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Today’s the day the JaneBlog grows up.   No longer just a place where I comment in the privacy of my own home, on my private web page, the JaneBlog becomes part of the larger blog world with comments and RSS feeds,  links, photos and categories.

I’m honestly not sure I’m ready for a grown up blog.  I’ve never wanted comments on my blog, never felt the need to have them as I figured no one needs to know if anyone reads my blog and likes it.  But the blog world seems to like talking to and about itself so I’m going to try leaving the comments on for now and see if I like getting comments.  (Aren’t I a little diva?!?)

I’m still not totally sure what RSS Feeds is but it sounds kind of groovy.  Makes me feel techie and super sexy smart.  I can also include links now but I’m probably not going to do a lot of that for awhile as I’m not that techie smart.   

Over time I will try to list some favorite blogs and websites on the left hand sidebar.  I’ve already listed a couple.  I’m supposed to be a regular contributor to a number of other blogs but they’re lucky if they hear from me twice a year (kind of like some folks attending church…they’ll go Christmas and Easter).  I promise to try better. 

So, if you want to tell me what you think of my new JaneBlog, please do.  If you have ideas or suggestions, please share.  And if you want me to just shut up, well, love, you can keep that thought to yourself.


  1. Woohoo!! Welcome to Big Girl Blogging!!! I will sign up for your RSS FEEDS so that I can get a notification that tells me when you post!! (That’s what that is btw.. hehe)

    Only one week and one day until Odd Mom Out comes out!!! Hooray!

    Kari Andersen

  2. Yay, Jane! I for one, as an avid blog reader, am happy to be able to pitch in with my little .02. I love reading about your mom moments on your blog because I have so many of them myself. For example, today my three year old son came home from preschool, smiled at me and said gently, “I hate you, Mom.”

    Looking forward to Odd Mom Out…!

    xx Kate H.

  3. Wow! Just like myspace…except I can access this at work, whereas myspace…well, they block it. I might just spend too much time there and not enough time working! Lol!

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