Severe Weather

I’m at Dallas-Ft Worth Airport seven and a half hours early.  It’s ten am now and my flight isn’t until 6 something tonight but the storm has pretty much shut down my day of stock signings.  I did make the ABC station for my appearance on “Good Morning Texas” but that was a nail biter.  The power was out in chunks of the city, snarling traffic, and the flying orange cones and swirling debris from the construction sites made it rather hazardous driving.  My media escort seemed a little white-knuckled and frankly, I’m a trooper, but I’m not about to run across a massive plaza in a little dress and delicate high heels as rain comes down in blinding sheets and winds knock couches off buildings.

I’m serious.

Across the street from the studio a couch went flying off the building and it was a little too Dorothy from Kansas for me.  We get rain in Seattle but this wasn’t rain.  This is flying furniture.

My media escort hoped if I got to the airport early I could catch an earlier flight home.  Not a chance.  Flights aren’t being allowed to land at DFW right now,  some heading to Oklahoma while the morning Alaska flight from Seattle was turned around and sent to Denver.

I’m rather glad my flight isn’t until 6 pm tonight.  I might actually have a chance of making that flight.  The 8 am flight to Seattle this morning won’t leave now until 3 pm.  The 3 pm might or might not leave until this evening.  Therefore 6 pm tonight sounds good.

I’m currently parked in the Continental Airlines board room, answering emails and writing essays for various online sites on my laptop.  It’s warm here.  It’s dry.   There is lots of free coffee, tea and juice.   I’m good.

Frankly, as long as I get out tonight, I’m great.

My boys want me home.  I want to be with them.  And if the plane can’t fly me out tonight, maybe the wind can.  I’ll just jump on the next gust that took the couch and sail to Seattle.

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