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Karen Doornebos

Last December, I had the lovely Karen Doornebos visit for a guest blog and she told us all about her book Definitely Not Mr. Darcy, a book I absolutely adored!   I have been waiting impatiently for Karen’s new book, Undressing Mr. Darcy, and it is out now!  It actually just released yesterday and I begged Karen to come back and tell us about her new story as I know many of you are Jane Austen fans like me.  So here’s Karen, and she’s taking us far far from Montana, and all my crazy Marietta fuss, whisking us to the Roman Baths!

UNDRESSING MR. DARCY – The Blog Tour & Giveaway!


Hello from the Roman Baths!

As an ice-breaker to each leg of the Blog Tour, I’m taking you along for a ride to England, where I traveled during the summer of 2012 to do some research for UNDRESSING MR. DARCY. Where am I on this stop? The gorgeous Roman Baths in Bath! I love a good spa, don’t you? Well, this was how the Romans treated themselves back in the day with all the natural hot springs that bubbled up and continue to bubble up in the city once known as “Aquae Sulis.” Roughly translated, that means waters of Sulis, bright goddess of sun and hot springs. At the Baths themselves, some “Roman” stonecutters posed for me in their garb, which brings me to one of my favorite subjects, and that is how we moderns love to dress up in costume and reenact, whether it’s for ComicCon or a Jane Austen conference…



Shall we talk Undressing?!


ISBN 978-0-425-26139-2

First of all, I’d like to thank the fantastic Jane Porter for having me back here on the JaneBlog—this time just a day after my new book UNDRESSING MR. DARCY released. I have a thing for Janes, you know! I’m a fan of both Jane Austen and Jane Porter!

So, here’s the scoop on my new book: there are two gorgeous men in my book. One is from England and wears “Mr. Darcy” clothes complete with sexy boots, tight breeches, billowy shirt and cravat. The other is American and evokes Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow. He can often be seen in his pirate garb. But…the book isn’t a Regency or historical…it’s set in modern day America and England.

My heroine? Doesn’t really like costumes—at first! Here’s the back of the book synopsis:

Taking it off in the name of history…

Thirty-five-year-old American social-media master Vanessa Robert lives her thoroughly modern life with aplomb. So when her elderly Jane Austen-centric aunt needs her to take on the public relations for Julian Chancellor, a very private man from England who’s written a book called My Year as Mr. Darcy, Vanessa agrees. But she’s not “excessively diverted” as Jane Austen would say.

Hardbound books, teacups and quill pens fly in the face of her e-reader, coffee and smartphone…

…until she sees Julian take his tight breeches off for his Undressing Mr. Darcy show, an educational “striptease” down to his drawers to promote his book and help save his crumbling estate. The public relations expert suddenly realizes things have gotten…personal. But can this old-fashioned man find his way into her heart without so much as a GPS? It will take three festivals filled with Austen fans, a trip to England, an old frenemy, and a flirtatious pirate reenactor to find out…

JaneBlog readers, you can check out the first chapter of UNDRESSING MR. DARCY here!

Keep reading, Jane (Porter) fans, because there are lots of ways you can win below!

And Jane, thank you once again for hosting me here—so kind of you!


JaneBlog readers, up for grabs are THREE copies of UNDRESSING MR. DARCY! Contest is limited to U.S. readers, but just leave a comment below—any comment. Have you ever been to England? Worn a pirate costume? To increase your chances of winning you can share this post on your Facebook page or Twitter—let me know you’ve done that! You can also increase your odds by following me on Twitter or Facebook, or, if you’re not already, following Jane on her Twitter or Facebook—don’t forget to let me know about it in your comment, thanks!


Mr. Darcy’s Stripping Off…

KAREN Bathmini

His greatcoat. At each blog stop Mr. Darcy will strip off another piece of clothing. Keep track of each item in chronological order and at then end of the tour you can enter to win a GRAND PRIZE of the book, “DO NOT DISTURB I’m Undressing Mr. Darcy” door hangers for you and your friends, tea, and a bottle of wine (assuming I can legally ship it to your state). US entries only, please.
Karen Doornebos is the author of UNDRESSING MR. DARCY published by Berkley, Penguin and available here or at your favorite bookstore. Her first novel, DEFINITELY NOT MR. DARCY, has been published in three countries and was granted a starred review by Publisher’s Weekly. Karen lived and worked in London for a short time, but is now happy just being a lifelong member of the Jane Austen Society of North America and living in the Chicagoland area with her husband, two teenagers and various pets—including a bird. Speaking of birds, follow her on Twitter and Facebook! She hopes to see you there, on her website and her group blog Austen Authors.


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Thank you, Karen for sharing about your new book.  It sounds so good and I can’t wait to read it!  Readers, Karen’s offering up a great prize so I hope you’ll leave a comment for a chance to win!  Contest ends December 6th and I’ll announce winners on the 7th!


  1. Karen says:

    Thank you, Jane! So wonderful to be here!

  2. Gigi says:

    Hi Karen,
    Wonderful blog post.
    No, I haven’t been to England but I do in my dreams. I am hooked on Downton Abbey, The Paradise, Doc Martin, Larkrise to Candleford, Silks, and Dr. Who (who by the way is the dame age I am.) I am reading a story that involves taking the waters in Bath right now. I never realized that the Romans started it all. I can’t wait to Undressing Mr. Darcy.

    • Karen says:

      Gigi, it sounds like we would be great friends! I love all of those shows too, plus the BBC’s Sherlock…I have a total crush on Benedict Cumberbatch!

      • Gigi says:

        How could I forget Sherlock…shame on me. I have all seasons on DVD and awaiting January for the new season.
        I keep seeing Benedict as William Carey in the Other Boleynn girl wearing tights.



  4. Kim says:

    I just saw this book on goodreads yesterday and it sounds fantastic! I have been to England, but I don’t recall ever wearing a pirate costume.

  5. Rosemary H. says:

    Never been to England. My daughter has and is totally in love with everything London. On my wish list to go .

  6. Brandy Bosquez says:

    I love England I have never been, but I’m slightly obsessed! I never had to read Jane Austen in school, but discovered her I’m adulthood. I wanted to name our cat Mr Darcy, but my husband and daughter out voted me. Thank you for the interview sounds like a great book. Would love to win! I follow Jane on FB and will follow you also Karen after I type this!!

  7. Chanpreet says:

    Lets see I’ve only been in London’s Heathrow Airport, although I am an Anglophile and can not wait to visit England. I don’t think I’ve ever dressed up as a pirate. I absolutely love P&P retellings and spin offs so I have no doubt I will love this book. It’s been on my radar for quite some time now.

    I follow both you and Jane on twitter and on Facebook. I shared this page on twitter here.

  8. Karen says:

    Brandy, you are not alone in your obsession! You might want to consider joining the Jane Austen Society of North America! Thanks for the follows on Facebook!

  9. This book sounds AMAZING. I’ve never been to England, but my son has :) I shared the giveaway on my blog’s FB page, I tweeted about it on Twitter, I liked your FB page and follow you on Twitter. I already like Jane’s page on FB and follow her on Twitter.

    I would love to join the blog tour. You can check out my blog at …

  10. Elisabeth says:

    Hi Karen,

    What a wonderful blog. You make it sound like writing a book is such a great adventure and I just love that. It´s easy to see that you love what you do.
    I´ll head over to Amazon to get a closer look at your books.
    Love the cover of the new one.
    She looks so sweet with her head in a book.
    Shared and following both of you :-)
    Have a great week. Hope you sales are fantastic.

    • Karen says:

      Elisabeth, writing is an adventure! I had a lot of fun with both of my books! I’m not as prolific as Jane, but someday hope to be!! I don’t know how she does it! Glad you liked my cover!

  11. Kerry Croucier says:

    One day I will go to England…I can’t wait. Sounds like a fun book! I will have check it out!

  12. Jean Boehmke says:

    Wonderful blog post. Never been to England but I would love to go some day.

  13. Donna D says:

    I have been to England – twice. We were stationed in The Netherlands (US Air Force with NATO) and took my grandmother and great aunt to London for a weekend. Then again we went to England, but can’t remember if that was while we were in The Netherlands or in Germany. Neither time did we stay very long so didn’t get to see as much of the country as I wished.

    I do follow Jane on fb and get the newsletter by email.
    AND I ‘liked’ and am following Karen on fb.

  14. I’ve been to Ireland, would love to go to London! My niece was a pirate for Halloween.

    I follow Jane and Karen and liked them both

  15. Janine says:

    England is on my dream list for vacations. I actually have a online friend who lives in Bath and she has told me so much about the sites there. One day I would love to meet her and visit her interesting city.

  16. Janiec says:

    Congrats on the new release, Karen. I do hope to visit England someday soon. I would love to check out the hot springs in Bath and of course London.

  17. Louise says:

    I’m excited to read the first in this series! Congratulations on you new release! I would love to a trip to Bath.

  18. kitsune babe says:

    Jane, I follow you on facebook.
    Karen, I follow you on facebook.
    I have never been to England.
    I have worn a pirate costume.
    Book sounds good; love the cover! Thanks for sharing Karen on your blog today Jane.

  19. girlfromwva says:

    I haven’t been to England.
    I haven’t ever worn a pirate costume.
    I follow Jane on FB.
    I follow Karen on FB.
    I love the artistry on the cover art!

  20. sharon says:

    I haven’t been to England.
    I haven’t worn a pirate’s costume.
    I follow Jane on FB.
    I follow Karen on FB.
    I Enjoyed this wonderful post and wish you both Happy Holidays and much happiness.

  21. sharon says:

    I haven’t been to England.
    I haven’t worn a pirate’s costume.
    I follow Jane on FB.
    I follow Karen on FB.
    I Enjoyed this wonderful post and wish you both Happy Holidays and much happiness.
    I shared this on FB.

  22. Cheryl says:

    I have never been to England but someday I would LOVE to go! Maybe when both kids are out of college (I have a college freshman and a high school freshman) … :)

  23. Judy Sescil says:

    I have never been to England but my granddaughter Ashley has and she loves Mr. Darcy!

  24. Maureen says:

    Congratulations Karen on your new book. I like the idea of the hero and heroine being modern and old-fashioned. I have never been to England but hope to go there some day. I liked your facebook page and shared a link on facebook.

  25. Donna says:

    I’ve never been to England Nor worn a pirate costume (at least that I can remember LOL)
    I follow Jane by newsletter and FB and I will go over and like and follow you Karen on FB.
    Love the cover of the book. Love reading your interview and seeing the pictures.

  26. Jessica M says:

    Yes, I’ve been to England and I loved it. I want to go back!

    I shared this on facebook. I’m also following you on twitter (xxpaperhearts) and I follow Jane on facebook.

    Here’s the link to the post on facebook.

  27. Roberta Conty Emby says:

    Hi, I been to England for my 25 wedding anniversary. Love it! Shared this and became a friend of yours, already Facebook with Jane.

  28. You had me at Darcy & Johnny Depp! MUST read this!

  29. Dyanne Davis says:


    I know everyone is going to love your new book. Just having you as a guest on the show has had me eagerly waiting for it. I can’t get the picture of him undressing as he gave his talk out of my mind. Maybe I’ll try that with my next signing. LOL

    • Karen says:

      Dyanne, what a pleasure to see you here! I can’t wait to see how THE ART OF WRITING show on Bolingbrook TV turned out! It was soooo much fun being your guest! Dyanne’s a fabulous author everyone–check her out!

  30. Jane Cook says:

    I very nearly went to England, twice, but I think my chances have passed me by :( .
    I follow Jane on FB and shared the post about this blog & giveaway on FB. Thanks!

    • Karen says:

      With a name like Jane you have to go to England! Sending positive vibes for another chance to come your way! Thanks for sharing the giveaway on FB!

  31. Jennifer H says:

    I just visited London for the first time in May and absolutely loved it! I can’t wait to go back!! I follow Jane on FB and Twitter. Your book sounds like my kind of book!

  32. bn100 says:

    Been to England; haven’t worn a pirate costume

  33. Melissa in Texas says:

    I’ve never been to England. Hopefully, someday!

    The book sounds good. I’m off to look it up on amazon…

    Jane – I follow you on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest! lol :)

    • Karen says:

      Another one has me laughing out loud here! So glad you follow Jane on all social media! Great to hear! Jane’s the best! Her posts are always so interesting and personal.

  34. Allie says:

    I’m so excited to read this book, I’ve heard so many good thing about it!!!! I am going to share the contest on my personal page and my Latchkey Mom FB page! I follow Jane everywhere and now follow you on FB & Twitter.

    I am such a fan of Mr. Darcy – in whatever form he appears! Love the storyline!@

  35. eli yanti says:

    A great post and a great prize, love to win but sad I’m out side of US.

    I never been in England or wearing any custome, but I dream one day I can wear gown with mask and join the ballroom party :)

  36. Melanie J says:

    I have been to England. In 2010 I was in Norwich and London, both.

    I have worn a pirate’s costume. Actually it was a pirate wench… one year for halloween.

    I follow Jane on FB.

    I follow Karen on FB.

    Love your blog!

  37. denise says:

    I was a pirate wench for Halloween one year with my husband–then boyfriend–who went as a pirate.

    I’ve been to Spain.

  38. Suzy says:

    I have been to England several times and LOVE IT! If I could move there, I totally would.

    I shared on Facebook and I follow both Karen and Jane on Twitter and Facebook!


  39. Kimberly says:

    Hi. The book sounds like a lot of fun, I can’t wait to read it.

    I am now following you on twitter and facebook. I have followed Jane for awhile now, she is awesome!
    I also shared the blog on my facebook page.

    I have never been to England, but it is on my bucket list.

    Sadly I have never dressed up like a pirate either, maybe this next year.

  40. Jean L says:

    No, I’ve never been to England.
    What I’m wondering is: Are there pictures in your book?

    Probably not, but I’ll bet you have good descriptions.

  41. desiree says:

    i have not been lucky to trael and would love to see the world your darcy book sound great and would lov e to read them and then the gift you hve i would love to have tem blog on them

  42. Quilt Lady says:

    Great post! I have never been to Enland or over seas anywhere, but would love to travel some day.

  43. kribss says:

    Never been to England but would love to go and never dressed as a Pirate but was told I would make a good one- arrrr!

    Your book looks like a fun read, can’t wait to get my hands on it!

    I also follow Jane on Facebook but not twitter- why is it so confusing to me???

  44. Lorie says:

    I have been to England and loved it. Beautiful country!

    Sounds like a really good book :)

    I do follow Jane on Facebook and Instagram.

  45. Cate Sparks says:

    I’ve been to England, but never to Bath… glad I got in on this tour early!! What fun!!

  46. Brandalynn Johnston says:

    I have only been to the airport there. I wish I could have seen some of the sites there. From the air it looked really pretty though.

  47. Bridget O'Neill says:

    I haven’t been to England, but I have been to Ireland! And I wore a pirate costume for Halloween this year! :)

  48. Cyn209 says:

    i have been to England twice, in 2008 & 2009…i hope to go back soon, especially since i need a new Harrod’s tote bag!! LOL!!!

  49. Cyn209 says:

    i shared the giveaway on my FB wall:

  50. Rhonda says:

    This book sounds fantastic. My cousin read pride and prejudice aloud to me while we drove to a weekend job together. Those were good times! I follow you on fb and Twitter.

  51. Amber says:

    I have not visits England… Yet!!!! I will someday.

    I’m following on twitter now. Can’t wit to pick this up, it sounds cute!!!

  52. Jane says:

    Happy Saturday, everyone!

    Karen Doornebos picked her winners and they are -

    #7 Chanpreet
    #9 Marlene Engel
    #26 Jessica M
    #50 Rhonda

    Ladies, please drop me an email with your full name and mailing address so Karen can get a prize in the mail to each of you.

    Thanks and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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