Over At Blogger…

I’m keeping some of my 5 Spot authors company with the new The5Spot blog. And what the heck is 5 Spot? It’s an imprint. Um, an emblem on the spine of my Flirting with Book. A…thing.

But I just added a post there, my second blog with them ever. I like that place because I get to add photos. I wish I could add photos here but hey, that’s an issue for my web team, not you all. So if you want to see some photos, or see what kind of things I say in my alter ego state, drop by here and see me, and read my newest blog and know that sometime over the weekend I will be sharing some pics from Australia, and finally a photo of me and my surfer guy…together. That’s right. We have been photographed together and The5Spot Blog…thing…will have those photos sometime between now and Sunday night.

And now I must go feed the gecko small crickets. And dig some mealworms and waxworms out of sawdust for the gecko’s bowl. I’m so glad I have a gecko for a pet. I always wanted a lizard. I always wanted to clean up lizard poop.

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