Thank You for Readers

I’ve got to thank my readers. They’ve been amazing. They’re making Flirting with Forty very successful, creating a buzz I could only dream about. Until now.

While the Amazon and B& sales have slowed somewhat, Flirting is still showing strong on Bookscan, which is probably why the book has now gone back for a 6th printing in a little over a month. A 6th printing. Bringing the total print run to 62,500. I’m thrilled, I’m thrilled, I’m thrilled. But better than those numbers, are the emails I’m getting from readers, readers that have connected with the story at a level I didn’t expect. People have written me to say that it’s as if I could read their minds, and others have thanked me for putting into words what they’ve felt for years. Others just wanted me to know that my book made them feel laugh, or cry, or both. And some others, mainly Redbook magazine readers, wrote to say that they haven’t read a book in ages, or that reading hasn’t ever been easy, and yet they got lost in Flirting with Forty and read it in record time.

These emails are the things I treasure most. The book sales are great–they represent a future for me-but what gives me pleasure, and comfort, and encouragement is the knowledge that I’ve written something that validates other women’s experience. My story isn’t my story at all, but thousand and thousands of other women’s story.

For a little girl that wrote stories for herself, to keep from being lonely, it’s heady. Dazzling. Life changing.

So to my readers–you amazing, kind, honest, smart, extremely hardworking women–thank you. I’m a fan of all of you.

Yours, Jane

PS To express my appreciation, I’m sending a thank you gift to the first 100 readers that email and put Fun Flirting Freebies in the subject header. I’ll send you some great promo items including What’s a Flirting with Forty pen, Flirting letter opener, and my favorite–Jackie Lauren’s Luau Cookbook. Make sure you put your complete name and mail address in the body of the email so the cookbook and fun stuff reaches you. Give us a couple weeks to get them all out (although you probably will receive your goodies sooner!). Be sure to email today before we run out of goodies and remember–you’re all awesome, even those of you who don�t want any Flirting freebies, and I couldn’t have done this without you.

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