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Celebrate Christmas With Tule!

We’re half way through 2014 already and this month at Tule, that means Christmas in June!  Are you in?  For those of you who’ve been with me for a while, you know how much I love Christmas so this promo is one I’m really excited about.

It’s a super busy time with lots of great releases and a lot of fun planned for readers and right now, we’ve got a special Christmas bundle for you featuring stories from Melissa McClone, Katherine Garbera and myself, along with some extra content, including some of our favorite recipes from Marietta, Montana, and more.

The Christmas bundle will be on sale on Wednesday at just .99 cents for a full week so if you didn’t get a chance to buy the stories earlier, do take advantage of this great deal!


But there’s more!  You know Tule loves to reward fans and loyal readers for their continued support so we’re also hosting a wonderful contest that really will bring Christmas in June!

Stop by the Montana Born Books page on Facebook ( on Wednesday, June 4th to find out how to enter the contest for a chance to enter to win one of 3 great prize bundles!  Here’s a peak at the prizes up for grabs:

grandprizeGrand prize ‘present’:
$50 Amazon gift card
$5 Starbucks drink card
Marietta, Montana mug & cocoa
Western themed ornament
3 books:
A Copper Mountain Christmas anthology
Fiona Harper’s Make My Wish Come True
CJ Carmichael’s Big Sky Christmas
recipe cards, pen, & Tule tote bag
chocolate, popcorn & more!

2ndprize2nd Prize:
$20 Target gift card
Marietta, Montana mug
$5 Starbucks drink card & cocoa
Western themed ornament
A Copper Mountain Christmas anthology
CJ Carmichael’s Big Sky Christmas
recipe cards, pen, & Tule tote bag
chocolate, popcorn & more!

3rdprize3rd Prize:
$10 Target gift card
$ 5 Starbucks drink card
Marietta, Montana mug & cocoa
A Copper Mountain Christmas anthology
recipe cards, pen, & Tule tote bag

And there are 2 more bonus prizes that include:
$10 Target gift card
$5 Starbucks drink card
A Copper Mountain Christmas anthology
recipe cards & pen & some extras surprises!

 All the fun starts on Wednesday, June 4th so be sure you head over to the Montana Born Books page on Facebook for details on how to enter!  I’d love for some of you to win these wonderful treats!  Good luck!



  1. Janine says:

    I really enjoyed the Christmas stories. I love the idea of Christmas in June.

  2. Library Lady says:

    I purchased and read A Copper Mountain Christmas and highly recommend it to everyone. Great stories and writing which is a winning combination for sure. Thanks Jane for all you do and for being the driving force behind Tule Publishing. Hope your writing and your family life are doing well.

  3. Elisabeth says:

    Sounds great, Jane.
    And what a great bundle.
    I so loved your Mother’s Day bundle too. That was awesome :-)

  4. Quilt Lady says:

    Sounds fantastic, I have already entered. Thanks for the great contest.

  5. girlfromwva says:

    can’t wait to see what the bonus content is!!! shared on facebook page!!!

  6. Kate Sparks says:

    I’ve enjoyed all the books!! Especially the Christmas stories, but those are always a favorite year-round read.. Awesome groups of prizes!! Thanks from all of us!

  7. Robyn L says:

    thanks for the heads up on this awesome giveaway

  8. Christiana says:

    Will they be at sale for the Nook as well?

  9. denise says:

    I love these stories–not sure how I missed the FB giveaway–maybe distracted with oldest’s graduation. ;)

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