Uh, Hello God it’s Me

This is my first post from the road on the much anticipated ODD MOM OUT book tour and it’s an interesting book tour so far.  The book part of the tour is going fine.  My personal life is not so fine and Ken my poor media escort of the past 3 days has been subjected to much drama as I try to salvage the family life at home from a cell phone in a car in Southern California while battling a nasty cold.  Not only am I a germ ridden novelist, but I’m a wreck of a mom.

My babysitter is gone.  I need some serious childcare help.  And my boys’ dad–who has been in the hospital for weeks and was supposed to go home today–has had a complication and must remain hospitalized longer.

Things are crazy hard, the kind of hard they’ve been for months and months so I assumed that eventually it’d get easier.  I was sure that I could swing the book tour because I can almost always swing everything.  This time I just might be wrong.

I need Mary Poppins.  I need a miracle.  Everyone please start praying for a great (part-time) nanny or babysitter.  Someone who will get and like my boys and not judge them as though they were Satan’s spawns.  My boys are a bit out there but they’ve good hearts.  They’ve just been through so much lately–stress and more stress and more stress.  They’re breaking.  I’m close to breaking.

God, send a little miracle my way!

And with that said, it’s time to shower, shine and make great small talk at Vroman’s in Pasadena.  I can do this.  I’m Jane Porter!  (whatever that means)


  1. Being Jane Porter last night meant rocking the house and bringing some people to tears because you speak the truth. It was so great to get to be a part of it!

  2. =( Um. I don’t usually pray, but I will do so for you. Too bad I don’t live in WA. I would certainly babysit for you. As for the cold… we use this thing in our MUN trips (especially since we have to share hotel rooms with three people)… I’ll find out what it’s called again… and that cold will be gone.

  3. Jane,

    So sorry to hear of your situation. I’m in Bellevue, but can’t do much to help out, though I’m wracking my brain to think of someone I can refer to you. Meanwhile, don’t forget to list your need on craigslist and to check under Services for help. That site has been nothing less than fantastic for me.

    Remember the Vitamin C, zinc, and plenty of water. Positive energy your way!

  4. Jane,

    I’m hoping things get better in a big hurry, and I’m so sorry to hear about the sitter. I agree with the person that recommended Craigslist.

    Here’s to better days.


  5. Hey everybody, thanks for the good thoughts, prayers and advice. I have childcare patched together until I return home Thursday noon and then it’s a serious hunt as I leave Saturday night on a red-eye for Dallas but something will come through. Life’s amazing that way and even when things get tough, I’ve discovered I have great friends who are even tougher so I’m never without hope and possibilities!

  6. Jane,

    I’m visualizing for you a perfect babysitter that can handle your energetic duo! (Keep ’em happy, in line & the house together too…it could happen!)
    Just finished Odd Mom Out and it was fantastic – I was sad to have finished it.
    Thanks for another great read!
    Best of luck on your sitter search.

    Amy (from MA)

  7. Jane, I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers too. I hope you are feeling better soon. Take care and I’m sending a BIG hug!

  8. Jnae, Sending good thoughts your way that you get well soon, find someone to watch the boys and that you have an amazing tour. Just remember that better days are coming.

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