My New Internet Baby

It’s not officially live. I’m supposed to wait until Monday night or Tuesday to let everyone know but I can’t wait. I’m too excited. I have something new that’s arrived at my website and I love it and have to share.

I have a brand spanking new bulletin board on my website and its there for you, my friends, my family and readers. It’s also there for me to talk to you, but also for you to be able to talk to each other. I receive hundreds of emails every month and you all say such amazing things and I wish you knew each other. I wish I even knew you better. And that’s what the bulletin board is for. It’s a place you can chat with me, a place you can sound off, a place where you can make friends. It’s my internet home and it’s now yours.

As I said, the BB isn’t fully visible on my website yet but will be there for all to see on Tuesday morning. But, if you’d like a sneak peek now, click on this link and then in the upper right hand corner, click on ‘B-B’ for Bulletin Board:

You’ll notice that I’ve begun posting, and once you register (yep, you can register now! ) you can post now, too.

I’m really excited about my new ‘baby’ and I hope you’ll find it fun, entertaining, and heart warming. My readers are amazing people, just the best people, and I’m hoping my BB will let me chat with you more as well as talk about the things that you’re interested in.

Do check it out (and finally I’ve a place you can discuss my JaneBlog!) and let me know what you think.



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