Eggplant 911

I need help. Veggie 911 kind of help.

The eggplant I cooked tonight was horrible. Disgusting. So gross I couldn’t eat it and I tried. I even threw out the first batch and started over and tried cooking it again, a different way. It was still bad.

There must be another way to cook eggplant, a way that doesn’t use gobs of fat (because yes, I know, you could make anything taste good with a cube of butter and a head of garlic, just look at escargot).

What I want is to be able to cook, and eat, certain vegetables without giving them a hefty caloric count.

If you have a tasty, healthy, and relatively easy recipe for eggplant please send it to me. I’d like to try it. I can’t go through another night with eggplant like I did tonight.

And while you rummage through your recipe file box, can you locate any good roasted beet recipes? I just want to make a beet salad and I don’t want horseradish in it. I don’t want a ‘hot’ beet vegetable dish, I don’t want beets with fire, beets with pizzazz. I just want it to taste like…beets.

I’ve two more beets in my produce drawer and I don’t want to fail. Please. Someone somewhere must have some beet tips.

And before you go. I bought a kind of squash the other day, it reminded me a bit of a stringy pumpkin. The outside was green, and the inside yellow orange and when it was cooked, it had a shredded quality to it. Now, how do you cook this properly? I nuked my wedge in the microwave and ate it with some salt and pepper and managed to keep it down, but it really was kind of yucky after the fifth stringy bite. I know, butter would have helped, but I’m trying to save my arteries, and trying to save some calories for dessert and I keep thinking someone has to know how to make vegetables yummy.

They don’t have to taste like dessert. But they shouldn’t taste like something sick is in my mouth.

You know how babies make that face when they eat a gross new taste? That’s where I am folks. I’m making that gross face and scraping a lot of uneaten eggplant and squash into my garbage bin..

So send recipes soon. I liked filling my cart with fresh produce at the grocery store. Unfortunately I don’t know what to do with it once it’s there.

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