Challenges & Cliffs

Lately there have been bumps in my day, bumps that could very easily become a source of aggravation. But instead of being annoyed or aggravated, I’m choosing to make these bumps opportunities. Perhaps the thing I’d imagined or hoped for didn’t pan out, but maybe that’s good. Maybe I now have the chance to learn something else, something new.

The truth is, we don’t often see the world as it could be, rather, we see the world as we’ve become accustomed to seeing it. And growing up (I so prefer that term to ‘aging’) often narrows our world view, as well as our perception. We might get more clarity, but we also get more rigid. We dig in our heels and insist we can do this, and we can’t do that, or we won’t do that, and that’s the part of me–the part of life-I want to change.

I don’t want to be the perfectionist that won’t, or can’t, try new things, and won’t adapt to new situations. And every time I write something new, or put myself in a challenging environment, I give my brain a chance to grow.

I read recently a quote by the actress Cate Blanchett: ‘I’m always looking for the next challenge. I don’t see a point in embarking on something unless it seems impossible.’

I love that. And maybe I don’t want everything to be impossible, but I love the thrill of starting something new, something difficult, and accomplishing it. Maybe the process isn’t always comfortable, but the end results are worth it. And what are those end results? Confidence. Enhanced self-esteem. And oh, yes, bragging rights.

And if we do master something difficult, we should brag. It’s okay to brag. Guys do it all the time.

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