Snow Angel Hell

My kids have got to go back to school. That’s all there is to it. I love snow, and I love how pretty it is here when it’s all white and glistening and white and powdery and white and icy but enough is enough. If I read one more article about how 2006 was the warmest winter on record I will scream. I’m sure Denver will scream, too. The West is chilly. The West Coast is freezing. And the Pacific Northwest has had six days of snow. Which means days and days of cancelled school due to ‘Snow Days’.

A week off from school wouldn’t seem like such a bad thing if you hadn’t just come back from a two week Christmas break.

And if you hadn’t had three cancelled school days before Christmas break due to no power.

And if you hadn’t had 2-3 cancelled days after Thanksgiving due to Snow Days.

Since Thanksgiving we’ve had more vacation days from school than school and as a mom that works from home, I’ve got lockjaw from trying to smile through mounting anxiety and frustration. My book is due in two weeks. I’m on chapter four. And the first three chapters are pretty bad. Thus the pressure on to get kids where they belong: in class with loads of work of their own.

You know its bad when even the kids want to go back. *My* kids want to go back (well, sort of, on a short day, with late start and early dismissal and because my younger son’s birthday party is tomorrow and how can Reptile Man come if there’s snow everywhere??? And won’t the reptiles freeze in his van???).

Focus, Jane, focus.

Okay, focused. And this is what I want: kids gone, back to a schedule that includes five days of normal school headaches and homework. It’s only fair. I’m supposed to have to work through the snow flurries and ice storms. Why aren’t they?

So, yes, this morning’s early snow fall is beautiful and the powdery stuff everywhere is gorgeous and I’ll never get tired of how pretty it is, but come on, get chains on the school bus, and salt the damn streets and lets get our little snow angels out of the house and back into school so I can enjoy the Snow Day all by myself.

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