Prayers & Tears

This will be short. There’s no way to make it long. I’ve found it nearly impossible to write since I learned yesterday morning of the tragedy unfolding at Virginia Tech. Checking into I read the details as they came in, watched as the body count rose. Today, as the names of the victims are released it becomes even more heartbreakingly real.

I come from a family of academics. My father taught for 19 years at a college. My older brother Thom is a business professor at UNC at Wilmington. My great grandfather was an engineering professor at Purdue. I taught jr high and high school. Teaching’s in our blood.

Learning’s our passion.

Schools should be safe. Whether you are faculty, a preschooler or a PhD candidate, you should be safe at school.

I cry for those that died. I cry for those that suffer now. And I cry that this country of mine is filled with so much violence.

Enough with the guns, encugh with the violence.

Enough already.

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