The Kranks

I know where they got the name the Kranks. The Kranks are people who are COLD and TIRED and NOT HAVING FUN.

Was I shouting?

Oh, yes. I was shouting. I’m KRANKY.

And that’s even with the power back on. Because it only just came back on and I’m THANKFUL but having been made to wait a LONG time for my power when some of my neighbors and friends had power SATURDAY makes me even KRANKIER.

On a calmer note, I am leaving early in morning for ten days (two weeks?) in Hawaii. The boys will be with me first week and then I’m supposed to be working on new book for Harlequin as I finished my revisions for Odd Mom Out just hours before power went last Thursday. While my editor reads the revisions and enjoys her holidays, I’m going to be getting some sun and fun somewhere far from Seattle’s storms and (so she says now) writing on my new book for Presents.

I fully intend to check in before Christmas as I’m sure the Kranks will have moved out by them. But in case another horrible storm comes, or turbulence knocks me out of the sky (knock wood, everyone, knock on wood!), let me say…Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and you know, I’m already feeling a lot better.

Merry Christmas. Wow. The Grinch might just be gone. I’m kind of all…toasty…inside.

Merry Christmas, friends. It was a most interesting year, wasn’t it?

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