New York Holiday

I’ve been in New York since Sunday with my guys–all three of them–and it’s been fun but cold! 

Fortunately I have lots and lots of layers on: undershirt, shirt, vest, maybe another vest, coat, scarf, hat, gloves.  I might not have to wear so many layers if my coat was thicker but alas, its not. 

The great thing about layers is that you can wear more, or less, depending on the temperature of the venue. 

Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Rink: every layer.  Museum of Natural History: two to three layers, depending on the floor and wing.   Back of taxi cab with youngest son smashed on my lap and two more guys smashed against me: one layer if that because I’m so damn hot.

We’ve had a lot of fun.  Some of it being more fun than other times.  Waiting in line for Statue of Liberty was brutal.  It was low thirties and the wind felt like it’d just blown off from the Siberian Steppe.  Fortunately the cold just made getting onto Ellis Island and into the immigration museum more exciting.   I loved the museum, too, and even convinced the guys that they had to watch the movie at 1:30 which wasn’t hard to do since they really weren’t in a hurry to return to the icy gusts of wind.

Everything’s going smoothly, so smoothly that I joked tonight as I retrieved the theater tickets for tomorrow night that it would be funny “if the tickets were really for last night.”  And guess what?  They weren’t for last night.  They were for Monday night. 

Happily our hotel conceirge was able to help me out.  Since the kids really wanted to see Phantom she managed to get tickets for tomorrow night.   Too bad I had to pawn my youngest son but I should have him back for Christmas.

We’ve two more days here, or a day and a half as we fly back to Seattle Friday night.   My boys say the best part about this trip was the NBC Studio Tour and skating afterward at Rockefeller Center.   I say the best part is being able to see New York through their eyes.

And through their eyes, its pretty cool.

And cold.

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