Richardson, is the polar opposite of chic, tough, go-get-’em New York business woman Carina ‘Ree’ Chapman. And when these two meet, their instant antipathy (… or is it instant attraction?) causes sparks to fly.
I’ve always loved the idea behind the Crocodile Dundee movies – the “That’s not a knife. This is a knife,’ quirky kind of humor and it was a variation on this theme that sat at the back of my mind as I wrote ‘The Cowboy’. I’ve worked and lived on the land all my life here in Australia and met plenty of guys like Jake. Put them in an upmarket professional capacity in the inner city and they’ll be all at sea. Place them at home in the Australian bush and they can deal with most things in an offhand way that makes tough and often seemingly irretrievable situations look like a walk in the park. They’ve got that “she’ll be right, mate” attitude, and just knuckle down and fix whatever is the problem – snakes, wild horses, broken down trucks miles from home. It must be the caveman thing – very sexy.
LBP_0058Conversely, I’ve always admired women like Carina. They know the right clothes to wear in any situation, the difference between twenty different kinds of coffee, can put together a marketing plan in ten minutes flat, wear stiletto’s like they’re cowgirl boots and just ooze with confidence in any situation life throws at them. Even finding out their secretary has booked them into the wrong resort, in a place out the back of beyond owned by a sexy, tough cattleman who promises to deliver the five step method to an everlasting relationship. How on earth can an Aussie outback bushman know anything about that? Ree asks herself.

She’s about to find out.

Amy AndrewsThe Hero
TheHero-SMALLFinding inspiration for my hot Aussie heart throb was NOT difficult. Justin is an Australian actor who has made it big in Tinsel Town. And there’s plenty of inspiration around for that!
Exhibit A – Chris Hemsworth
Exhibit B – Hugh Jackman
bioExhibit C – Erica Bana
Exhibit D – Simon Baker-
Exhibit E – Sam Worthington
See? I was spoilt for choice. And Justin Wilde is just as hunky!

Madeline AshThe Playboy
ThePlayboy-SMALLThanks for having us on your blog today, Jane! I’d love to introduce Parker Hargraves, the sexy hero in my novella The Playboy. Parker was a player when he was younger: blond, gold-skinned and wealthy – and obnoxious to the point where he humiliated Alexia. Years on, he’s learned humility and compassion the hard way, and wants to make amends for how he treated her.
madeline-ash-profileThe character of Parker is actually from a manuscript I wrote years ago. I couldn’t get him to connect properly with that heroine, so put it aside. It’s like he knew he was meant to be with Alexia, because as soon as I put him on page with her, he couldn’t get enough! In this version, he owns a successful surf brand and beachside bar, rides the waves every morning, and will do anything to win Alexia’s heart. She’s one lucky lady, let me tell you…

Victoria PurmanThe Millionaire
TheMillionaire-SMALLDon’t we all love someone who wants to change the world? Sure, we all love a handsome man too, but combine those looks with a commitment to making the world a better place and, phwoar. Instant hero material.
In The Millionaire, I wanted to explore what happens when suburban reporter Ellie Flannery meets international photojournalist Chris Malone, the man she’s admired because of his work in the world’s trouble spots and disaster zones.
VictoriaPurman-190-300x198But when she meets him in the flesh, and things get off to a rocky start, she decides that perhaps it’s best not to meet your heroes after all. I loved writing Ellie’s story and how she gradually sees more than his reputation and, for Chris, I wanted to show him coming to an understanding that that there’s more to life than running from one war zone to another and that he should be chasing Ellie’s heart instead.


Thank you, Authors, for sharing your insight with us.  Loved reading it all!  Readers, if you didn’t already do so, please go grab your downloads of each of these fantastic stories and enjoy some sexy fun.  And speaking of fun, there’s more to be had!  I’ve got a great Aussie prize pack worth $50.00 here for one of you.  For a chance to win, leave a comment and let me know if you’ve been to Australia and what you loved most about your trip.  Or if you’ve not been, would you like to visit one day?  Winner will be announced Wednesday, the 28th!


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