That Time of Year

It’s that time of year for the big annual award shows. Golden Globes are this coming Monday. Oscars are around the corner and I’m putting it all out there for Mother of The Year 2007.

I confess, I’m totally lobbying for the Mother of The Year award for 2007 now. I know it’s only the 10th of the first month and there’s a lot more of 07 left, but I’ve been a pretty good mom this past week and I don’t know if I can sustain this kind of cheerful healthy approach all year long. Far better to just have the lobbying and voting now.

Reasons why I could imagine myself Mother of the Year for the first week of January:

1) I made lunches for the kids almost every day, except for today but that’s because I had to fill out Scholastic Book Order forms and couldn’t make breakfast (Eggo Waffles and bagels) AND fill out forms AND make my coffee AND make their lunch.

2) I did laundry over the weekend, two loads of colors and one with white and bleach and folded clothes and carried upstairs so kids could just leave on floor of their bedroom and knock over later and then kick later and then shove under bed, in closet, or back in hamper.

3) I took us all running last Wednesay for 2 miles. I was a great coach for Jake while he and I ran the track and I shouted in the dark, ‘Ty, you okay? Stay in the light. Stay where I can see you.’

4) I explained to the boys that we’re eating healthier from now on because America has turned us into consumers of transfat and excessive sugar and we’re addicted to this stuff now and it’s time we fought back and ate real food again.

5) I let Ty have a friend for a sleepover last Friday night and friend stayed til 3 in the afternoon and I never yelled while friend was here and I smiled at boys a lot and asked perky happy good mother questions like, ‘Are you boys hungry? Do you boys need anything?’

6) I did not make anyone cry during sleepover.

7) I cooked dinner nearly every night and didn’t eat out too much (except for night at Sushi and Joy and then the other night when we had Papa John’s pizza delivered but that was for the boys sleepover so that doesn’t count because I was trying to look like a really fun mom.)

8) I helped with homework without yelling or making anyone cry.

9) I let boys use new noisy electronic toy in the livingroom for an hour without screaming for them to turn that noise off.

10) I bought lots of produce at the store and very little junk food and was so proud of eggplant, beets, squash and pomegrantes in my shopping cart. I looked like a very healthy and fit mom. Even if I don’t know how to cook beets or eggplant yet.

And that’s why I nominate myself for Mother of the Year. I’ve been good this last week, very good, but it’s not going to last. I can’t sustain happy, healthy perky mom forever. Those who know me know I’ll crack.

I’ll yell.

I’ll make someone cry.

I’ll hit the drivethrough.

I’ll serve transfats.

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