They say it was the storm of the century, maybe the storm of two centuries. The wind took out so many trees and the trees took out so many power lines that 1.8 million people lost power in Seattle last Thursday night and I’m one of the 240,000 people still without power Monday night. The brutal thing is we lost power Wednesday last week, the day before the big storm and we used up nearly all our candles and firewood that night. At first it was rather fun. I played pioneer woman and did a good job heating water over the fireplace, making hot cocoa and toasting bagels with big forks. Now, five days later, I’m really cold and very much in need of some heat and light and a hot shower and clean clothes. Oh, and some food in the fridge because everything had to be thrown out days ago.

So really, how cold did we get? Last night was below freezing (in the 20’s and some folks were talking snow) so after a half hour shivering in bed I got up, shivering even more, rummaged in my dark freezing closet trying to find a scarf or hat for my icy head. Couldn’t find anything but a sweater. A fuzzy sweater. So that is what I ended up tying on my head. Yes. Like a hat. I even used the arms to knot underneath my chin.

I felt a bit like a babushka but I was warm and I did sleep.

Now thanks to Kinko’s for internet access, and Starbucks for coffee, I feel almost human again. Well, until I go home and start lighting candles and trying to build a fire without the benefit of Duraflame, and yeah, until I tie that fuzzy sweater on top of my head to keep me warm.

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