Giving Credit

I had a wonderful weekend. Really, truly. And part of it is the gorgeous weather we’re enjoying in the Pacific Northwest. Sunny, sunny days. Warm clear nights. Highs in the mid 80s. And this is only the middle of May. But what made the weekend truly wonderful was Ty flying in from Hawaii and doing all the things I normally do on a spring weekend in Bellevue….but have learned to do alone.

Like go to my kids’ baseball games.

And go to Sunday brunch.

And take the boys to the pool.

And then there was the company for things I don’t often do anymore, like dinners out and movies and a trip to Seattle’s Pike Place Market followed by a ferry ride over to Bainbridge Island where we walked to dinner at a quaint downtown restaurant before dashing to catch the ferry back home.

It was so wonderful to have his company, so wonderful to just feel happy and…loved. It sounds corny to put it here, on a blog, but as a romance writer it’s what I do all day…write about love, write about romance and seduction and hopes and hurts and sometimes the story on paper seems to much better than real life, but with Ty real life romance is better than anything I can make up. And the romance isn’t flowers and cards (although I did get flowers from him on Sunday), it’s kindness and laughter and happiness. I’ve written about love all over the place–but this all feels so new. It feels so good. I would trade diamonds and riches, fame and success if it meant I could feel this loved forever.

I want to believe love can last forever.

I really, really do.

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