Doctor’s Orders

I’ve been in and out of the doctor’s office lately and I’ve been given a big fat lecture along with a moratorium on travel. Apparently my body needs to stay home, get more sleep, feel less stress, and find an immune system again as the one I used to have went on holiday and never came back.

What’s with that anyway?

How can my immune system take a break and leave me hanging? Body, I have things to do! People to see. Places to go. We can’t be under lock down. We can’t be told we’re not allowed to fly. We can’t be avoiding people, bugs, germs, and what not. We’re movers and shakers, we’re talking about Jane Porter, the old fabulous trio of Me-Myself-and I.

Rather grandiose, isn’t it? But maybe if I think of myself as three people, I can get three people’s worth of stuff done. I can write and speak and handle everything…and Me-Myself-and I was doing it, and doing just fine, until the one immune system supporting us went to Bora Bora and never came back.

So what I really want to know is, how the hell do other single moms do it?

How do they work and juggle motherhood and homework and sports and business travel and deadlines (and I didn’t even mention laundry, grocery shopping, or preparing dinner) with out falling apart? How do their bodies do it? How does anybody do it?

So, the bad news is I’m forced to (hopefully temporarily) severely curtail travel and obligations until the old white cell count does what its got to do and then once we’re all back in one, healthy piece, I can get continue doing what I do best.

Being three people in one Jane Porter body.

So, so spooky but then, I never did claim to be normal. Did I?


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