Another Day, Another Page

It’s Monday April 16th and taxes are done which should make Uncle Sam very happy because I wrote a lot of checks and gave him a lot of money. My kids are also off to school and I’ve my cup of coffee in hand which means its now time to write.

I officially start a new book today with copy edits for The Sheikh’s Chosen Queen and revisions for new untitled sheikh manuscript interfering only a little. This new book is the sequel to Odd Mom Out and has the working title, Alpha Mom, a title that just might stick on the book’s front cover, too.

Alpha Mom is about Taylor Young, the queen of the PTA, the School Auction Chair, the uber alpha mommy with a flat, tan tummy and gorgeous Jennifer Anniston hair. She and her drool worthy husband, Nathan, and their model pretty daughters have a big house on the lake, an enviable lifestyle and oodles of beautiful people friends.

I’d like to tell you about what happens behind the scenes…but I can’t. For one, the story is still in my head, not on paper yet, and for another, you have to read Odd Mom Out to meet Taylor properly, to know who this uber alpha lady is before, well, the walls come tumbling down.

This is a book I’ve been dying to write and yet now that it’s here–S Day for Start Day–I’m a bit glassy eyed and slack jawed. Starting a book is lots of work and always makes me feel like I’m at the foot of Mt. Everest and anticipating a hard, even dangerous, climb.

Writing books turns me inside out.

Writing books makes me doubt myself.

But also, writing books, engages me at every level–mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically–and it’s one of the only things hard enough, demanding enough, creative enough to require all of me. It requires mind, body and spirit over and over and ultimately, through struggling to write, through struggling to piece together a story, and then struggling to make it compelling, I know myself. I know I’m alive and I know I’m real and I know I’m doing whatever it is I was put on earth to do.

Make up stories. Write fiction. Entertain myself.

And stay out of the mall.

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