More on That Hot Read

I stayed up last night until nearly 2 am wolfing through Claiming The Courtesan and then backing up to reread Anna’s gorgeous prose. Her book is so much on my mind this morning and it’s because I haven’t read anything like this in years.

Anna’s characters are fantastic–both great and tragic, heroic and broken, proud and aching. Her characters do what I love best–hunger, hope, need. These characters aren’t the gorgeous shiny styled heroes and heroines we find in today’s sexy Regencies but a throw back to Laura Kinsale and Shane Abe’s earlier historicals. Maybe even further back. Think brooding Collen McCullough. No, think Bronte.

Anna writes with a skill that dazzles me, especially with this being her debut novel. If I were writing historicals todays this is what I would want to write. This is what I’ve longed to read. Fierce passion, heightened stakes, an all or nothing story.

If you don’t like dark, this one isn’t for you, but if the wounded Alpha hero appeals, or the Alpha beast in need of redemption enthralls you, you’ll love this book. I love this book.

Anna Campbell, I’m your life long fan!

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