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Featured Author: Anne Gracie

I’m just about to board my flight from DC back to Los Angeles after an incredible five days on the East Coast (love, love, love every place I visited!  Cool history!  Amazing, historic buildings!  The best readers and writers!) and I’ll be adding some photos and details in a blog later this week, but as its a travel day for me, I thought I’d ask the lovely, smart, witty, Anne Gracie to join us. I’ve known Anne for years now.  She’s one of my “Aussie” friends, a superbly talented novelist, and a gifted, passionate teacher.  She taught a workshop on heroes years ago (2003 on the Gold Coast, maybe?) that made a massive impression on me and I adore her books.  They … Continue reading Featured Author: Anne Gracie

Snapshots From The Road

I’ve been home two days and am already packing to fly to the Bay Area Friday morning, but wanted to share a few more of my favorite photos that readers and friends have sent me.  Hope you enjoy the pics!  A new blog is coming soon.  I’m just trying to get caught up with laundry and bills and emails and hanging out with my boys, too!  They’re missing me and I’m really missing them.  It’s been wonderful seeing readers for the past 7 weekends but now I’m eager to stay home, be a hands on mom again, and start writing that new book! This coming weekend is my last ‘official book tour’ weekend for The Good Daughter and I’m returning … Continue reading Snapshots From The Road

Bozeman to Denver to Bellevue!

Last weekend was a whirlwind of events and travel!  I flew out of Orange County early last Saturday morning, connected in Seattle and arrived in Bozeman, MT around 3:30 pm, with the best greeting committee in the world:  Kari Andersen, Meg Munson, and Cheryl Hill.  Kari organized the amazing reader dinner for me, and we had 35 attending, and lots of great conversation and tacos and margaritas and fun.  I LOVE Bozeman, which is probably why I’m getting ready to set my big new series there in Montana. After the party, we stayed up until one chatting, but irrepressible Kari made sure to wake me up early the next morning for my flight to Denver, which was already getting storm … Continue reading Bozeman to Denver to Bellevue!

Kickstarting a Book

It’s February 26th today.  I’d like to have a book done by May 1st.  That’s approximately two months from now, and the next eight weeks includes lots of travel, and speaking, and the kids’ Spring break.  I can do it.  But I have to be focused, and motivated.  I’m not focused yet.  Not really motivated, either.  I’ve so enjoyed seeing all my readers and friends these past three weeks, but I confess, I’m dragging a little.  The hopping on and off airplanes and burning the midnight oil with early flights and different time zones has made me long to crawl into bed and sleep. Maybe I will tomorrow.  Maybe tomorrow will be a stay-in-bed morning and rest.  Or maybe it’ll … Continue reading Kickstarting a Book

Jane Loves Ranchers, Cowboys & Cowgirl U!

The Fallen Greek Bride, my new March Harlequin Presents, is shipping today from Amazon, and should soon be on store shelves, too. I love this story–it’s passionate, intense, as well as full of longing, and hope.  I was worried about having so many books out in one month, and yet as one reader told me on Saturday in Atlanta, these three very different stories that are out right now, show my range, and the different stories I like to tell. I have enjoyed writing this past year.  I spent a lot of time writing, too, and writing is such a big part of me.  Writing defines me.  Thinking about the story, and the characters, and who these people are (yes, … Continue reading Jane Loves Ranchers, Cowboys & Cowgirl U!

My Cowboy Valentine “a delectable treat”

I am home for a few days and cuddling my boys (okay, I’m cuddling the littlest boy and ‘hanging out’ with the two teenage ones) and enjoying being with my family before I head out on Friday to Atlanta, Raleigh, and Detroit.  Its going to be a special tea in Atlanta on Saturday, so if you think you can meet me in historic Roswell at 2 pm, let me know. I’m so sweet on Valentine’s Day–it is my favorite festive day (pink, red, lace, conversation hearts, chocolate, Peeps!), and this year its truly special with a treat for my readers,  My Cowboy Valentine, a Harlequin American Romance duet with “Hill Country Cupid” by Tanya Michaels and my story, “Be Mine, … Continue reading My Cowboy Valentine “a delectable treat”

Writer Inspired: Join Me for One Day Writing Retreat!

I normally don’t plug my own writing workshops but this is a special one because its all day, of me, teaching, and its really affordable, too. Many of you ask me about opportunities to hear me teach craft and talk about writing, and what it takes to make our books not just good, but brilliant.  You know I’m passionate about story, and making sure every book will surprise, delight, entertain, and reward our reader, and in this one day retreat sponsored by the Yosemite Romance Writers chapter of RWA, I will be giving four different workshops. That’s right.  Four. That is some serious workshop action.  Even better, the $65.00 fee includes lunch, too.  What more do you need?  Here are the … Continue reading Writer Inspired: Join Me for One Day Writing Retreat!

Pre-Release Event in NJ & Good Daughter Giveaway

Just two weeks left until The Good Daughter hits shelves, the reviews are coming in (they’re good!), and I’m continuing to finalize travel details for my East Coast book tour, which now includes a pre-release party in beautiful Northvale, New Jersey on February 4th. This is a new event to my schedule and time is getting short so help me get the word out about this fun new addition to my book tour if you can!  Not near Northvale?   Remember I’ll also be visiting – *Cranford, NJ on February 5th *Albany, NY on February 6th *Springfield, MA on February 7th You’ll find more info for each of these dates on my Events page, with these four events just the … Continue reading Pre-Release Event in NJ & Good Daughter Giveaway

Celebrating Flirting with Forty

Can you believe that tomorrow it will be four years since the Lifetime premiere of Flirting with Forty? I can still remember getting the news that the book had been optioned by Sony, and then the regular updates after that…the hiring of a screenwriter, the outline of the screenplay, the script, the casting, and finally, the project being greenlighted.  It was a whirlwind of activity, with filming taking place in Calgary and Hawaii.  The cast and crew worked twelve hours a day, six days a week, to make sure the film was made in the 30 days they’d been allocated for budgeting purposes. I flew out to Hawaii for the last week of the April shoot, and was able to … Continue reading Celebrating Flirting with Forty

Checking In

It was a wonderful treat to have so many of my family here for Thanksgiving.  We also had some of Ty’s best friends from Hawaii, Tucker and Nichole, here, too, which made it a full house, and a fun house, and with all the work we did, trying to get ready for our guests, this 1927 Spanish Colonial Revival finally feels like home. I did spent Saturday and Sunday writing, and am about to get down to writing now.  This book I’m working on is really interesting, and I love the story and how the characters are coming to life, but I’ve got a long way to go.  Writing always takes time, and its the one thing (like so many … Continue reading Checking In