Sound Relations

As an author I have days where I can’t even figure out how to yank a plot around to save a book, much less write and send out press releases for an upcoming book tour, follow up with the bookstore, send out arcs for reviews, do online promo, buy and put together contest prizes, send out contest prizes, send out newest info on contest prize…

There are days where I click on my email inbox and I have seventy-two new emails. And the last time I checked was five hours ago.

There are days where I need three or four of me, and that still doesn’t include writing the dang book.

Which is where my secret weapon comes in, and you better believe I have one. It’s Lee Hyat with Author Sound Relations, a small, smart and utterly fantastic company that provides authors with PR and administrative support. And as much as I need PR help, there are days–weeks–where the administrative assistance is my lifeline. Because I travel, because I rely on internet cafes, because I’m creative and passionate but sometimes take on a lot of projects and obligations, I need back up help. I sometimes need an army of back up help. And Lee’s that army. I forward tons of emails, shoot wild random stuff her way with little tiny subject headers like ‘Help!, ‘Contact’, ‘Do It, ‘Fix This, Please’, ‘Research’, ‘Smooth Over’, and so on. And best of all, she does.

And now that I’m on deadline to get my next book in to 5 Spot, I’m disconnecting the internet and phone, hibernating in my house, and writing even longer hours, I will need Lee’s support even more. I’ll need her to help me prioritize the dozens and dozens of emails, tell me which stuff I’ve got to handle, have her handle what she can, and shelve the rest until I can get to it.

And it works. Even with me having a new Harlequin Presents coming out in less than two weeks because the books were sent out months ago for review (thank you, Lee) and Lee’s already designed and placed banner ads for it at various sites, and she’s working on a fun Book Extra with me that will go up on my website soon, and she just knows me, knows what’s going on in my books and my career and just keeps me positive. Upbeat. Makes me believe I can do whatever it is I need to do.

And that’s the kind of support I want, and that’s the kind of support that allows me to accomplish what I accomplish….not just now, not just in the past few years, but also in the years to come.

Without sending me to the poor house.

Maybe that’s the part so many working authors don’t get. Great help doesn’t have to mean your kids don’t eat, or have a chance to go to college. It just means you get to sleep a little more at night because someone is making sure your back is covered.

I swear by it. I swear by Lee. She’s my little secret weapon and now you all know.

But then I had to tell. She’s too darn good to keep her all to myself.

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