Holiday Spirit

Don’t you just hate it when folks start out by making excuses and defending themselves? I know. I do. But here’s my disclaimer–I’m not depressed. I’m just snarky. I’m, oh, busy and feeling hectic but not in a bad way, so please gentle readers, do not despair nor worry for me. I am actually really happy in a busy sort of way.

There are Christmas trees up at the Bellevue and Hawaii house. Outside lights on both houses. Baking has been started. Christmas shopping is done. Christmas cards are half done. I’m even having a little holiday get together this weekend for a few close friends who only know me these days because they bother to read my blog. Sad, but true.

But really, except for the revision on Odd Mom, which I would very much like to wrap up by Thursday or Friday at the latest, I’m feeling quite on top of things. Well, other than the fact that my youngest is home with a flu that involves projectile vomiting but that’s not in the holiday spirit so pretend I didn’t write that.

Instead let me leave you with some festive thoughts…

Santa’s fat belly.

Sitting in Santa’s sleigh…behind eight gassy reindeer (never mind Rudolph, but he doesn’t always count, besides, with his nose so bright, he shouldn’t have intestinal distress, too, should he???)

Thorny mistletoe

Wrapping paper cuts

Tufts of bristly gray hair in Santa’s ears and nose

Have I left anything out?

Hope not, but if any cheery holiday thoughts come, don’t you worry. I’ll be sure to share.

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