This Is Your Reminder

Yes, I’m pestering you. Again. What do you expect from someone called Jane the Pain? (And that was by my sister, Kathy, no less.)

This is your reminder blog. My one day fire sell book club donation to diabetes auction is live for one day only, and that’s Monday May 22nd. Bring me to your home! Drag me across the country. Drag me across the ocean. Make me work for you. It’s all for a good cause. And we both get to do something fun.

So, Mom–this is your chance to get me back for a visit.

Cyndi, in Dallas, get your friends together.

Anne in Menlo Park…Sherry from my friends and authors loop…Shaun in Hawaii…

I *will* come to you. Just bid. Bring me there.

And while you’re bidding, check out the Aloha tote bag I donated full of books and Hawaii sweets and treats. If you bid on the bag and win it, I shall kick in a $100 Barnes & Noble gift card (or Amazon gift certificate if you live overseas). So bid on Monday for the book club party, and bid today on the tote bag packed with Aloha and you will make lots of people (and especially me) very happy.

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