Hot Read!

Having just returned from five days in Dallas for Romance Writers of America’s annual conference, I’ve heard a lot about books in the last few days.

I’ve talked writing, taught writing, presented to librarians, spoken with my agent and editors at length and came home with an earful of info and two suitcases of books. One book traveled home with me in first class, not in cargo though, and that was Australian author Anna Campbell’s amazing Claiming The Courtesan.

Claiming The Courtesan is brilliant–and I’m damn picky. I’m only on page 101 but I unreservedly love it and am enjoying it the way I enjoy JR Ward’s novels, JR Ward being my other big discovery this year.

Claiming The Courtesan generates a lot of heat–not just on the pages, and this Avon historical novel generates lots and lots of that–but among writers and readers as well. I love this book’s controversy. Original, daring books create controversy and Anna’s unique voice, a darker voice, is my favorite kind of voice.

What makes this novel so special? It’s completely unpc. There is no political correctness about it and as I read I smile to myself, thinking it’s sure to fire folks up the same way an intense Presents alpha hero fires up some readers. This book is sexy, erotic edged, risky. And it’s the debut novel for Anna as well. I’m so glad Avon bought this book, even grateful, as I’ve hungered for a darker historical again.

If you’re in the mood for new, if you love great writing, if you enjoy sensual and even scandalous you must read Claiming The Courtesan. I’m a fan of Anna Campbell’s. She writes hot, provocative, and intriguing characters and plot. Hurrah! The dark sexy historical has been reborn!

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