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I am so pleased to have as my guest today, the wonderful Teri Wilson!  Teri’s a great gal, she’s one of the nicest people I know!  She’s got a new release out right now, Unmasking Juliet and I really loved the story she tells.  I thought it would be a great time to invite her to share more about her book with us because I know all my readers will love it too.

Please help me welcome Teri to JaneBlog!

Please tell us about your new book.

Unmasking Juliet is a modern-day version of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet with a chocolaty twist. Our starcrossed lovers are chocolatiers working for their rival family-owned chocolate businesses. The story starts out in Napa Valley, California, and then the action moves to romantic Rome, Italy.


What led you to write this story?

I was trying to atone for the C that I got in Honors Shakespeare when I was in college. Ha.

Actually, I just love Shakespeare (despite the C). And Romeo & Juliet is the quintessential romantic couple. I couldn’t do a series of classic retellings without writing a version of Romeo & Juliet. It was great fun to write. I loved the setting, the chocolate, the quirky characters…I was sad to see it end.

Tell us something personal that not many readers know about you.

I was once bit by a lion.

On my arm.

It happened in Vegas, and the lion was only 5 weeks old. But it left a bruise, so it totally counts.

What are you working on next?

All of the trade paperbacks I’m writing for HQN are light, modern retellings of classics. In January, I have Unschooling the Professor hitting shelves, which is an updated version of My Fair Lady. The gender roles have been reversed, so Professor Higgins is a woman. She’s an art history professor, and Tom Stone, the brooding hero with a secret painting prowess, is the perfect blank slate for her artistic touch.

Right now, I’m writing a retelling of the beloved classic film Roman Holiday. It’s called Royally Roma and is scheduled for release in June 2015. I adore Roman Holiday, and I was lucky enough to visit Italy twice this year, so I’m really enjoying working on this manuscript.

Name five items sitting on your desk right now.

My pink laptop.

A writing journal with a gorgeous Florentine paper cover that was given to me by the leader of the writing retreat I recently attended in Florence, Italy.

Four Sharpies in various colors.

A stack of Unmasking Juliet books with matching bookmarks.

My dog, Finn. (He’s a mama’s boy.)

Name 3 books you hope to read soon.

The next 3 books on my to-be-read pile are:

Mrs. Poe by Lynn Cullen, which is a historical fiction book about a love triangle between Edgar Allen Poe, his wife and his mistress, a fledgling poetess. I love poetry, so I’m really excited about this one.

Waiting on You by Kristan Higgins. Kristan is a long-time favorite of mine. She is a genius when it comes to writing romantic comedy.

The Art of Falling by Kathryn Craft, about an injured dancer who uses her love of movement to pick up the pieces and start her life over. I love to dance and take dance lessons myself, so when I heard about this one, I picked it up immediately.

Title and author of the latest book you read?

The One & Only by Emily Giffin. Emily is one of my favorite authors. In fact, as I’m writing this I’m sitting in a hotel in Houston because a friend of mine road-tripped here with me to attend Emily’s signing. We heard her speak, got our books signed and then went out for a great Italian dinner at a really cute artsy Italian place. Red wine, pasta and words. My kind of evening.

Five favorite things to do on a weekend?

Read, go to movies, knit, binge on reruns of The Gilmore Girls and dance. I take ballet barre classes and also dance in a belly dancing company.

Your favorite desert or snack?

That’s easy…cupcakes. I write in a cupcake bakery in my neighborhood. It’s like my office. It’s called Bird Bakery and is incredibly gorgeous. The décor makes me feel like I’m in Paris, and the people there are so good to me. Ooh la la.

Last song you listened to?

For a few days now, I’ve been listening to the soundtrack of The Fault in Our Stars on constant repeat in my car. The music is great. Soulful and melancholy. I love John Green’s book. It was one of my favorite reads last year, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the movie when it comes out later this week!

Best book signing moment?

At my launch party for Unmasking Juliet two weeks ago, I had a reader attend via Skype. It was a reader named Dawn who follows me closely on Facebook. She lives in another city, but her daughter lives in San Antonio, so she brought Dawn along on her cell phone! It was great. She made me stand up, back away from the phone and twirl around so she could see my dress and my shoes. I loved it.


Teri Wilson grew up as an only child and could often be found with her head in a book, lost in a world of romance and exotic places. As an adult, her love of books has led her to her dream career—writing. Now an award-winning romance author, when Teri isn’t traveling or writing, she enjoys baking, ballet, knitting and having fun with friends, family and her four dogs. Teri lives in San Antonio, Texas, and loves to hear from readers! She can be reached through her website at


Thank you, Teri for sharing with us today!  Such a pleasure to have you visit!  Readers, I hope you enjoyed hearing from Teri and please be sure to look for her book.  You’re in for a treat!

To help Teri celebrate her new release, I’ve got a great summer treat for you!  I’m giving away an Amazon gift card along with a totebag full of really great summer reading, cool treats and reader goodies and a copy of Teri’s Unmasking Juliet!  For a chance to win, tell me if you’re a fan of Romeo and Juliet’s love story, or tell me what book you’re currently reading!  Contest runs through Thursday night with winner announced on Friday. Good luck!


  1. i am a fan of Romeo and Juliet…this book sounds fantastic. Love the cover! Reading Wrapped in the Shadows by Lisa Eugene.

  2. I am a big fan or Romeo & Juliet. So classic and wonderful. I am reading Ember Island by Kimberley Freeman.

  3. I am a fan of Romeo & Juliet… star-crossed and in love… unfortunately they don’t get their HEA. Right now I am reading “Eleanor & Park” by Rainbow Rowell, which was recommended to me by the same person who told me that I needed to read “The Fault in our Stars”. So far I’m somewhere around chapter 16 and don’t want to put it down!

  4. Summer of Change is what I am almost finished reading. I like Romeo and Juliet more now than when I was required to read it in high school.

  5. Love Romeo and Juliet. My 15 year old just read it for the first time. She has watched the new movie version a half dozen times. My favorite adaptation is Warm Bodies

  6. Love Romeo and Juliet. My 15 year old just read it for the first time. She has watched the new movie version a half dozen times. My favorite adaptation is Warm Bodies.

  7. I am a fan of Romeo and Juliet and the take on chocolatiers sounds very interesting. Of course any where chocolate is involved suits me.

  8. I have never read Romeo and Juliet but I am a fan of their love story and how they thought death was the answer. I think I might just read it. Teri Wilson is a newly favorite author. Loved Unleashing Mr. Darcy. I look forward to her new novel. Thanks for the opportunity! Good luck to all who enter.

  9. Romeo & Juliet always makes me so sad due to the situation they find themselves lost in love and the cruelty of family feuds. When I read it, I want to change the ending but it would ruin the pathos of the entire play.
    Currently, I am reading Wild at Heart by Patricia Gaffney. I love her books!

  10. I’m a fan of the original Romeo and Juliet movie, not the remake with Leonardo DiCaprio. I did read it when I was a teenager and thought it was unbearable sad. I’m currently reading Witches of East End by Melissa De La Cruz.

  11. I’m a huge fan of Romeo & Juliet! I purchased the box set that came across my facebook the other day called The Cowboys of Copper Mountain: A Christmas Collection. That is what im currently reading

  12. I was never a big fan of Romeo and Juliet. I have to have HEA!
    I just finished reading “Sweet Tea and Jesus Shoes.” It is a compilation of short stories about life in the South by some of my favorite authors,including Debra Smith and Debra Dixon.

  13. I enjoyed Romeo and Juliet, even if it wasn’t my favorite classic 🙂

    I’m currently happily reading my way through A Sweet Life.

  14. I fell in love with Romeo and Juliet during 8th grade English, the same year that the Franco Zeffirelli film version came out with Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey. I would love a version that has a happy ending to it!

  15. Not really a fan of Romeo and Juliet. It’s too tragic for me. I’m currently reading Kat Martin’s “Against the Wild.”

  16. Yes – I think because of the tragic ending it sticks with me. This is one time I think I enjoy the movies more than the book – the music and I think I could follow the movie better.

  17. Not a big fan of Romeo and Juliet. I just don’t like unhappy endings. I’m reading “Dream a Little Dream” by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

  18. Thanks for onther great giveaway 🙂

    I don’t like tragic endings so I’m not a big fun of Romeo and Juliet.

    Teri’s story sounds really good and since it’s a modern day version I hope it has a HEA ending.

  19. I know the Romeo & Juliet story of course. I think I even had to read it in high school half a century ago. I don’t like reading Shakespeare, but if someone will do a play or film of one of his stories, I usually like that.
    And I like the re-telling that you are doing, Teri.

  20. Romeo and Juliet is such a tragic story. To love that fiercely. I do enjoy the works of Shakespeare & re-tellings are so much fun.

  21. Shakespeare is a favorite of mine, so yes I love Romeo and Juliet. I still have my college text from the class with all my notes written in it. One of the few texts I kept and have moved all over the country with our family.

    Book I am currently reading: Take My Breath Away by Christie Ridgway.

    1. PS Welcome Teri to Jane’s blog! And, thanks Jane for introducing another new to me author. Best of luck writing to both of you.

  22. I am reading A Town Called Valentine by Emma Cane. I do love Romeo and Juliet and your book sound fabulous. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  23. Just to clarify, Unmasking Juliet is loosely based on Shakespeare’s original. Not to spoil anything, but the ending is quite a bit more satisfying for us true romantics. xo

    1. Thank you. I for one just hates it when the heroes dies. It just “kills” the effect of a romantic story 🙂

  24. Romeo and Juliette is the ultimate love story. Of course, it’s one of my favorites. I really enjoyed this interview and little inside to Teri’s life. I look forward to reading Umasking Juliet.

  25. I am a fan of Romeo and Juliet. I wasn’t really into Shakespeare when I was in high school, but I came to appreciate his works later when I attended plays and operas during college and later.

  26. I am a fan of Romeo, Juliet, and the star crossed lovers theme. I like it when they have a HEA or HFN. I love that Romeo and Juliet were from opposing households but still think they were too young for each other. What were they, like 14 and 16? Dying for love is a noble death, but those two were a little silly. I mean why didn’t they communicate their plans to each other?

    I do love re-tellings and really enjoyed Teri’s first book. I’m looking forward to this one too.

  27. I can honestly say that I wasn’t a fan of Romeo and Juliet, when I had to read it in the 10th grade, but after reading it again, when I was older, I loved it. I would love to read a modern day Romeo and Juliet, what I am reading right now, is a Tule book, “Last Year’s Bride”, I just bought my own copy this morning, and I am loving it. And, as usual I just want to say thank you for being such a generous author to your fans, as always you have some of the greatest giveaways ever. And you are and will be an awesome writer though out your career, I love your writing. Thanks Jane

  28. I love Romeo and Juliet. I still remember when I was in the 7th grade how our class walked to our small town showing to see a showing of the movie with Olivia Hussey.

  29. Romeo & Juliet was a must read for my 9th grade English class. Since then I have seen movie & theater versions of the story. Who wouldn’t like to read about star-crossed lovers, even if they are only teenagers. I really enjoyed this interview & getting to know Teri. Thanks

  30. I love Romeo and Juliette and this sounds like a delicious version.

    I am reading Avenge Me by Maisey Yates.

  31. I like Romeo and Juliet, but, there are other stories I like better.

    I’m currently reading This Crumbing Pageant.

  32. Taming of the Shrew is probably my favorite. I’m reading Heather Graham – Waking the Dead, J.D. Robb – Loyalty in Death, Laura Morrigan – Woof at the Door, Jayne Ann Krentz – Absolutely Positively, Sarah Addison Allen – Lost Lake.

  33. Welcome Teri! I’m a huge Romeo and Juliet fan and have been ever since I was young. I used to watch the Zeffirelli movie with Olivia Hussey over and over. To the point that I memorized a lot of it and made my sister act the play out with me. Gosh, I haven’t thought of that in years. Right now I am reading Rainbow Rowell’s Landline. So far, so good! Congratulations on your book. I can’t imagine anything better than chocolate to go with Romeo and Juliet.

  34. I’m reading “Miss Molly Robbins Designs A Seduction” by Jayne Fresina. I’ve never read her before and I’m really enjoying this book.

  35. I’m reading Born of Deception by Teri Brown. It’s a young adult book, but I’m a fan 🙂

    Love the cover for Teri’s new book. It sounds

    1. And I hit enter to soon 🙂
      The books sounds wonderful. Just like something I’ll like to read. And Jane, you know what we love to read so I just love it when you recommend books. Thanks 🙂

  36. I used to love The Gilmore girls. I love a good romeo and Juliet book I probably read the book back in High school when I wasn’t into reading that much and didn’t appreciate it should probably read it again now but I love that type of story. Thanks for sharing.

  37. I am not a big fan, but I have not read it since high school. I should give it another chance as my book reading has diversified since then.

  38. I’m a big fan of Romeo and Juliet! One of my favorite movies is Shakespeare in Love 🙂
    I just started reading The Secret Life of Violet Grant by Beatriz Williams.

  39. I think I first liked Shakespeare because of Romeo & Juliet. Currently enjoying a library book: Steve Smith’s (Red Green’s) We’re All in This Together.

  40. I liked Romeo and Juliet, but somehow missed a lot of Shakespeare, even as an English major….I am currently trying to catch up on my magazines, but have a few new books and many semi-new books on my pile to read…

  41. Big fan of Romeo and Juliet and William Shakespeare writings. I loved the movie Shakespeare in Love. I love when authors take a timeless classic and make it modern day. I think it is really fun.
    I am reading at the moment The Bride Who Wouldn’t by Carol Marinelli.

  42. Yes, I am a fan of the Romeo and Juliet love story. And this book sounds great, especially since it has one of my favorite things: chocolate!!!

  43. So fun to read everyone’s comments, especially about Romeo and Juliet! Thanks for helping Teri feel welcome! I hope you’ll pick up her new story too. 🙂

    Our winner is #4, Jami Birnbaum!

    Jami, send me an email with your mailing info and we’ll get prize in the mail to you!!

    Thanks all for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!

    Jane xoxoxo

  44. Romeo & Juliet was not my favorite, but I do love the cover of this book. It’s the blue dress. I just finished Coming Up for Air by Patti Callahan Henry, and immediately started Thanks for the Memories by Cecelia Ahern. I have never read any books by Patti, but really enjoyed this one from my auntie for my birthday. I love Cecelia’s writing. If You Could See Me Now is my favorite of hers.

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