Beginner Yoga

I did it for the first time. I popped a Yoga for Beginners dvd in and followed the instructor through thirty minutes of poses and breathing and I’ve got to say, it kicked my butt. All that ‘soften’ into a pose is a lot of work. Trying to breathe is even more work. Trying to relax, stretch, breathe and soften worked up a sweat. I was struggling there to hold a pose, breathe and relax.

Relaxing is work.

Relaxing exhausted me.

Relaxing and stretching and breathing has left me shaking. I’m sitting at my desk with wobbily muscles and a kind of odd humming sensation running through me.

On the plus side, my neck doesn’t hurt and my back doesn’t hurt and I feel quite….stretched…and that’s a surprisingly satisfying feeling for someone that spends a lot of time at a desk aching away.

I think I’m going to do the yoga dvd again tomorrow. Because beyond the arduous task of breathing and softening and stretching is the rather peaceful feeling in my brain. I’m not freaking out (right now) which is a delightful change.

I’m calm.

I’m mellow.

And all I did was stretch and hold and inhale and stretch and exhale and some other stuff like that. I have to say, I’m very fond of the child pose and the corpse pose is another favorite. The prayer thing at the end was good, too, especially as I could use all the wisdom of the ages and the universe.

So, while I’m calm and relaxed and focused, I think I’m going to start writing. Because book is due in two weeks (less than two weeks but saying a full two weeks makes me feel better) and I’ve a lot to do.

But I can do it. I’ve the wisdom of the universe with me this morning.

Must go while universe is still on my side.

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