Tuesday Update

Love that wonderful diary entry title. Fascinating subject header, isn’t it?

Okay, creativity isn’t my high point right now. In fact, creativity seems to be a low point, along with my low energy. I thank my latest cold bug for that, as well as the very disorienting doses of Sudafed. What is in Sudafed, Actifed, Sinus Cold and Allergy, Tylenol Cold anyway? (And no, I’m not taking them all at one point, or even more than one tablet in 12 hours, but I’ve tried everything in my desperate search to find a decongestant that doesn’t make me dizzy and sleepy.)

However, colds and foggy head aside, I’m feeling good right now.

My new website bulletin board is up and running and you’re invited to check it out. No more sneak peeks. Feel free to lurk, post, or ignore. The B-Board is on the upper right hand corner of every website page and its there so I could chat with all my friends, and they could chat back.

Speaking of friends, I’m flying to San Diego tomorrow night to attend the NINC conference which officially kicks off Thursday morning with an all day workshop by creativity guru Eric Maisel. I’m anxious to get some more insights into writing as well as the act of creating. And those friends? My buddy Lilian Darcy is flying in from Australia and so is the fabulous historical author, Anne Gracie. These women are brilliant and if you haven’t read them yet, do. Lilian writes short and long contemporary romance for Harlequin and her characters and stories are among my favorites. She’s been nominated for gobs of awards because she’s so good and I’m not just saying it because she’s my friend. And Anne Gracie, what can I say about her historical romances other than get out and buy them because she’s so gifted, so very talented, and she’s an incredible reader, too. When she recommends an author or a book, I run out and buy.

But that’s not all that is waiting for me in San Diego. Mr. Delicious–okay, that sounds very pornographic–let’s try, Mr. Dangerous is flying in from Hawaii to meet me at the airport. That’s right, my very own surfer Ty Gurney is flying in to San Diego for two and a half days with me. And I’m so glad. I need to see him. I’ve missed him. It’s been two weeks since I last saw him but its been especially hard this time. There are times the distance isn’t a big deal but lately, with my colds, and my barely there energy I’ve needed my guy.

And now I’ll see him, and my friends, and attend a great little conference, too.

Everything’s perfect. Except for that one teensy weensy little problem.

My current book. It’s due in two weeks. And I’m only on chapter 2.

Ssssh. Don’t tell my editor. She thinks I’m almost done.

And really, doesn’t it sound more positive when I put it that way?

PS Uh, side note….the B-Board isn’t linking off my Blog page right now due to a few technical difficulties that will hopefully be fixed soon. So for now, to access my B-Board, go ‘Home’ and click on B-Board from there. That does work!

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