When You Know

When you know what matters.

When you know what’s true.

When you listen to that little voice inside yourself and the little voice is so damn tired of telling you its so damn tired…

The books are all good.  But this many?  This much?  For what?

Yes, to pay the bills, and yes, because I like to create but what ever happened to photography, flower arranging, baking, entertaining, scrapbooking, gardening?  What happened to poetry?  What happened to dreaming?



Jesus, how did wanting to be a writer consume the soul?

Once upon a time I wrote and hoped to be published.  I wrote and wrote and imagined how amazing it’d be to have my stories in print.  I wrote through both my boys pregnancies, wrote during ART with Jake and in-vitro with Ty.  Wrote and wrote and wrote despite the rejections and the dead ends and the editors who didn’t like or want my queries, never mind my stories.

But now I am published.  I’ve written 30 books since January 2000 for two different publishers.  I’ve written novellas, online serials, category romance novels and modern lit novels.  The books are sold all over the world, are in print format and as eBooks.  One book is being made into a Lifetime movie for Christmas 2008.  Odd Mom Out and Mrs. Perfect has just been optioned.  I should be on top of the world, right?


But my kids.  I miss them.  And writing takes me away from them.  It makes me distant, makes me distracted, makes me feel busy, hectic, impatient.

I hate how writing takes over not just my head, but my life.  I can’t cook dinner when I’m writing a book because I have to obsess about the storyline.  I can’t drive carpool and talk to the kids because my characters are talking to me.  I can’t even sit around on the couch and just be in the moment because I live in a multitude of different worlds–the one my kids are in, the one my publisher is in, and the one where I create, the one that is messy and passionate and fierce and hopeless.

I can’t stop being a writer but I have to try to contain the madness of it.

And I’ve already started.  I’m not writing a book right now.  I asked my publisher if I could buy the book that was due in December back and they said they’d give me a year to write it.   I’m not going to start on the book that’s due in May for awhile.  One month, two, maybe longer.  I might even have to push the May book back.

I love to create.  I resent worrying so much about the market value of what I create.  Will this book sell?  Will it do well?  Will I disappoint my publisher?  Where will the numbers be?

My readers, now I don’t worry about them as much, because I know they’re along for the Jane Porter ride.  If they’re buying me–and repeat buying–they’re here for whatever I can give them and they just want a good read.  But my publishers, they can publish whoever they want, and whatever they want and I hate hate hate feeling as if what I’ve created isn’t good enough.  Or up to snuff.

So I’m changing it all, mixing it up.  I’m going to be a mom more, a mom first, a mom last.  I’m going to enjoy being a woman and the life I have.  I’m going to scrapbook and cook and sit with my kids at night and not look at my watch and wonder when they’ll go to bed so I can get back to my computer.  Nope.  None of that for now.  None of that for a long while.

I need to write.  But before I do that, I have to take care of me.  And to take care of me I have to have more time with those that I love.  I need more hugs and more smiles and more kisses goodnight.  I need so much.

And you know, when I look into my boys’ faces, I know they need so much, too.


  1. You go, girl!

    And don’t forget to print this blog out in a large font and read it back to yourself when you lose sight of what you’re vowing to do – because sometimes we writers/mothers/women find it just as hard to slow down as we do to bust our butts with work.

    Love, Lilian

  2. OMG, Jane, you made me cry. You’ve hit on my biggest fear about being published (which WILL happen for me someday). I want so badly to have a successful publishing career but I don’t want to have to make my kids sacrifice me for it.

    Take care of yourself and your kids and know that we will still buy your book, whether it comes out next year, or not until the following year.

    Enjoy your holidays!

  3. Jane,
    Your kids come first and foremost, not to mention yourself, too. You only get one life with your children, so enjoy every second of it! As a major Jane Porter fan, please know that we will be here to read your stories whenever they come out. We will wait for them and love them whether you write them now or later. I’d rather know you are happy and enjoying life with your loved ones. Have a great holiday and a wonderful new year! Oh, and by the way, I feel the same way about the characters you write about. They are in my head when I am reading your books whether I am driving carpool or making dinner:)


  4. I’m so glad for you, Jane, that you’ve reached a decision that definitely seems right. I can completely relate to the writing taking over your life, looking at your watch, etc. It’s not good. It’s so not good. I’m new to this and just trying to figure out a workable, sustainable plan that lets me write books and be with my family. I’m not sure there really is one 🙂 Enjoy your time to be you and just you.


  5. BIG HUGS to you, Jane! You know what’s most important in this world, Jane, and you should be commended for acknowledging it and embracing it. Too many people don’t realize it until it’s too late. Take the time you need to just “be.” Enjoy your family … breathe … smile … laugh. All these things are sorely underrated at times, especially when we get so busy and caught up in our daily routines, yet so very important for each and every one of us. Years from now, books we’ve written will be out of print and replaced with new ideas, but the memories we’ve built with our families will be golden treasures that won’t ever just sit collecting dust.

    You know we’ll always be ready and waiting for the next Jane Porter book, so no worries that we’re going anywhere. It’s time for you to take care of you and your family. Enjoy the beauty and magic of the season and may you carry it with you all year through. 🙂


  6. Big hugs, sweetie! You know we are all here for you…maybe when you’ve slowed down and enjoyed life for a while, we can all go out for a drink or coffee and just be women together for a while, not necessarily writers, but just women, just friends, who enjoy each other’s company.

    Be good to yourself, and to your kids, and to Surfer Ty. It’ll all work out, and the writing will always be there when you are ready.

    Big hugs!

  7. Thank you for sharing this with us. As an unpublished writer, I read your blog and while you are running at a hectic pace, it seems so glamourous in comparison to what I’ve got going on. But ultimately you’ve had your share of not-so-good stuff to deal with. I’ve been searching for my own sense of balance with trying to be a mom, a full-time worker bee, a writer and so many other things that are important to me. I think that focusing and being driven is a wonderful thing, but sometimes when you do it at a neck-breaking pace for too long, you have to pull back. Congratulations for doing pulling back and bringing balance into your life! I look forward to reading this blog as you tell us how it goes (remember, old habits die hard-:))

  8. Love, Love, LOVE this blog post! It shines a light to all of us who are doing what we love and yet we get TIRED and start sacrificing the important things and PEOPLE in our lives.

    Isn’t it funny how we try to please the MOST the people who we like the LEAST!!! And those that we adore, we think we can put aside for later… but later never comes!

    I applaud and cheer for you and wish you a Merry Christmas!!


    ps. You have been so quiet I thought for sure you were writing… you are just taking care of yourself and that is great!

  9. Jane, You should know by now how much I adore you and the boys. It’s more important to get to that place where you are happiest. If taking some time for you and the boys is what is best for you and needed, then just do it. As mentioned by others, we will wait for you to find yourself and to become that happy-go-lucky person that you long to be again.

    Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a most deserved rest. Hugs to you.

  10. Jane,

    I know how you feel totally. When I read Flirting with Forty. I made some huge changes in my life and quit a nice paying job as a single parent, that worked 60 to 70 hours and I never saw my beautiful 4 year old daughter or when I did I was still working in my head, just waiting for her to go to bed so I could finish my project for work. Oh I had her involved in activities, but her grandparents were bringing her everywhere for me. I decided to go back to school and find a new career. It was very hard for me financial and emotional. But sometimes we need that break and just need time with our family to remember who we really are and what is important to us. I can take her to school now and am home to make dinner some of the nights of the week. Now I am a full-time student and work part-time. With the goal someday to open my own quilting/scrapbooking store.

    I have a totaly new stress, but I feel so much more healthier.

    I will be a fan for life no matter how long inbetween books you publish. You changed my life.

    Enjoy the HOLIDAYS!!

  11. Am very happy for you Jane…you are choosing to be happy, for a long, long time. Merry Christmas and much love.

  12. Girl, you need to slow down, you move too fast. Can’t see you scrap booking, but can see you sitting on the beach with me in Laguna having a nice glass of wine and watching our kids boogie board. I can’t seem to stop moving either so let us know the actual logistics and how it works. Sendin g you hugs and hot cocoa xoxo

  13. Oh Jane! How is it you can get right to the core of how so many women feel? Congrats to you for making this decision to live, catch your breath and watch your children grow. And they do need you. And you need them. I can’t tell you how many hours (nights and weekends and days) I’ve been hold-up in my office with that publishing goal in sight. And I’m still waiting on THE CALL and that money to pay bills! So many hours . . .
    I admire you for taking this step. I doubt you’ll ever regret it. The kids grow and move out. I know–already have kids hitting college. And you think back and wonder where all the time went?
    I’m a lifelong Jane Porter fan so will still be here when you write again.
    None of it’s worth it if you’re not enjoying life.
    Now, I’m off to take stock and think about how I spend my time with my own family. (Need more dinners together and lots more).
    Thanks for your shoot-from-the hip honesty, Jane!

    Hugs! MARIAN

  14. JANE, Wow, this was a wonderful, honest posting and I loved every word of it. I wish you all the best. And you know what, you know best. Loved your honesty. Have a very wonderful, Merry Christmas and happy baking, scrapbooking, flower arranging and getting many hugs and kisses from your boys! You inspire me as always.
    Luv, Lesli

  15. Amen, Sister! What is it about us as women that makes us drive ourselves in so many directions we discover we’ve lost our way? Busy Mom seems an oxy-moron, but that is what we as moms are. (Busy, not morons!) We try to do it all, and we are harder on ourselves than anyone else.

    Take time with the boys. They need you more at the moment than the writing does. We all have seasons in our life. Good for you for making the right choice for you and for Jake and Ty. Don’t despair! Life will right itself again, you’ll write again……it will be okay.

    Jeremy and I hope you have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

    Love ya,


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