Taming of the Sheenans

Hi Readers,

I’ve been getting a lot of emails about the Taming of the Sheenan stories and I love hearing from you and how much you’re enjoying the series.  I am enjoying the Sheenan family, too.  These brothers are serious alpha heroes who also have serious heart–and the good news is that there are still three more Sheenan stories to come!


Three more stories you ask?  How can that be?  (I know…5 brothers, 3 stories written, how does that add up to 6?)  Well, I know something those Sheenans of Marietta don’t know.  There’s a mystery in the family, and it’s not just the mom’s tragic death.  There are secrets and we discover all this year.

But before I tell you about the new books coming, let me answer some of the questions I’ve been getting about the series so far.

Reader Question #1:  Did Beauty’s Kiss (Troy’s story) get a title change?  Is Beauty’s Kiss now Tycoon’s Kiss?

Answer:  Yes, the title did get changed end of 2014 because many of my loyal readers didn’t think the title, Beauty’s Kiss, reflected the story as well as Tycoon’s Kiss, because the heroine, Taylor, isn’t a great beauty, but a smart, pretty, and very bookish librarian.  Tycoon was chosen instead as Troy is a self-made man, and wildly successful, so it made sense from an editorial and marketing perspective to rename the story to Tycoon’s Kiss.  (And it’s definitely sold better since the title changed, too!)

Reader Question #2:  What happened to Cormac’s story, Home to Me?  Wasn’t it supposed to be out last May or June in 2014?

Answer:  As many of my readers noticed, Cormac’s story didn’t come out as planned.  Why?  I reluctantly had to put it on the back burner last Spring when I fell behind on my deadlines for Harlequin and Berkley.  I didn’t want to set Cormac’s story aside, but digital publishing is more flexible than print publishing, so it made most sense to shift from Cormac to my contracted deadlines for Harlequin and Berkley, and then by the time I’d wrapped up It’s You for Berkley, it was time to write Trey’s story, The Kidnapped Christmas Bride, which is a Christmas story and couldn’t wait.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00050]Reader Question #3:  So is the next book coming out now, Cormac’s story?

Answer:  Nope!  Cormac still has to wait a little longer as I’m currently working on Dillon Sheenan’s story which will be out a month from now.  Dillon is an interesting Sheenan.  He’s the youngest of the five Sheenan brothers, and has a mind of his own, which includes getting out of Marietta and returning to his high-tech job in Texas.  But fate has other plans for him.  Taming of the Bachelor will release late February, and then early summer ’15 we finally get Cormac’s Home to Me!

Reader Question #4:  So what will you write for Montana Born after Cormac’s story?

Answer:  A missing Sheenan returns to Marietta just in time  for the holidays (November 2015) and its an explosive reunionstory  that is fiery, intense, bittersweet and hopefully very satisfying.

Reader Question #5:  I don’t buy my books from Amazon.  Why are your Sheenan stories only available at Amazon?

Answer:  Good news!!  The first three Taming of the Sheenan stories will soon be available on all retail platforms, including iBooks, B&N, Smashwords, Google Play and Kobo.  They are currently being uploaded to all platforms  and by end of February will be available.   Yay!

Reader Question #6:  Is there an order to the Taming of the Sheenan stories?

Answer:  Each story is a stand alone story and you don’t have to read them in order, but if you like to read books in order, here is how they were written and published:

Christmas at Copper Mountain  (Brock’s story)

Tycoon’s Kiss (Troy’s story, formerly known as Beauty’s Kiss)

The Kidnapped Christmas Bride (Trey’s story)

And then these are the new releases for this year:

Taming of the Bachelor (Dillon’s story) out late Feb

Home to Me (Cormac’s story)  out in June

and the surprise Sheenan Christmas story in November!

So tell me, if you’ve read any of my Sheenan romances, do you have a favorite?  Or a favorite brother? Share with me in the comments below and one of you will win a gorgeous glazed mug, a signed set of 3 Montana Born anthologies (which each feature a Taming of the Sheenan story), a tin of amazing hot cocoa, a $5 Starbucks gift card and lots of fun reader swag.  Contest ends on Thurs Jan 29th with winner announced on Friday the 30th so do comment now for a chance to win!

And thank you for being my reader!  xoxox



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