That Loving Feeling

I don’t got it.

I’m talking about the JaneBlog. And maybe it’s not a permanent detachment, maybe we’ll grow closer again, maybe it’s just the holidays and stress, but I have to tell you, right now I don’t care if I ever see my blog again.

First of all, why blog when I’ve got to do my son’s homework?

And why blog when there’s only seventeen more days of shopping left before Christmas?

And still a hundred Christmas cards to write.

Oh, and revisions to finish for Hatchette.

And a book to write for Harlequin.

Never mind wrapping, shipping, normal grocery shopping, laundry and housework.

Never mind anything. I’m just going to bah humbug my computer and my blog and everything until Mercury is no longer in retrograde.

What? Mercury isn’t in retrograde? But Saturn is now in retrograde…which means what?

Oh, please. No. No more bad news. I’ve still got to put together my marketing plan for Hatchette for Odd Mom Out. I still have to figure out how we’re going to dazzle everyone next September. Never mind that my children are naked and starving right now. Never mind that Christmas shopping is endless and thankless since few people ever like what you get them anyway. Never mind that the requisite holiday baking just makes me fat.

But on to happier things. Like 2007. And the start of a new year.

And the credit card statements showing just how much money we blew in December.

And just for your information–I didn’t leave the JaneBlog. The JaneBlog left me. Something about it’d lost that loving feeling.

Huh. Uppity Blog.

You’ll be back. You just watch.

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